Loving Lottie

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Charlotte Rose "Lottie" is a women so desparately in love with another. Elizabeth is this women. With the bonds of love pulling on them both so strongly will Elizabeth be able to withstand Lottie's pull on her and will she let her past and her parents ideas stop her from being with the one person she wants more than anything. READ NOW!!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Loving Lottie

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



Two Months Earlier

The words I wanted to say seemed so simple yet they took so long to find, is this what they called love? As I lay this is what I was thinking of.

I could just make out the delicate line of her jaw, the small straight nose and the full shapely bowed mouth. She was stunningly beautiful. We lay there as the November rains pattered against the window, the music that was playing was soft and hauntingly sad. I could smell the fragrance of her, it seduced me, I brought her closer, slowly as our thighs brushed.

I heard her breath catch and I knew she was thinking that we shouldn't be doing this.

She gingerly looked up threw dark lashes and her stare was enough to knock me backwards, the icy blue orbs of her eyes danced as she stared at me. I reached for her chin and slowly tilted her head up so our lips were only inches apart, I could feel her heart pulsing threw her thin cotton shirt.

And then I kissed her. And all my doubts and fears washed away, like white froth of the waves upon the beach. I could feel her moan against my lips as I traced my fingers along her collar bone, if this was going to happen like I had always imagined it too, I wanted to learn every inch of her body.

I had waited long enough for this. She caught her breath slowly and then I felt her lips on mine again, damn they were so soft and inviting my head swirled with millions of thoughts as I ran my fingers threw her soft brown hair.

Our lips broke contact.

"Do you want this Elizabeth?" I muttered, drawing in a steadying breath but only managed a shaky one.

Her warm chocolate eyes glinted and shone in the candlelight. She looked shyly at her hands, "Yes Lottie, I need this." I could hear the smile in her voice, "Now kiss me before I change my mind."

I smiled, I wasn't sure when the thought of love had sunk its roots into me. Perhaps they have sprouted the first moment I had seen her. She was, she still was- way out of my league. She should of been unattainable for me. But as she lay in my arms, warm soft and so vulnerable to my tirade, I could feel a million possibilities fly through my mind. My heart fluttered, she was who I wanted. And know finally here in my apartment bedroom, lying next to her in the candlelight my dreams were slowly coming true.

I knew that every kiss to come would make me feel electric, that every trace of her finger tips and every pull of my hair would be like the descent in euphoric oblivion.

The way she was looking at me now, like I was the only women she had ever seen or ever wanted to see, I smiled a little. "Do you know when I fell in love with you Elizabeth?"

"No." She kissed my lips quickly. "Tell me."

With a soft laugh I snuggled against her. "I thought it was when I first set eyes on you, when you walked into me inside the cafe ." I stifled a laugh, it was a memory I'd treasure forever. "That was when I realised it, but it wasn't when I fell in love with you. Do you remember when you asked me about the coffee?"

"The what?"

"The coffee." Sighing, I tilted her head. "You wanted to know where you get a coffee from, that was half decent and in your own words didn't taste like soured piss." I leaned back to smile at her stunned expression. "I guess you could call it love at first sight considering I had known you a few minutes."

She ran her hands over my cheeks, "God I must of looked such an idiot. But it did taste pretty bad." She declared with a smirk. "Who serves coffee like that?"

"It really wasn't that bad, well considering I was the one that was wearing it, it wasn't all that bad."

Her cheeks blushed in embarrassment, "I didn't mean to spill it on you. I was so angry after the first sip I saw red and I tripped..." Her words trailed away as she laughed.

Her laugh was wholesome, like warm honey and coming home. I wish she laughed more.

"I've never known so passionate about coffee before."

"Well, now you do." There was amusement in her eyes, she was biting her lip to keep her from laughing.

I brushed a kiss on her temple, "Elizabeth-"

"Make love to me." Unwilling to think I let her pull me against her.

With a moan I surrendered my mouth to hers. My fingers uncurled from her hair, very slowly, very carefully, as if I were retreating from something dangerous and then I was lost, so completely lost in her.


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