Chapter 11:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke up this morning around twelve and so did everyone else in the house.

“Good afternoon” I yelled through the halls and woke my dad and Ray up.

“Why so much noise?” Ray complained and walked out of his room and came into the kitchen to wear I was. 

“Because it’s the afternoon and we have so much to do” I said.

“But first let me get the phone” I said and ran to get the house phone to answer it.

“Hey!” I said happily through the phone and Rose replied.

“Good afternoon darling, so how is LA?” She asked me.

“I’m working until I leave and I get paid so I can go shopping! Isn’t that great?” I asked her.

“Cheater! I don’t even get allowance to go shopping and my job sucks! Buy me something” She told me and I laughed.

“Of course” I replied.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Ray asked me and I told him to shut up.

“Who the hell is that? He sounds Latino, Ree” Rose yelled at me excitedly.

“Rosellena I’m taken remember?” I asked her outraged.

“I’m not, let me talk to him” She told me.

“No, so what are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m cleaning after that stupid boy! Mom lets me wash all the clothes, wash all the dishes and what does he do? He goes outside and rakes! It is ridonkilous.” She complained.

“I do all of that too and you’re lucky you don’t have to go outside” I told her.

“Whatever, I miss you so much!!!! I can’t wait until you come back” Rose said.

“Neither can I, anything new at school?” I asked her. 

“Yeah, Dane is dating that ugly slut Alisha because I turned him down and that slut is trying to get back with Mike rubbing herself all over and him and you know what he did? It was so funny, she was going to lean in and kiss him but he stepped back and she fell on her ugly face! IT was the best thing that ever happened to her fake face” Rose said and I cracked up laughing.

“That’s good, I thought you liked Dane though?” I asked her.

“No, he’s a total jerk really! We were talking yesterday and he tried to get into my pants but I slapped him and threw him cake” she told me and I gasped in surprised.

“No way? He seemed so sweet” I told her.

“He seemed, he isn’t” she replied.

“That’s just sad” I replied.

“I think so too, so what’s going on between Latino and you?” She asked me.

“Nothing, he attends my dad’s school and he works around my house” I told her.

“Ooh, lucky girl, is he handsome?” She asked me.

“Rose!” I screamed at her.

“What? It’s a safe question to ask, it’s not like you’re married” She complained.

“Whatever! But yes I think he is” I replied.

“Knew it! You could have had that if you left Michael to cry because he’s an idiot” Rose complained.

“Mike is an idiot but do you believe in true love?” I asked her.

“Now that the two of you are together yes” she replied.

“Well I do to and being with him makes me feel complete, like if you’d ever leave me for that slut Alisha, I’d be pissed off and I’d feel like I lost an arm” I told he and she laughed.

“Leave you for her? Please if I was to leave you it would be for Angelina Jolie not sluts of Penelope, Haven” she told me.

“Sure because Angelina would befriend someone who’s totally obsessed with her” I said sarcastically and laughed.

“I am not obsessed, I am just a really big fan” Rose said and laughed at herself. 

“Uh sure” I said and she scolded me.

“Is that Ree?!” I heard Mike in the background.

“Shut up ugly fool and get the hell out of my room!” Rose yelled at her brother.

“Let me talk to her” Mike said and I could hear them fighting over the phone. 

I laughed and gave the phone to Ray so he could talk to Mike.  I was serious about letting him talk to Mike.

“It’s Michael, tell him I’m not home” I whispered to Ray and he laughed.

“You were just talking to his sister weren’t you?” Ray asked me.

“Just talk” I told him and he smiled and sat on the counter top and spoke through the phone. 

“Hey is this Mike?” Ray asked through the phone and he put it on speaker so I could hear.

“Who the hell is this?” Mike answered and I wanted to laugh so badly but I held it in.

“I’m Ray nice to meet you, who’d you call for?” Ray asked Mike.

“Let me speak to Ariana” Mike said through the phone and I can hear the anger in his voice.

“Sorry bro asleep, busy morning this morning” Ray said and Mike yelled at him cursing him out.

“Dude chill she had to attend a meeting this morning with her father” Ray said and I almost couldn’t hold in my laughter anymore but Ray told me to be quiet.

“I know she’s home, let me speak to her” Mike argued still mad.

“I know she’s home too I just told you, I heard you guys were together, hows that going?” Ray asked Mike.

“It’s none of your business, let me speak to her” Mike yelled sounding pissed off and frustrated.

“She’s sleeping and if you want me to walk into her room and wake her up you don’t sound much of a good boyfriend” Ray teased Mike.

“Do anything to her and I swear, I’ll go over there and rip you head off you got that?” Mike threatened Ray.

“I got you but why would you hurt me when you told me to do it any ways?” Ray teased Mike some more and I couldn’t take it anymore so I laughed.

“Ree you are really evil you know that!” Mike yelled at me on speaker.

“Ray is my dad’s worker okay? Damn chill!” I told him still laughing.

“You had me there I’ll tell you that” He said calming himself down.

“Thanks Ray, I’ll help you when I’m done okay?” I asked Ray in front of me and he nodded his head and jumped off of the counter and walked outside.

“Help him with what?” Mike asked me when I took him off of speaker.

“With the garden he’s been working on.  We’re off today so I thought I’d help around the house” I told him.

“Don’t you get tired of working?” Mike asked me.

“It takes my mind off of some things” I told him.

“What does that mean?” He asked me.

“Michael, to take my mind off of things like what just happened not to long ago which is really funny and some things in the past; it’s hard to get over things like the past you know?” I asked him and he sighed.

“I know” he said.

“I heard your best friend took your ex-girlfriend and you slammed her face to the ground” I told him and he laughed.

“I did not slam it to the ground she fell and it wasn’t my fault.  Dane can have her and we aren’t best friends he’s just one of my boys” Mike corrected me.

“So you turned gangster in a day, so proud of you” I said sarcastically. 

“I’ve been gangster, I’m just pro like that” he said and I laughed.

“You don’t have swag remember? You can’t be like me just get over it” I told him.

“Pssh I beat you by a hundred” he said.

It was like old times when we were just best friends and we got along well and everything was easy. 

“More like you can’t beat me, I’m too high at the top for you to reach, you’d have to kill me to get to my spot” I told him and I heard Rose laugh beside Mike.

“Please, Mike can’t even beat me on swag, he’s just so not cool enough” Rose spoke through the phone.

“I agree” I replied.

“Now, now don’t get all feisty and jealous girls.  You just want to be me” He said in a cocky voice and Rose and I laughed.

“Whoever wants to be you must have a sad life to be that desperate” Rose said and I laughed.

“Now Mike don’t take it to your heart, you know we’re just trying to spare the other guys feelings” I said and Rose screamed burned and Mike laughed.

“Haters are my motivators and my sister is my stepping stool, my life seems pretty good” Mike replied.

“Stepping stool?” I asked Rose and she laughed.

“More like you’re my stepping stool” Rose corrected him.

We continued our ridiculous conversation for about an hour then we hung up and I helped Ray around the house.  I got to know Ray a lot more and he got to know about me too.  He seemed like an older brother type for me and he agreed.  I wasn’t into him and he felt the same and that’s probably why we got along so well besides my dad.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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