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Dreamer1031's Romance Challenge!

Freya is married to her best friend, Matt. While Matt is away working on improving his musical talent, Freya finds it hard to ignore this sexy new guy who just happens to be her ex....

(Note: Novella, so not to many chapters.)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - We Meet Again

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"Why do you look so grumpy?" The grandma asked the other grandma.
"I haven't had sex in almost fifteen years and it's getting on my nerves." She replied and then there was laughing the background.

I giggled as I sat watching the television. I had just finished Ghost Whisperer and now they had this piece of a different television show. I couldn’t help it even though I’ve seen this part at least ten times.
I stood up, carrying my now empty bowl with me to the kitchen. I walked to the tiny sink that was full of dishes. I can’t put anything in here with the sink already full, but last time I tried to do the dishes I almost blew something up.
I turned on the water, letting in heat up as I put soap on the sponge. When it finally heated up, I started scrubbing off the dishes. I wasn’t a gross person who threw their dishes into the sink without dumping the extra food in the trash or not rinsing it off. I always did, but the dishes still needed to be scrubbed before I put them away.
I grabbed my iPod, plugging it into my stereo. I hit play and Linkin Park started playing, I recognized this song, it was What I’ve Done.
I hummed along to the lyrics, my head nodding without even realizing it.
The door bell rang just as I finished putting the dishes away, I clicked off my iPod and I couldn’t help, but think the worse.
My music was too high and they were here to take me to jail.
My husband was in an accident.
My brother got hurt and my mother needed to come tell me so we could both sob together until he got back from Afghanistan.
Or maybe you needed a license to wash dishes without the dish washer and the penalty is death!
I sighed as my mind kept thinking of ridiculous things that could happen when really all I had to do was open the door to find out what I did wrong.
“I didn’t do whatever you accusing me of!” I said, pulling the door open excepting to see the police. Instead I saw a guy, a very hot guy.
He had black hair that was slightly curly, gorgeous grey eyes, and a couple tattoos on his arms and I could even notice one through his white tank top which was soaking wet.
Most of all, I notice the scar at the edge of his chin, stretching up and hitting just a bit under his eye.
“James?” I said, cocking my head to the side as I studied him more thoroughly. He looked the same, just a bit hotter.
“Freya!” he called out, walking closer to me and cradling my head in his hands as he looked me over, he caught the bruise near the base of my neck. “Freya.” He said my name again, looking at me like I would disappear if he stopped.
“So, how are you?” I asked, backing away from him and trying to ignore the hurt look in his eyes that was ripping me to pieces.
“I’ve been better.” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “That reminds me of why I knocked, can I barrow your phone?”
I nodded and stepped aside so he could come in. “Over in the kitchen.” I called out and he mumbled thanks before going into the kitchen.
I sat back down on the couch, pulling my legs up behind me as I leaned back and turned on George Lopez.

“I G-“George started, but Angie turned around and looked at him.
“Don’t say you’ve got this.” She told him, giving him a stern look.
He hit his chest, “I’ll do my best to get this.”

I giggled again, I couldn’t help it. I loved watching television and funny things like this made me happy; especially when I was nervous or afraid.
Me? Nervous?! Never, not since….Not since I first met James back in High School. I had been the popular girl, the only non-mean one and the only non-slut other than Becky Whinier. He had been the loner and with the scar on his face it gave him a reputation. For teasing, they teased him constantly. He ignored them, never talking back unless it was personal.
I remember the first day I met him…
I walked out from the lunch room, annoyed that Matt would say something so mean to me and then just walk away without saying Sorry. I wiped underneath my eyes, telling myself I wouldn’t cry at school.
I bumped into someone, falling backwards and landing on the floor with a thud. I noticed a crowd of people, yelling.
I pushed passed people, trying to see what was going on. I walked in, seeing Matt standing in front of some guy.
Matt punched him right in the nose, grinning. I put a hand over my mouth; he had better have a good reason for this. I wasn’t one for violence without reason.
“Matt! What are you doing?!” I yelled, the wind ripping my hair across my face which I in turn pushed back.
“Freya, get the hell out of here.” He spat at me. My eyes widened, he actually spat at me. Matt hit him again. “You freak, you should go back to the dumpster you were born in.” Matt spat at the boy, trying to throw a punch again. The boy ducked and hit him in the stomach, Matt launched at him.
“Matt!” I yelled, grabbing his arm and trying to hold it back.”Stop!”
He pulled his arm back, and used his elbow to hit me in the face and pushing me backwards. I fell backwards, my head bashing against the floor as other people gasped.
The boy glanced over at me, a weird look in his eyes before he turned to look at Matt with hatred in his eyes.
I stood up slowly, feeling dizzy. I stumbled backwards, letting one of the people behind me catch me.
“Look what you did! To your best friend of all people.” He had shouted at Matt.
“Get him out of here.” One of Matt’s told the others. They grabbed Matt and pulled him away. “Dude there was a bunch of things I thought you were, but a girl hitter was no one of them.”
I pulled away from whoever was holding me and standing up by myself, as the crowd disappeared, I stepped closer to him.
“Are you okay?” I asked, looking at him to see if he was missing any teeth, he wasn’t. He nodded slowly, but cradled my head in his hands, looking to see if I was hurt to bad.
He sighed in relief when he realized I wasn’t hurt. I glanced up at his grey eyes and it was like I was falling, hard.
He was there to catch me too.

That was when I had first met James White. We had been juniors when we started dating, much to Matt’s annoyance. We separated right before college and told each other to meet new people. I forgave Matt after he apologized to James, but then he fell in love with me during college and well things led from there and I here we are now.
“You still like The Nanny?” he asked, a slight smile on his face as I blinked out of my thoughts. I had missed the whole episode of George Lopez thinking about the old days.
“Yes.” I smiled at him, I couldn’t help it that I seemed to still have a little crush on him. I patted the seat next to me. “Why don’t you come sit while you wait, I’d rather you drip water on the couch than the floor.” I smirked and he smiled at me, before sitting next to me.
I could feel his body heat and I was kind of tense, trying not to pounce on him. What am I thinking? I’m married now!
He moved his hand off his lap so that it was at his side and brushing against my hand, sending little tingles throughout my whole body.
Damn him, damn him for being so good looking. So charming, so loving, so protective. Damn him for making me fall in love with him before and damn him for making that little piece of me that still ached for him come back.
I looked at him, just staring at him. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t look away. I could cut a bagel out from the tension in the air.
He must have felt my gaze on him because he turned his head slightly, locking eyes with me.
My hand moved all by it’s self, lifting up and touching his cheek with the scar on it. I felt him shiver slightly at my touch and I guess that was all it took.
I pushed him over and kissed him fiercely, running a hand through his dark hair. He wrapped his arms around me, encouraging me.
I could help it, it wasn’t until the door bell rang did I realized what I had done. I pulled myself off of him, staring wide eyed at the ring on my left hand.
I just cheated on my husband, on my Matt.
“I’m sorry.” I mumbled quietly, tears filling my eyes as blush crept into my cheeks. I was sad, guilty, and embarrassed at the same time.
He walked over to me cradling my face in his hands like he always did, the tears leaked out of my eyes and slide down my cheeks. He wiped them off with his thumb.
“I’m sorry too.” He said, his eyes looking at the ring. “Oh god.” He groaned.
I was still staring at him.
“You’re married and this…us…damn.” he said, still holding my head. He kissed my head, before walking to the door.
I heard him mutter one thing before he shut the door. “I can’t believe I lost you.” He said so low I wasn’t sure that’s what he said.
That made my heart break all over again. I still had a crush on him; I probably still even loved him. I wiped my eyes, before clicking off the television and just laying on the couch.
Tears slipped out of my eyes as I finally fell asleep.

That wasn’t the last time I saw James White while Matt was gone. I saw him everywhere even though they were all just my imagination. I saw him at work as my boss, I saw him at McDonalds eating a burger like he used to. I even saw him when I was walking home, him sitting on the steps of a house with his head in his hands.
I walked into the coffee shop, needing something to keep me awake so I would stop seeing things. I was so screwed, I still had a crush on my ex-boyfriend and my husband won’t be home for a couple more weeks. Not a good mix especially with what almost happened last night.
I walked into the shop, bumping into somebody and feeling myself falling backwards. Except I never hit the floor, a pair of strong arms caught me............

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