Chapter 10:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke up on a lounge chair I’m guessing in my dad’s office and I quickly took out my mirror and fixed myself up.  I sat up and started brushing through my hair.  I made sure that I looked presentable to whoever was in this huge place and I looked pretty fine. 

“You got a little saliva over there” My dad said and pointed to my chin and I quickly wiped everything away and there was nothing there.

“That’s not funny” I replied and he laughed at me.

“Welcome to Los Angeles SWAG Times” He said and spread his arm to his big office and I smiled. 

I walked towards his window; we were about twenty feet high from the ground. 

“How many floors?” I asked him.

“A lot, come on we have a meeting to attend” he told me.

“A meeting? I’m not in business clothes dad” I complained.

“Your suit is in my closet over there, I’ll be in the lobby” He said and I nodded my head and went to change.

I’ve worked with him in Penelope a few times and we always did this.  I was the junior head executive for the company because if my dad dies I take over then it goes to whoever I decide to give it too in my mom’s family since my brother is in the marines already.  I stepped out of my clothes and put on my black and grey suit.  I wore a grey tuck in instead of white because I am cool like that and I had over a black suit.  I tied my hair in a ponytail and I smacked on some red lipstick then I grabbed the briefcase on my dad’s desk and headed down to the lobby.

“Welcome back Ms. Hendricks” one of the work woman greeted me, she was with the Times at Penelope.

“Good to be back” I replied and pressed L in the elevator and waited for the doors to open again.

I was out and I found my dad by the front desk speaking with a man around my dad’s age, forty four I’m guessing. 

“Here she is, this is my daughter Ariana Hendricks, Ariana meet…” My dad said and paused a little.

“Yes I know you, Mr. Reiner am I right?” I asked the man.

“How did you know?” Mr. Reiner asked me.

“I’ve done my research back in Reiner, I heard that you were taking President back in Penelope Rights am I right?” I asked him.

“Yes, I am.  You’re father asked me to come to review what will be happening now over at Penelope” He replied and I smiled.

“Dad shall we?” I turned to my dad and asked him and he smiled at me and led us to a meeting room.

“Please excuse me for a moment” My dad said and pulled me out for a minute.

“Yes?” I asked him.

“You can take it from here” He told me and my smile fell.

“This is only my second meeting and I haven’t been around Times in Penelope to know what’s happening, drama remember? Busy girl” I complained.

“You were born to be a leader, I know you have it in you and you’ve known about the changes since I left so don’t try and wiggle yourself out of this” He told me and I sighed and went back into the meeting room.

“My father will be attending another meeting so I’ll be taking over.  Okay what we’re discussing today is the changes at SWAG Times in Penelope, as you all know we are a journalist school and we also run our Journalism business here as well, the students in our schools is goal is to learn how to write and how to write well, we’ll be setting a new system now, it is called: ‘The more you know, the better the story’.  It sounds a little like invasion of space but of course we only write what they want to tell us, we are a true statement company and we will not tolerate lies on our stories.  We all already should know the feel and concept of interviewing and writing I’m sure so this new system shouldn’t be a hassle.  Understand?” I asked the group I was presenting to.

“Question? How will we write a good story if our interviewed won’t give out much, we aren’t the press but how will we get more info?” one of Mr. Reiner’s team asked me.

“That’s where we have our specialist come in, I’m sure you heard of them? Well what they do is they convince that we won’t spread lies about the interviewed and that is the truth, we take what we get and we write how we see their points and we just counter their words in a question so they’d tell us more and we would get the full story eventually” I replied.

“Dear how old are you?” A lady from the team asked me.

“I’m seventeen, what does that have to do with this meeting?” I asked her.

“I’m asking because not many young folks like you are in this kind of business until well you’ve graduated masters in college” she replied.

“I am still attending high school and I’ll be graduating next summer, I have attended this school two years ago and I graduated with bachelors, I was privileged because my scores were beyond what my high school requires and so I took outside classes with SWAG Times and I have experience interviewing, meetings like this one, I’ve been a specialist as well and I yes Mrs. Dolby I have done countless researches on you and Mr. Reiner’s team.  So if you don’t mind, do not worry so much about me and let us worry about your new business that you’ll be taking up on behalf of my father shall we?” I asked her and she smiled at me.

“Born your father’s daughter I see” She replied.

“With my mom’s outstanding confidence yes I’m very aware that I have the exact personalities as they do but I am my own person and I run my world a little differently” I replied and they laughed.

“So the new system, will you be joining in it?” Mr. Reiner asked me.

“No sir I will not, I’ll be moving back to Penelope next month but I will be busy with catching up so I cannot be at the Times much, but if you have any questions just ask me” I told him.

“I will take you up on that, how are you enjoying LA?” He asked me.

“Meeting adjourned I’m guessing?” I asked them and they laughed again.

“It’s up to you boss” They replied.

“Meeting adjourned then, and LA is quite wonderful.  If you’d guys would like, we have coffee and snacks in the lounge, I know it’s late, it’s already twelve thirty and I’m sure you guys are all tired but please help yourself before you leave” I told them.

“Will do, have a good morning Ms. Hendricks” Mr. Reiner bid me good bye.

“Same to you Mr. Reiner” I replied and I watched as his team filed out and headed to the lounge.

“I knew you had it in you” My dad said and joined me in cleaning up the meeting room.

“Thank you, so this new system, why’d you make it?” I asked him.

“It was easier than what we were doing before, the specialist are training younger ones to help out and so I thought I could help out a little and make it easier for all of us and we all know the concept of our jobs so it isn’t hard” He replied.

“Okay, I’ll be checking up on the school every now and then when I get back.  Is it time to go home now?” I asked him feeling super drained and sore because of the way I slept and where I slept for three hours. 

“Yes my dear it is” He replied and I smiled.

I walked beside my dad and he threw his arm around my shoulder and kissed my hair like what he did when I was a little girl.  We met up with Ray in the lobby waiting area.

“What did he do?” I asked my dad.

“He organized files in your office” He told me.

“My office? Why are there files in there? Dad I’m not staying here” I told him.

“I know but you are here for a month and why not work for extra cash while you’re here? Your driver will take you wherever you want to go and you can blow your money while you’re here” He told me.

“I’m not getting paid to work here dad, it’s my business too and I will not waste good payments for our employees” I complained.

“Your employees agreed to give you a pay, you work so hard and you work well all for what? Knowledge you know already? I’m paying you case closed” He said as a final and I sighed.

“Whatever then, I’d probably buy you a new suit because you wear the same color all the time and our company is called SWAG come on dad don’t make us look bad” I said and we laughed.

“Just not so plain like yours, I think we should have colors now” He suggested.

“What about our other businesses that require the usual uniform look?” I asked him.

“We’ll wear it when we go to them but at our company we must be colorful” He said and I smiled so big.  Color was my specialty.

“That’s something I can agree to” I replied and we ducked into the car and drove back home.  

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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