Chapter 15:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke up to my house phone ringing and I got up groggily and answered it.

“Ree?” Mike’s voice came through.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, he sounded worried.

“Rose went to my dad’s place this morning not too long ago because my mom opened her mouth again and Rose lost it” He told me.

“Go and get her” I yelled at him.

“She doesn’t want me too, she said ‘It’s too late for begging now Mike’” He told me.

“Mike, what happened?” I asked him.

“My mom opened her mouth about you again and Rose had, had enough of her bull crap talk again and so did I but Rose fought with her and she dashed out of the house after my mom slapped her” Mike told me.

“I’ll call her, get some sleep.  I’ll call you when I wake up again” I told him.

“I love you” He told me and I smiled.

“I love you too” I replied and we hung up. 

I walked back to my bed and brought the cordless phone with me and I laid back down dialing Rose’s cellphone.

“Ree thank god, I’m guessing Mike called you.  Well yeah, I’m moving in with my dad but I’ll be attending school at Haven until we graduate and I won’t be seeing Mike much except at school and when you come back.  I’m telling you this month is going by way to slowly” She said and I smiled. 

Her blabbering tells me that she’s fine again.

“I’m sorry about your mother” I told her.

“Don’t be, she should be sorry.  I hate it when she talks about you like you’re a bad person” Rose said.

“I hate it too, what did I do wrong to her?” I asked Rose.

“You stole her kids from her or at least that’s what she told us” Rose said and I laughed.

“Rose I really miss you” I said.

“I miss you too Ree.  It’s so different not going over to your house and talking about nothing really” She said and I agreed.

“Rose tell me, what’s been going on at school lately?” I asked her.

“Well, Dane and I are friends again, the tramp and Mike are talking but they’re not dating don’t worry.  I warned Mike and I slapped that b**** hard telling her if she tried anything I’ll get her and Mrs. Godey misses you and so do all our teachers” Rose told me.

“I miss them too and thanks for slapping the tramp.  I honestly still can’t believe we were ever friends with that hoe.  I mean, we’re nice and all but to befriend a skank like that? I never thought we’d be the one” I said and Rose laughed.

“We were going on code by that.  Girls first boys never, love after hate whenever” Rose said and I laughed.

“That code long died” I replied.

“Yes it did but our new code is still very strong don’t you think?” She asked me.

“Sisters until death” I said and smiled even if she couldn’t see my smile.

“I just pulled into my dad’s place.  Call you in the morning again?” She asked me.

“That’s a splendid idea” I replied.

“Love you Ree” She said.

“Love you too Rose” I replied and we hung up. 

I hung the phone back and I went back to bed and closed my eyes and fell asleep until my alarm clock went off and I got up and groaned.  I dragged my feet to the bathroom and took a shower to wake me up.  I was going to work today.  I dried and put on a flare pink skirt and a yellow top and I put my boots on and slipped on my coat because it was raining out again.  I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.  My dad is still sleeping and so is Ray.  I snuck out the front door quietly and my driver pulled up and opened the back door for me.

“Good morning” I greeted him and he smiled at me.

“Good morning Ree, work today?” He asked me.

“Yes please” I said and he drove off to SWAG Times. 

He opened the door for me when we got there and I got out and waved him good bye.  I walked into the building and everyone was colorful, I was so proud.  It looked really good. 

“Good morning Ms. Hendricks” colleague’s greeted me as they walked by and I the same to them. 

I walked the stairs instead of the elevator to get to the second floor where my office was located.  I unlocked my door and placed my purse on my desk.  I checked my calls and I had a meeting coming in around eight o’clock.

“Ms. Hendricks, you have a visitor downstairs” My secretary called out to me.

“Tell him I’m coming down” I replied and she nodded her head. 

We used the security guard gadget thing, I forgot what it was called, but we used it to communicate.  I fixed my hair and exited my office and headed back down stairs to see who is up early this morning to see me.  I walked out to the waiting area and found a man and a girl there.

“Hi are you Ms. Ariana Hendricks?” The man asked.

“In the flesh, how may I help you?” I asked him.

“I’m Dan Taylor and this is my daughter Margrette Taylor, she wanted to see you” He told me.

“Um my brother knows you from school and he says you’re a really good friend.  I don’t have any friends here and I needed someone to talk to really bad, is that okay?” She asked me.

“Blane? Am I right?” I asked them.

“Yes that’s him” Margrette replied.

“Sure, sir you can pick her up later if you’d like?” I asked her father.

“Please dad? I really need to speak with her about something” She begged her father.

“Fine, I’ll pick her later” He told me and he left us.

I sat down on a chair in the waiting area and she sat next to me.  No one was here so it was okay to talk.

“I’m terribly sorry I have to bother you at your work but I really need your help.  Blane tells me you’re the best writer in school and I’m trying to improve my writing skills, I was wondering how much would it be to attend school here?” she asked me.

“Well, there are scholarships that you can apply for but it’ll be five thousand for school and a room next door.  The scholarship though pays for the school and you’re materials but you’d have to pay rent for the room.  It’s a hundred dollars a month because it comes with utilities like water and power.  It is already furnished and it’s nice, but you’d have to qualify for the scholarship.  What school do you attend?” I asked her.

“I’m homeschooled, but I attended school at Haven Prep. They agreed to let me be homeschooled here with my father because my mom had passed and he was my only chance” she told me. 

“I’ll get your files from Haven and I’ll let my dad check into this.  I’ll call you if anything.  Can I have a number and your father’s number as well” I told her.

“Here” she said and she wrote down the numbers on a sheet of paper and handed it to me.

“Do you have anything else you need to discuss besides school? You seemed really nervous around your dad” I told her.

“Um, it’s embarrassing but I have no girl friends here and I need a girls advice and I thought of you and thought maybe you’ll help me out” she said and I smiled at her.

“I’m dating this guy and he’s really nice and my dad likes him and he wants me to meet his parents.  Should I go?” She asked me.

“Go but be careful, my boyfriend and best friend’s mom hates me.  Just be yourself and if they like you or not the only important thing is that the guy loves you” I told her

“Thanks, I’m really sorry or bothering you.  I’ll call my dad and be on my way now” She said.

“No, he just left.  Let me give you a grand tour of the famous Times.  As you see everyone is colorful and in style but I love old fashion too, but the reason we are because it’s our new dress code.  Okay, as you know, we have classes here and these classes work hand in hand with our trainers here and we teach them how to be a part of the company and how to write, publish, and edit.” I told her and she wasn’t even paying much attention but touching the glass walls that had students studying and laughing. 

“Our workers here are very friendly but when they are serious you should be too, just a heads up if anything.  We are caring people and we do have counselors here to help you whenever you are having issues or you just need someone to talk to.  Our school is very fun and loving and we are very educational, we have had encounters where a homeless man loved to write but he had horrible spelling and he was around thirty five, he has been homeless for twenty years, we gave him a scholarship and now he’s a big editor for Penelope Rights at Haven.  We gave him English classes and he did very well, he knew words but he couldn’t spell some and he misused some.  We help those who are in need of help and we try to push our students and workers to do the best we can so they can succeed in life and be the person they want to be” I told her.

“That’s great, this school is amazing” She exclaimed and I smiled. 

I took her over to the condos next door where our students stay and the condos on the other side where some of our workers stay.  She was fascinated by the school.

“Mrs. Hendricks, you’re meeting is in thirty” My secretary buzzed me in the ear piece.

“Coming Ms. Halls, thank you” I replied to her. 

“No problem” She replied. 

“I’m sorry but this has to be the end of our tour, I’ll walk you back to the lobby and you can wait for your dad there” I told her.

“Thanks” she replied and followed me back to the lobby. 

“Thank you for showing me this amazing school, I’ll try the scholarship and if I can’t get it, I’ll pay with my own money.  I really want this” She told me.

“We love determined students like you” I told her and she smiled.

I dropped her off and I walked back second floor and headed over to my office where my waiting visitors were placed.  

Submitted: January 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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