Chapter 17:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I was back at my house; I entered the house with Ray by my side and my father sitting on the bay window waiting for us.

“You two have been out quite long, where were the two of you?” He asked us.

“I was in my office finishing up paper work, I submitted transfer scripts for some students who plan on enrolling this summer, I have scholarship forms you need to go over and tomorrow Ms. Halls will run them by you.  Now if you excuse me, I’m going to take a shower and sleep” I said and walked away from the two men and entered the kitchen then walked down the hall to where my room was located at. 

I was leaving in two days and I needed to pack my things.  Tomorrow I would be finishing up my work at SWAG then I’ll be coming straight here to finish packing then I’m off on a plane around eight in the evening.  I looked around my room and found a picture of my whole family, steps and all, stuck to my mirror and I walked over and took it off and slipped it into my purse.  I took out my suit cases and started packing some things then the phone rang.  I ran over to answer it.

“How may I help you?” I answered.

“Thank goodness it’s you” My step mom said and I smiled.

“Hey mom, how are you?” I asked her.

“I’m good; I was getting worried about you.  Halls called me up saying that you needed to speak with me right away but no one answered when I called here.” She said.

“I was busy doing last minute touch ups before I leave tomorrow night” I told her.

“So what did you need to talk to me about?” I asked her.

“Um, dad had a girlfriend over here” I told her.

“I knew that, she called the house once and I totally cussed her out” She said and I laughed.

“I did too, she was calling you names when she called his office.  I kind of lost it and trashed dad’s office and then we got into a fight” I told her.

“Sweetie, I know it’s hard for you but you’ll be fine” She told me.

“I know, I gotta shower and then I’m going to hit the sacks.  See you later” I told her.

“Good night and sweet dreams dear” My mom said and we hung up. 

I finished packing most of my stuff then I took out my sweat pants and Mike’s t-shirt then I took a shower and changed into my clothes then went to bed. 




*The Next day*

I was in class talking to some students the I had been instructing and we were just about finish. 

“Okay class, it was a pleasure seeing you all and I hope you stick with SWAG and fulfill your dreams.  Sadly today is my last day here but I enjoyed talking with you guys and getting to learn how you guys think and where your inspiration for writing comes.  I will miss you and Ms. Halls here is a great teacher.  She’ll be taking my place” I told the class and they all came up to me to hug me good bye.

“Good bye Ree, we’ll miss you” my students said and I smiled at them. 

I grabbed my purse and headed out the door and Ms. Halls walked by my side.

“Did your mom call?” She asked me.

“Yes and thanks for telling her, I was supposed to but I was over whelmed with work last night” I told her.

“No problem, that’s what I’m here for.  I’ll miss you too.  If you ever need to talk call me up” She said and I smiled at her.

“I will, I’ll miss you too.  I’ll come back whenever I can and maybe I’ll have you flown out so we can take business trips together when I graduate next year” I told her.

“I’ll look forward to it” She replied then we parted ways. 

Ray met me outside with the driver and we all went back to my house.  I slid into the car after Ray and I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I’ll miss you Ray, it’s been fun having to hang with you” I told him.

“I’ll miss you too.  Tell Mike I said Hi, we’ve been talking lately.  He’s a really lucky guy to have you” Ray told me.

“Thanks, I will.  Don’t stop calling us though when I get back” I told him.

“No problem, I’ll be moving out of your dads place and I’ll be living in the dorms.  I just have to find one” Ray told me.

“Have mine, I’ve always had a dorm there.  It’s big and it’ll suit you.  You won’t need to pay for it because I paid it off.  Don’t refuse just take it.  You’ll need to pay power and water though” I told him.

“Thanks Ree, this really means a lot.  I promise I won’t let you down with my work” He told me.

“You better not, I’m looking forward to see you in the magazine and newspapers” I told him and he laughed.

We got home and I exited the car.  Ray was going to go back to work.  I waved them good bye and I let myself into the house using my keys and I ran into my bed room and started packing all my things.  I was excited to go home, it’s been fun here but home is where I belong.  I couldn’t wait to get back to my boyfriend, my mom and most of my all, best friend in the whole entire world.  My head was clear and my heart was sure. 

“I’m sorry for bothering you but do you need any help?” My dad came in and asked me.

“I’m fine” I replied.

“Can we talk?” he asked me.

“Sure, what is it about?” I asked him.

“Well, I am sorry for hurting you the way I did and I know I broke a promise that meant a lot to you.  I don’t want you to leave but I have no choice but to let you go.  I had a great time with you by my side and having the joy of you in the house again.  You coming here made me feel like I was home, you are my home Ariana.  I love you and I truly hope you forgive me and love me again” He said. 

Tears streamed out of my eyes because what he said meant a lot to me.  He was my home too, he was always there for me, to comfort me, to talk too and he did hurt me but he’s my dad.  I’ll miss him.  I got up and hugged him tightly not wanting to let go. 

“I love you too daddy” I replied and I felt tears hit my shoulders and when I got out of the embrace I saw that he was crying.

“I’m going to miss you” He said and I smiled at him.

“I’ll miss you too” I replied.  

Submitted: January 24, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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