Chapter 19:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I got to Haven by late afternoon and I was already on my way out of the airport in a car because I told everyone to wait at my house for me and they are.  I was in the car and it was sunny out and as I was driving out of the airport road and a huge truck came and hit me and sent me spinning across from where I was it.  I couldn’t see or feel anything and when I closed my eyes I knew I was gone for good.



She was taking too long coming home and I was getting really worried.  I asked Mike to drive me to the airport and when we got there, there were police men everywhere and a huge truck tipped over and a car on the other side flipped over as well.  An ambulance was there too and I saw a girl’s hand falling out of the gurney that she was in.  I jumped out of the car and ran to a police officer wanting to know who it was.

“Excuse me sir, who is that? What happened?” I asked him and when he looked back I recognized him and he knew it.

“Rose, I need you to get back to your car” He told me.

“Why what happened?” I asked him.

He looked away and I knew it was Ariana.  I pushed passed him and ran towards her but the police men pulled me away.

“Ariana!!!!!” I cried out yelling and fighting to get away from the police officers but they had a good grip.

“Ariana” I yelled again.

They quickly put her into the ambulance and they drove off.  I saw Mike run after it and then when they got too far he fell to the ground on his knees and he was sobbing. 

“Let go of me!!! You just took away my sister!!!! Why couldn’t I see her?” I asked tears spilling out of my eyes and I was angry and mad! And I couldn’t stand to just stand here. 

I ran over to my brother’s car and I smashed in the window and felt the pain of the hit but it was better than the pain in my heart.  I ran up to my brother and I knelt beside him and put my arms around him and we just knelt there cried and yelled out Ariana’s name hoping she’d come back.  Police officers tried to pull us off of the road but we wouldn’t let them.  A paramedic came up and wrapped my hand because I was losing blood and it hurt like hell. 

“Why couldn’t I see her? She was my sister? Why couldn’t I see her? Why didn’t she call me? Why couldn’t we pick her up? I want that driver in jail if he’s still alive!! It’s his fault! HE should have seen where she was going! I want her back! She shouldn’t be dead.  She can’t be dead” I cried and Mike hugged me tight in his arm, he cradled me and rocked me back and forth. 

“Is that man dead?” Mike’s voice was ice cold and you can literally feel the pain in his voice.

“Yes sir he is” the paramedic replied to Mike.

“You better hope God finds forgiveness in him because of what he did, tell me why he hit her?” Mike asked the guy.

“He fell asleep on the wheel and he was going seventy five miles per hour.  That girl was hurt badly that you couldn’t see how she looked.  It was too crucial to see” The guy replied.

“Mike I want to go back to her house, I need to see the family” I said and Mike nodded his head and we got up.

“I don’t think you should drive, it’s too emotional.  One of the officers will drive you and one will follow with your car” The paramedic said.



We had her funeral which was closed casket and the whole school attended it and knowing that she is gone broke everyone’s heart. 

“My name is Rosellena and I was her best friend.  She called me yesterday and we were talking and I was so excited for her to come home but sadly she didn’t.  When I went to see why she took so long at the airport, I found her lying dead cold on a gurney with her hand sticking out and the car she was driving flipped over and smashed.  She was to broken to be seen but I will always remember my best friend with a smile on her face.  She is the best thing that happened to me besides my brother and without her I wouldn’t know what to do and now that she’s gone, I’m lost and confused.  We planned our lives out and it hit home in my heart when she couldn’t continue her life.  To tell you the truth I’m angry that she left me but the man who took her life, I’m not angry at.  I honestly want him to be at peace because if he lived right now, he would live with the guilt and the regret of taking that beautiful girls life and then I would be happy but Ariana has taught me that no matter what a person does to you, you still have to love and care for them because everything happens for a reason.  Ariana I miss you and my life would never be the same without you by my side and I know when I see you again one day, nothing could separate us anymore. I love you and I always will” I said in tears and I walked up to her casket and I lost my balance and I fell to the floor landing on my knees in front of her.  Mike came down next to me and held me in his arms and we cried together.  Ariana’s entire family was here even her father.  She had so much people who loved and cared for her that we had little space to move but no one moved and no one spoke all you can here are the tears hitting the ground and the soft cries from the families.  That was the end to her life but her love is still with us all.

Submitted: February 13, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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