Best friend or True love

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Life, Doesn't it love to toy with us?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Best friend or True love

Submitted: August 19, 2012

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Submitted: August 19, 2012



Typical summer holidays walking the beach with my best friend Alexa,
I was so jealous of her beauty, her long brown hair, dark down eyes, tall,
tanned skin and what else can I say her perfect body… whereas I am
nothing compared to her, median blonde hair, boring blue eyes, short
well not too short but still short compared to her, pale skin and my body
I don’t know how to describe my body, some call me fat others say I’m
skinny some say I have ‘huge’ boobs other say I am flat chested. We
have a few things in common though, like our personality, our age,
our taste in music and our like for guys who play us. So yeah here
we are walking along this beautiful secluded beach as the waves
danced blissfully onto the sand and over our burnt feet. That is the
one thing I hate about summer and the beach the horrible sun burn
I get. “Isn’t this just the most beautiful place you have ever been?”
asked Alexa, I nodded my head to agree and just looked back out
to the ocean, I quickly looked back at her I could tell she knew I
wasn’t okay that there was something wrong  “everything okay?’
she smiled at me “yeah I’m fine” I smiled back at her but the truth
was I wasn’t  I was losing my best friend and I knew it, ever since
she moved down here nothing was the same anymore its like I
couldn’t even trust her with my middle name. Which by the way
my middle name is Agatha, Yep that’s me Delilah Agatha O’Harah,
Lovely name don’t you think? Ha I should be a comedian. She took
me by the hand and said “Del you know I will always be your best
friend’ I hated how she could always know what I was thinking.

About an hour later still on the beach, I swear I was going to turn into
a tomato She took my hand again and said “close your eyes for a
few minutes I have a surprise for you’ I closed my eyes trusting
what she had just said, a few minutes pass and she tells me to
open my eyes again. Standing in front of me is this beautiful tall
tanned curly haired boy I look at her and smile, she smiles back
nods and walks away with this cute short skinny blonde haired boy.
I smile back at the stranger standing in front of me “hi, my name is
Delilah and you are?’ I state. He laughs at me ‘I’m Shayne’ says.
He looks at me into my eyes then back at my lips. What is he doing?
I don’t even know the kid, He kisses me softly and sweetly I can’t resist
so I kiss him back, I turn away and blush, ‘where have you been all my
life’ he asks, ‘in your fathers bed’ I say jokingly and wink “my father is
in prison” he says ‘Oh, I’m sorry I was just trying to be funny’ I reply he
smiles and me and pulls me in for a hug, There is only one problem
with this, I’m going home in a few days.

Woe is me, why is it every time I find a decent guy there is always an
issue I can’t just be happy can I? I pull away from him and stare him in
the eyes, his beautiful brown eyes, he looks so sad; does he know I’m
leaving soon? Why is he acting like this? With me especially? Thank
goodness I see Alexa coming back; she will know what to do she always does.
Alexa walks right up to us all alone what happened to the boy she was with?
“We have to go now" she says
I could sense the hurt in her voice and see the pain in her eyes, what had this
boy done to her? I’ll hurt him I will. I nod and start to walk away with her when
Shayne grabs me by the hand and spins me into his chest for one last hug.
I hug him back, I couldn’t just stand there I knew he would be hurt if I did.
He smiles at me as Alexa and I walk away.
Alexa looks at me and fakes a smile
‘So what happened?’ she asks
‘You tell me?’ I reply
‘what ever do you mean? Nothing happened’
Trying to be strong as she always does
‘I know he hurt you Alexa so why don’t you just tell me what he did so
I can hurt him already’
‘Uhm, ohk I will tell you what happened as soon as we are alone’ she says
‘What do you mean? We are alone’
She glances back over her shoulder and there he is, Shayne…
He had followed us all the way here.
Me and Alexa both stop and look at him for a while she walks over to him
and whispers something in his ear and amazingly he just walks away without
saying anything to me but he did give me one last glimpse of his amazing smile.

We walked all the way to her house but no one was home so then we had to
break into her bedroom window. We finally got inside and were sitting on her bed.
‘So what happened with you and that boy?’ I asked.
‘well you see he was supposed to be one of my best friends and I thought he liked me,
because I liked him but just then he told me that he has a girlfriend and she doesn’t want
him to be friends with me anymore because me and him were so close’ she said.
`WHAT!, how can he do that! How can she say that! Does she even know you?
Shall I bet them up’ I reply
‘No, she doesn’t know me but it doesn’t matter anyway’ she says
‘Don’t worry about him sweetie he obviously doesn’t know how amazing you are.’ I say
I give her a hug.

Days pass and I can’t stop thinking about Shayne, why I haven’t seen him,
or why he hasn’t tried to contact me or Alexa.
Anyway its almost time to go home, I have all my stuff in Alexa’s car
ready to head home. Just as we were driving down her driveway,
I spot the crazy curly haired kid running down the driveway.
She stops the car next to him. He walks to the passenger side as
I open the window he hands me a piece of paper leans in and
kisses me on the check and just walks away.
‘Don’t worry Hun, it will all be okay, try not to think about him we have
a long trip ahead of us.’ Says Alexa

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