Chapter 12:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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California really had me thinking about my life and what I could be doing with it instead of dreading over Mike all the time.  It was around five p.m. already and I just finished cooking dinner and cleaning the house.  I talked to Rose for about three hours straight after I helped out Ray and my dad came home around three.  Tomorrow I have to go to the Times and train a few new comers that just got hired because a few employees quit to go and work for lesser schools to help children who don’t have the time to come and learn at times or they just didn’t like us. 

“Ariana, come let’s eat” My dad called me into the dining room.

“I’m coming” I replied and walked into the dining room and sat at the other end of the dining table from my dad. 

“Let us bow our head in prayer and thank the lord for all the good he has given us” My dad said and we said grace. 

We always said grace before we eat dinner, ever since we were with my real mom.  It was a family tradition no matter how messed up our family has become.  I thought it was beautiful. 

“Amen” we announced afterwards and then we ate.

“So what happened today?” My dad asked me and Ray.

“We finished the garden because Ree helped me, I scared Mike making him jealous that there was a guy here but Ree is like my little sister and I swear on that.  Then Ree talked to her best friend for a while” Ray said and I nodded my head in agreement chewing my food.

“That’s good to hear, I bet Mike freaked out! That boy has always been jealous of other guys” My dad said and I laughed when I swallowed.

“That’s true” I agreed.

“So what’s happening back in Penelope?” My dad asked me.

“Well, it’s all the same.” I replied.

“It’s actually never changed in all the years I have lived there” my dad told me.

“Ditto” I replied.

“Ray where are you from?” I asked Ray. 

“I’m from Mexico” He replied.

“You don’t have the accent” I pointed out.

“I didn’t grow up there, I grew up here in California, my dad raised me here” he replied.

“Really wow? That kind of sucks doesn’t it? Do you ever visit Mexico?” I asked him.

“Yeah, every summer I go there and spend time with my family” He replied.

“That’s good, I’m thinking dad, every summer I’d come here?” I asked him.

“That’s fine, you could bring Rose and Mike” He replied.

“Cool” I replied.

“So Ray, how is your father?” My dad asked Ray.

“He’s well, he’s working for L.A. Times, the magazine” Ray replied.

“Competition?” I asked them and they laughed.

“Hardly” they replied in sync and I giggled.

I finished my food and drank some water.  I took my plate and everyone else’s so I could clean up.  While I cleaned the two boys went into the living room to enjoy some television.  

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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