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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



Walking into St. Mathews school all I can see is snobby little girls in pink uniforms laughing and giggle, Boys in perfect maroon and grey uniform. They all look so rich and snotty then there’s just me.
Why don’t you wait outside why I talk to the principle first then ill come get you when he wants to see you” I nod my head in hopes I don’t want to make my mum any angrier then I must have yesterday.

Waiting outside on the bench a half decent looking guy walks up to me and sits down next to me. He puts his arm around the back of the bench. He gives me a polite yet super cute half smile.
what are you doing here?” he asks me
“my mum is seeing the principle she has to enrol me here because I got expelled from my old school and well the school motto is ‘a second chance is all it takes’ why are you here?”
“Wow a bad girl aye, I like bad girls anyway I am here because I flooded the science lab and I have to see the principle but hopefully I can get out of it so I can see you tomorrow”

I blush! Omg I can believe a boy as cute as him just said that to me well not exactly to me but more like my alter ego.
“so whyat’s your name beautiful?”
“uhm I’m…  Janelle”
I lie “What’s your name?”
I’m Jaykob  but spelt J-a-y-k-o-b” he says with a smile.

I think to myself a new school a new chance to be someone different, someone people will like. But who will I be? A nerd, a punk, a frilly pink girl? Neither of those options sound great to me. Maybe I should just be myself just a different name, maybe different hair? Eye contacts have always been cool right? Before I even realise I’m just staring at Jaykob me playfully punches me in the arm. I punch him back with all force that I have considering how strong he looks.

“Dam girl you can punch” he held his arm where I punched him and pouts like a little puppy. Aw! Nervously I look down at my hands that just happened to be entwined together without me noticing.
“ What you looking at El, wait is it okay that If call you that?”
“oh just uhm checking to make sure both my hands are there”
I joke
Jaykob laughs but not a making a joke of me laugh but I laugh that meant what I had just said was actually funny. I will admit he had the sweetest laugh. I couldn’t stop admiring his smile when my mum walks out of the principal’s office her hair a mess, pin school clothes for me in one hand and her black high heels in the other.  “Lets go he doesn’t want to see you right now he has to deal with some punk who thinks he is cool by flooding the science lab” I give a shy apologetic smile to Jaykob and wave good bye.
Get in my office now Jaykob William Hemmingsworth”

Oh my god! The guy I was just talking with is one of the Hemmingsworth kids!
So here’s the story of the Hemmingsworth family, there was Joseph and Ella Hemmingsworth who adopted the three most expensive and cute babies they could find. There was Sienna she was the newest and cutest addition and there was  Brandon who was only 15 but he was still quite a looking and there was one other that I didn’t know much about until just now, I silently screamed inside and he walked into the principle office and I walked away.

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