Chapter 1: Happily Never After (Sad Romance)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I was walking down the hallway with my best friend’s Michael Kaylep Taven and Rosellena Taven his sister.  Rose and I stopped looking at the new guy in Penelope Preparatory School.  He walked into the office and we stopped like every other girl with good taste would have done and stared after him.

“He’s not your type” Mike said beside me and I laughed.

“No guy is my type to you” I told him and he shook his head and I laughed at him again.

“He’s just mad because you don’t look at him like that anymore” Rose said beside me and I elbowed her slightly making her laugh.

We continued to walk and we passed the office and the office door opened hitting me and then he bumped into me.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t see you” He said and I shook my head.

“No problem let me get that” I replied and gave him his notebook.

“I’m Dane Wilsburry” He introduced himself.

“I’m Ariana Hendricks” I introduced myself, “And these are Michael Taven and Rosellena Taven” I introduced the other two. 

“You can call me Rose, she’s known as Ree, and he’s known as Mike” Rose added and I nodded my head. 

“Nice to meet you all” Dane said and Rose shook his hand and so did I but Mike didn’t.

“Umm we have to be somewhere right now, sorry bro but nice meeting you too” Mike said beside me.

“No problem, I have to find my locker anyways” Dane told us.

“Oh, I’ll help you” Rose said and they waved good bye to the both of us and we walked out of the school.

Mike and I are going to the school garden pond.  It was pretty far but not too far from the school.  It was where we hung out for lunch every day.  We sat down in front of the pond and started to collect pebbles closes to us and we started tossing them into the pond. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked him beside me.

“Nothing I’m fine” He replied.

“Mike don’t lie to me” I told him.

“I’m fine Ariana just leave it alone” He told me and I laughed.

“Is it me Michael? Tell me is it?” I asked him. 

“Just leave it alone” He yelled and I flinched.

“You’re doing it again” I told him.

“Doing what?” He asked me.

“You’re pushing me away” I told him.

“No I’m not, I just don’t want to talk to you about it right now” He told me.

“Fine then” I replied and continued to throw pebbles.

“Ariana don’t ignore me like I’m not here anymore” He told me and I just kept throwing pebbles and not listening to him.

“I’m not ignoring you, only you do that to me” I told him.

“When was the last time I did that to you?” He asked me.

“Not too long ago” I told him.

“I don’t want to argue right now Ree” He said.

“I’m not arguing I’m telling you what you asked me.” I told him.

“Nothing’s wrong with me” He told me.

“Those words sound like lies to me so deal with it! I know you’re lying to me” I told him.

“Whatever then, I’m fine” He said and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Whatever then” I replied.

I glanced sideways at Michael and he was lying back with his hands behind his head and he caught me and he looked at me but I don’t think he was looking at me, he was looking through me.  I turned away and tried to hide my hurt.  I have liked Michael ever since the eighth grade and he knows that but he doesn’t feel the same way and he has a habit of pretending like everything is okay when we know it’s not.  It just hurts to fall in love with someone you know doesn’t love you back and that’s why we’ve always been just “best friends”.  Our relationship isn’t complicated it just gets really frustrating like right now, to have the one person who knows everything about you and that can tell what you’re feeling and thinking at times knowing that you like that person and they don’t feel the same way.  It hurts and every day I put a smile on my face because he makes me happy and that’s what friends are for.  I love him as a friend and so much more but the first part is all that matters.  He grabbed my arm and pulled me down beside him.

“Stop thinking so hard, I know what you’re thinking right now and just stop thinking about it for a second” He told me and I tried to smile but I just couldn’t.

“Trying isn’t as easy as they say it is” I told him.

“Try harder then” He replied.

“Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Because there is nothing wrong and I’m not lying to you, can we not argue for at least a day?” He asked me.

“We don’t argue that much” I told him.

“We do but we just don’t notice it as much” He told me.

“I’m sorry” I told him.

“For what?” He asked me.

“For causing so much problems in your life” I told him.

“You aren’t the problem you’re my solution” He told me and kissed my forehead.

“You’re just saying that cause you’re my best friend” I told him.

“No I’m not because I mean it that’s why I said it” He told me and I laughed.

“Sorry to bother this friendship moment but I need my boyfriend” Alisha Marko his girlfriend came and interrupted our moment.  I hated her so much.

“Sorry Ali he can’t go” I told her and she glared at me.

“Actually I am going to go, I’m sorry Ree, I need some space” He told me and got up. 

“Ohkay” I replied fighting back tears that were stinging at my eyes. 

I watched him walk away with his girlfriend and I lied back down on the grass and cried.  After a few moments I got up and walked back into the school.  I was going to ask Mrs. Godey if I could go to the library for class time.  I was done with all her work anyways.  I walked into her class and asked her.

“You may go, you’re ahead three chapters anyways. Are you okay dear?” She asked me.

“Splendid Mrs. Godey! Thank you for letting me go” I told her acting like I was happy like I usually was but she wasn’t stupid I knew she saw it in me. 

“You’re welcome, if you need to talk I’m here” She told me.

“I know” I replied and walked out of her classroom.

“The bell just rang, aren’t you coming to class?” Rose asked me.

“She sent me to the library to get her some things” I lied to Rose.

“Okay I’ll save you a seat next to Mike and me” She replied.

“Don’t worry Rose, I’m going to take long because I have to sign them all out, it’s gonna take some time” I lied to her again.

“Ohkay then, I’ll text you later then” she replied.

“That’s fine” I said and continued my way to the library. 

As I made my way towards the library I met up with Dane.

“Hey new kid, how was your day?” I asked him.

“Fun with that Rose of yours” He replied.

“It’s always a good time with her by your side, that’s why we’re best friends” I told him.

“That’s a good thing to hear, where you going?” He asked me.

“Library, teacher’s helper” I lied to him too.

“Ohkay I gotta get to class” He said.

“Bye” I replied and continued to the library.

I finally made it and as I entered the door I saw Mike sitting in a booth by himself.  I wanted to sit with him but I planned to ignore him for the rest of school because he left me for his tramp of a girlfriend.

“Hey Ree, why are you here?” He asked me when he saw me.

I ignored him and walked to the back of the library where our librarian’s office was at.

“Hi, um can I use the private booth again?” I asked her.

“Boy troubles again?” She asked me.

“You know me so well now” I replied.

“Go ahead dear, from now on it’s called Ariana’s booth” She said and I laughed.

“Thanks” I replied and walked out of the office and entered the study booth door right next to her office.

“Ree?” I heard Mike’s voice but then Alisha’s voice spoke right after.

“Babe, Mrs. Godey says you need to come back to class” She told him.

“I’ll be there Alisha” He said sounding irritated.

“She isn’t in here, Mrs. Godey said she left” She told him again.

“Left? To where?” He asked her.

“I don’t know and she said now, she doesn’t want you bothering Ms. Kendal” Alisha said irritated and impatient.

“Fine, I’m coming” He said. 

He was so stupid, he saw me walk into the library but then again there was a back door leading to student parking but I did come here with Rose and Michael anyways.  Whatever, I was through and I needed to relax.

You left?

Rose texted me.

I’m in the library; don’t tell your brother or anyone else where I’m at

I replied to her text.

What did he do this time? I swear I don’t know why you put up with his crap Ree, you deserve better then that

She texted me back.

I know, you always tell me that but I’m here for you more anyways, I have to study Rose, call me when you get home?

I texted her.

Of course and you have to tell me what he did and don’t lie to me or I’ll go to your house and harass you again

She replied.

I won’t lie, I’ll tell you everything.  BFF Code of Conduct

I texted her using our promise sign.

She sent back a smiley face and I smiled at my phone.  Rose knew what was going on with me and Mike already because we’re best friends and because Mike’s her brother and because she can see the tension between the two of us lately.  It’s been really hard this past week ever since he “did it” with Alisha.  We never talked about it and that’s what’s bothering him I bet, talking about it with me.  Whatever then, he can have it his way because the more he pushes me away the more he’ll never have me.

Call me now!

Michael sent me.

I was going to text back but I ignored the message and erased it.  I wasn’t ready to talk to him and no matter how many times he apologizes it’ll never be alright with me even with my lies.  He knows Alisha is a tramp and he saw her cheating on him and yet they’re still together and yet he still choses going with her then to hang with his own best friend.  I’m being very territorial I know but doesn’t it kill you inside when you see your best friend choose someone over you no matter how much they hurt them? I really think I need help with all my problems.  My phone rings and I ignore it.  Missed call from Mike, missed call from Mike……etc.  I opened my cell phone and listened to my voicemail because knowing him he probably left one.

‘Ariana, don’t play this game with me! I know why you’re ignoring me! I’m not stupid; you’re in that damn private room again!! They told me why you go in there; even Ms. Kendall knows why you go in there? How is leaving with Alisha hurt you? I don’t understand you’ He said in his voicemail then I hung it up and tears trailed down my cheek. 

I’m going to transfer Rose

I texted Rose and she called me right away.

“What do you mean transfer?” She asked me hysteric. 

“I’m leaving, I’m done.  I’m going to move with my dad” I told her.

“A thousand miles from here? Don’t be stupid!” She scolded me and I swear she was crying. I could hear it in her voice.

She must’ve ran to the restroom when she received the text.  I heard her walk out and scream Michael’s name.  I guess he ran to the bathroom too.

“You stupid son of a jerk!! I hate you Michael!” She screamed at him.

“What the hell are you mad about?” He asked her.

“You keep hurting her and now she’s leaving for good! She’s moving for good away from here!! Not just the school but the whole city! She’s leaving the City of Penelope Rights!!!! I hate you!” She screamed at him and I could hear them argue.

I couldn’t take the pain of the conversation anymore so I just hung up.  I hear the library door open and slam then Ms. Kendal’s door open and slam.  I put my ear on the wall to listen to who it was.

“Where is she? I know she’s in here?” Rose’s urgent voice asked Ms. Kendal.

“I don’t think she is anymore. Who’s out there with you?” Ms. Kendal asked Rose.

“That dumb fool she cries about everyday” Rose replied.

“I can’t tell you then, Ree has asked me not give out information about her whereabouts when he’s around” Ms. Kendall replied.

“Write it” Rose demanded.

“I can’t, he’ll just find the two of you” Ms. Kendal replied.

“Fine” Rose yelled frustrated and I smiled feeling happy that she was this serious about killing me when I first told her that I might move with my father.  I told her about a month ago and her reply was ‘If you ever leave me Ariana Hendricks, I’ll rip your throat out!’ and I guess she was serious.

“Ariana I know you’re in here” Rose yelled.

“Shut up Rosellena it’s a library” Michael yelled at her.

“You shut up you bastard! It’s your entire fault anyways” She screamed at him.

The back door was in the private room and it was always locked but Ms. Kendal gave me a spare so I unlocked it and ran out the door.  The door was really quiet so I didn’t have to worry about making any noise.  I ran towards the back building where I would always go as a shortcut to my house whenever Rose or Michael was absent which was hardly.  I jumped the gate and found my way to the main road leading to the school.  I walked down the sidewalk and took a right about one block away.  Then I made a left when I entered the street and I was at my house already, it was a long walk really but I was used to it.  I ran into my house knowing no one was home yet and I locked myself into my room and threw myself on my bed with all my tears finally coming out. 

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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angel plant

This is amazing. I can feel the pain and hurt. I love this story.

Wed, October 17th, 2012 10:18am


Thank you so much :)

Wed, October 17th, 2012 3:21am

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