This is the story of a gurl

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A story i wrote when i was in school

Chapter 1 (v.1) - This is the story of a gurl

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



Now I find myself laying half-conscious I see a small red dribble on the road and from a distance out of a blur come two flickering lights, red, blue, red, blue that is all I can see but the light is slowly starting to fade away and I can no longer see.

 Here I am just sitting in my room all alone. Not a friend in the world, not even a family, they all left, they all said I was crazy.
My life so boring and ordinary everyday it is the same thing over and over again
I get up.
I get dressed.
I go to work even though I hate it.
I go for a walk in the forest.
I come home and go to sleep.
Wake up and do the same thing over and over.
Then one day as I was going for a walk after work I came across a girl. She is more beautiful than any rose and the sunset put together. I hide I feel ashamed I don’t want her to see my hideous face, I just hide there and watch her from behind a tree and hope she doesn’t see me.

 I come out just as she leaves but then she looks back at me she smiles and says hello I stand there speechless as she walks away, I run out after her and ask her name. “Evette” she says in her gorgeous French accent.  She hands me a piece of folded paper. I look down and read it and when I look up she was gone just like that within the blink of an eye.

 I was walking back though the forest just as it was starting to get dark the wind started to pick up I was kind of frightened by the sound of the wind howling and the trees throwing their branches around. I started to run eventually I got out of the forest and into the town again. I walked around town for a while I decided that I would go and get some take away for dinner as it was already late and I didn’t really have the time to cook some dinner. “May I help you “ the worker at the take away said “can I please get some fish and chips” said I “sure that will take a few minutes” said the worker

 I waited and waited eventually the worker came out and gave me my dinner I paid them then I walked out and down the street. Someone was following me, had been following me this whole time, I got back to my apartment ran inside and locked the door. I was sitting down in silence eating my tea then all of a sudden I heard “knock, knock” at the door, I walked to the door and put my ear against it and said “who is it” I waited a few minuted but there was no reply I opened the door and looked around but there was no one to be seen. I went back to eating my dinner then went to bed.

A few days after I found that piece of folded paper that Evette had given me I had left it in my jeans pocket lucky I didn’t wash them I thought to myself. I looked at the paper then the phone then back at the paper, maybe I should call her, maybe she has been wondering why I hadn’t already. I picked up the phone and dialled the numbers on that piece of paper. I took a while for her to answer but when I heard her voice I knew somehow it would all be ok.

 “hello” Evette said
“hey it’s me, sorry I didn’t call you sooner I lost your number well actually I left it in my pants” I said
we both laughed for a while 
“why don’t we meet up somewhere” Evette said
“ that’s a great idea “ I replied.
we just sat there talking on the phone to each other about our lives and what we had been though, she was an immigrant from France she used to be a reporter there but things got hard for her so she decided to come over to Australia for a better life a new start this must have been a huge journey for her adjusting to a whole new country. Before I knew it we had been talking on the phone for hours.

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