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You can only put this as one Genre so i would like to say this novel comes under; Bullying,Romance,Young adult,confessions and more.
This is a story about a girl called Jazmine Jazzi for short. Who gets in allot of trouble when a naked photo of her gets leaked around the school and town. After jazzi tries to kill herself, she gets sent to a mental hospital which is where the real story starts.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - THE CUTTING TRUTH

Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012



220107695.html?use=personal\"THE CUTTING TRUTH


Again it’s time to school, I pack the make-up on around my eyes I slowly apply eye-liner all around, Add some black eye-shadow with a tiny bit of gold over the top as it brings out my deep-blue eyes. I straighten my long blonde hair.  I find the shortest black skirt I have and the tightest white shirt I have, Can’t forget my black and red arm-warmers to hide the scares from everyone they don’t need to know I cut. I look in the mirror and think ‘is this really who you are Jazzi, is this really who you want to be?’ I am so glad my school colours are black and white not like other stupid schools that have to wear bright colours. mind you our normal uniform is quite un-flattering that is why I never wear the school uniform I just Wear the right colours, but then again when do I wear anything different.

The bus ride to school is always the same all I see is trees, grass and more trees. Why can’t I live in the city where something exciting might actually happen? School is usually the same but today something was different. Today people were staring at me and laughing when usually they don’t even notice me. My only friend Ashleigh came running up grabbed me on the wrist which was still hurting from last night’s incidents and dragged into a supply closet. She held up her phone to my face and there it was the photo that I always knew would destroy my life. On her phone was a picture of my naked pale body, you could see everything. Ashleigh quickly slaps me across the face and storms out of the closet which wasn’t so bad compared to what was about to go down.

I contemplate weather to even walk out of the supply closet, I just sort of stand there in shock when the cleaner walks in and gives me a disgusted look and tells me to get out. Really? The cleaner too how could this one picture get around so fast. There is a good reason to why I did this but I really can’t explain. Not now not to these people they just wouldn’t understand would they? But it is too late now, I did what I did and now I am going to have to face the whole school like this.

I walk out of the supply closet clutching onto my ‘Pon and Zi’ hand bag. All around me people are staring and calling many people were talking and looking at me it was hard to understand what they were saying but I could make-out some words like whore, slut and tart but then the loudest voice of all comes screaming at me “you little fucking hoe, how dare you send my boyfriend photos of your fat disgusting body?” Screams Hilary as she pushes me onto the ground.

 I slowly climb back up on my feet and grab her perfect brown hair and pull it as hard as I can. She clutches onto my hand to get me to release but I won’t. All around us people are screaming “fight! Fight! Fight!” She starts digging her manicured nails into my fist that is currently in her hair. I let her hair go and take a step back then I punch her right on her left cheek attached to her pretty little face that is now already starting to bruise.  A teacher comes running down the hallway grabs me tightly by the wrist and pulls me into the School office.

In the office I sit on the ‘Naughty chair’ outside the principal’s office. I look down the hallway down towards the sickbay where Hilary is. I can see her looking down at the ground holding an ice pack to her face. One of the nurses that works in the sickbay walks out and gives me the dirtiest look as if it was my fault which it wasn’t she pushed me first and she called me a hoe which I’m not. Five minutes later “get in here now Miss Jazmine Turner” screams the principals voice
Jazmine turner? Who still calls me that? My name is Jazzi and that’s how it’s been since grade 4.

I slowly walk into the principal’s office not wanting to know what he has to say about this. When I get in there he is on the phone to my mum. I can hear my mum screeching on the other end of the line.
“what?! I’m sure its just a misunderstanding, my daughter wouldn’t do that” I can already hear the pain in her voice and it makes me feel so small and worthless. “well I’m afraid misses Tuner its true I have seen the photo myself someone had reported it to me and as for the fight Ill let her off the hook this time but next time she starts a fight it will be a suspension, I recommend Jazmine goes home for the rest of the day ill send her home when I’m done talking her.”

The principal stares at me confusedly and holds up a printed out version of the same picture on Ashleigh’s Phone.
“This was on my desk this morning can you explain it?”
“No, uh I can’t explain it but why do you still have it”
“Because you have a beautiful body” The principal smirks at me. He gets out of his chair walks to the door closes it and then locks it, he quickly closes the curtains and turns back around to look at me.
“wha-what are you doing” I Stutter.
I want you to love me Jazmine, I want to see this body on me” He points to the naked picture of me resting face-up on his desk. I cringe uncomfortably in my chair.


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