Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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School should have gotten out already and I knew it had because my mom came home from work.  She was a teacher at another school, a public school and Rose kept calling me. 

“Hey Rose, how was the rest of your day?” I asked her.

“Terrible, I had no best friend, I ate lunch with boys and Michael won’t stop bothering me.” She complained and I laughed.

“We always eat lunch with boys” I commented her on her lunch part.

“Not without you I don’t and that ugly tramp sat next to me on the lunch table.  It was terrible and what’s more sad is that she’s at my house.  Don’t cry over that, I told my mom and dad Michael had sex and they freaked! He’s pissed at me but I had to hurt him like he had hurt you many times.  He’s grounded and was forced to break it off with ugly betty but she had to stay because Mrs. Godey assigned her as my partner for a project.  She said it would have been you but you already did the project and she needs the grades more then I do but yet I’m still stuck with her” She told me and I laughed.

“You are one beautiful child I’ll tell you that” I replied.

“I know, thanks” She replied and I can almost bet she was smiling so hugely and making bowing motions like she always does.  She’s weird like that.

“So how was your day?” She asked me.

“A lot of tears, a lot of studying, a lot of arguing etcetera, etcetera” I replied.

“I need more than that Ariana” She complained.

“Fine, during lunch time, Mike and I were having one of our moments because we got into a fight then tramp came by and said ‘I need my boyfriend’ and I replied to her ‘Sorry Ali he can’t go’ but then Michael tells me ‘Actually I am going, sorry Ree, I need some space’ and I wanted to hurt that tramp and drown Michael in the pond and as he walked away with her my heart tore into two and the worst part was I lied back down on the grass and cried instead of hurting the both of them.  After that I went into the library to cry some more and study if I could think but I couldn’t and he left a voicemail” I paused then continued because Rose told me too.

“He said ‘I know why you’re mad! Blah, blah…..I know where you are…..blah, blah…..I don’t understand why you’re mad that I left with Alisha” I told her and she gave an angry laugh that made her sound really crazy.

“I honestly don’t understand how you can like someone like that! Get over him already! But in a way I understand completely, like when I dated your step brother because I was head over heels for him but the difference was he was way older then I was and he was a nice guy” She told me and I laughed.

“That’s true, I talked to him last week, he asked how you were and I told him you were sick and had to be put in the mental hospital” I joked with Rose.

“You’re such a terd! What did he say?” She asked me.

“He’s like knowing Rose she’d probably be the best crazy person in the institute then he blamed me for putting you in there” I said and we laughed together. 

Only around Rose was I ever myself and when Michael cared I was myself too and I was actually happy when my step brother visited us last summer because then all things were fine and I was happy.  I told my brother about Michael and he cursed at me for liking him and I laughed because when I found out Rose and him liked each other I punched him and told him that if he’d ever hurt her I’ll hurt him and now he’s happily in the Marines and I’m so proud he made a life of his own instead of following in his mom’s footsteps, my mom.

Okay so my mom that I’m living with is my step mom and that’s my step brother’s mom, my mom divorced my dad and my dad divorced my step mom and now they’re figuring custody matters between the three parents and life is hell.  My mom stays in Scotland because my step dad is Scottish, my real mom, and my dad is staying in California, not a thousand miles away but it’s pretty far from Penelope Rights which is a small city in the little island called Haven that was in the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean.  So right now the only happy things in my life are Rose and my step brother.  I am the only child from my real parents but I have three step brothers and two step sisters, one boy from my step mom and one boy and the two girls from my step dad in Scotland.  Not a very touching family I have but we get along quite fine all in one room.  That’s what surprises me because we are all steps and having my mom and her husband and my dad and his ex-wife in one room, I thought it’ll stir up some storms but we were all happy and laughing.  The reason my dad divorced my step mom was because he had to move for his new job and hurting less was by leaving her and she wanted it too because she was scared that she might lose all of us but because they didn’t think it through they’re all fighting for me and because I love my friends because they’re family to me too I decided to stay with my step mom and live in Haven.  Complicated life I have but yet I’m still standing. 

“Ree Michael wants to talk to you” Rose said through the phone.

“Let him, I want to hear what else he has to say” I told her.

“Whatever he says don’t cry over it okay? Be strong then I’ll come over ditch the tramp and chill with you” She told me.

“That’s fine with me” I replied then she gave the phone to Michael.

“Running away really? You’re leaving because of me? How stupid of you! I thought you’d be smarter than that but I guess you aren’t! are you happy Rosellena made me dump Alisha and I’m grounded.  Happy?” He asked me sounding angry over the phone and laughed.

“No I’m not happy and no I’m not stupid either, you are.  You could just lie to your parents and date Alisha anyways because you’re so good at lying to people! And no I’m not running! I’m leaving for a month because I need to breathe and get you out of my life.  I’m coming back Michael and when I do, we still won’t be friends.  Yes I said it, I don’t want to be friends with you anymore and you don’t know how hard it is for me to say those words! And yes I run to the library and cry over you Michael because you just don’t know how much you put me in pain.  You pushed me away and now I’m too far to reach, now give your sister back the phone and leave me the hell alone!” I yelled at him.

“No, I’m not done talking to you.  What do I do to put you in pain?” He asked me.

“You’ve known I loved you more than a friend for four years already stupid! And there you go dating and doing girls and still don’t care about my feelings.  I am not only being a best friend to you but since I’m not good enough for you taste then I might as well not be your best friend either. You left me for that tramp and now you’ve got her and now she’s gone, see how that feels? Well I’ve felt like that since last summer when you kissed me and told me you loved me and we weren’t even drunk or high, or just acting stupid! I knew that was real and I knew you felt the same way I did and I know you are just trying not to feel the same way.  You don’t have to because I honestly don’t want to love you anymore because of all your stupid mistakes that you noticed about yourself too” I said all in one breath and hung the phone. 

I was so proud of myself because I didn’t cry.  I ran down stairs and ran into my mom making her spill some books she was holding.  Pictures fell out and I noticed it was our family album.

“What are these for?” I asked her.

“I’m sending some pictures to your mom, she misses you and so does Alec.” She told me.

“I miss them too, how are they doing?” I asked her.

 “Their fine, they’re mad that you’re leaving Haven because of a boy” She told me and I laughed.

“How’d you know?” I asked my mom.

“Michael came by when you were hiding in that little room of yours and dropped off this letter, I’m sorry for reading it I just had too.  I noticed that you’ve had tear streaks and red rimmed eyes for quite a while now” She told me.

“It’s okay mom, can I have the letter?” I asked her.

“Here” She said and pulled the letter out from her back pocket.

I kissed her cheek and went outside to the porch swing and I sat down and unfolded the letter and started to read.

Dear Ariana Ree Hendricks,

I know how much I’ve been hurting you and I know you probably know why I am doing it but I do love you more then you could ever imagine but Rose is right.  You deserve better than me but it still gave me no right to push you away and I’m sorry for losing my temper on you and screaming at you.  I know sorry will never fix anything and I just hope we’ll find peace one day again.  I don’t want you to leave but I don’t think there is any way that I can stop you now knowing that you hate me because of what I’ve done.  I was forced to dump Alisha but I was going to do so anyways and I just didn’t want to tell you about it because then I would have done something stupid to make you cry like the last time.  I truly am sorry and if there is any chance that I can see you in person and we can talk then you can meet me at Sunset Valley around three o’clock so we can talk, if you don’t come I’d understand.  You already shared your feelings loud and clear all the times I’ve spent with you.  I love you and I always will no matter how hard I try not to.  Don’t forgive me but please don’t stop being my best friend, you’re the only person I have to talk too and I mean that, you’re the only person who knows every detail of my life and every flaw and every secret.  Please come so we can talk without Rose listening even though I know you’re just going to tell her.  I just want to have some time with you so I could make you understand better.

Always, Michael Kaylep Haven

I folded the letter and placed it in my back pocket.  It was almost three so I ran back into my house and asked my mom if she could drop me to the valley.  In the valley, it was open and filled with beautiful summer flowers and gardens and valleys have always been the perfect and saddest place to talk with each other and I have no idea why we love these kinds of places so much but we do.  We were almost there because I told my mom to step on it and she did, she was the craziest driver in the world, I mean it.  When we got there I thanked my mom and jumped out of the car and ran into the valley gates.  I looked around and saw no one there, I was about to turn around until I saw Michael picking at flowers at the bottom of the valley.  I ran towards him and as he saw me he had sad eyes but a faint smile placed on his face.

“You came” He said in a sad voice but I could tell by the way his eyes lit up that he was glad.

“Explain Michael” I demanded him.

“Sit please” He told me and I did.I took a seat next to him and I stayed quiet waiting for an explanation.

“Okay, so you know most things already.  Last summer I did kiss you and I do feel the same for you and the reason why I try hard not is because I know one day I’ll lose you to someone else and I didn’t want to risk losing what we have together and I didn’t want to feel the pain of losing you but I feel it now.  I lost you already, I know I don’t sound convincing but every word that is coming out of my mouth is true and even if you still don’t believe as long as you know.  I never wanted to hurt you the way I do but I did it anyways because I was trying to push away the pain I was feeling too but I just couldn’t because the more you walked away and hid from me and cried for me my pain worsened and you see these marks?” He asked me showing his scarred forearm.

“I did this trying to end my life but never really got to the point because I do love you and I didn’t want to end my life without making things a little bit better.  I’m sorry and I will always apologize no matter what.  I didn’t have sex with Alisha, I just told you that to make you jealous but you’ve kept promise of not dating anyone, you promised you’d wait for me and I’m pretty sure that promise died.” He said and took some breaths.  Tears were trailing down my cheeks and tears were trailing down his cheeks too, it was the first time he cried in front of me at least.

“I never touched Alisha or any of the other girls I dated to hurt you, I hugged them and held there hand but nothing more not even a kiss that’s why Alisha hates you so much.  I lied to you so you could get over me and find someone worth loving but I made things worse and now I’m getting what I wanted right? Well anyways that’s why I wanted to see you; I wanted to tell you the truth about the tears you’ve been using for me.  It was for nothing and it’s my entire fault for making you cry and I deserve no forgiveness but please don’t stop being my friend? I need you in some part of my life even if you don’t talk to me” He said.

“Is that all?” I asked him sniffling.  He nodded his head.

I got off of the ground and I looked at Michael and wiped my tears away.  He got up and stood beside me.

“Michael, you’ve torn my heart apart and you’re right it’ll take years for me to forgive you but at least I know the truth about why you’ve done what you’ve done and I’d have to think about being friends with you again.  Michael the reason why I fell in love with you was because you were there to listen to me and you loved me back and when you played those sick mind games with me about those girls it tore me apart and I would never forget any of your lies.  I will always love you Michael, thank you for talking to me and I wanted a little time alone with you too just so I could make sure that I’m doing the right things.  I love you” I told him and looked him in the eye and smiled a real smile for the first time around him. 

He took my hands into his then he brought us closer and we kissed.  It felt like the kiss we shared last summer, the kiss that made me fall for him even harder and I know that he truly does love me but it’s too little too late to catch me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my waist and it started rain and we were locked in this embrace getting soaked.  I pulled away and smiled at him.

“Thank you” I told him.

“For what?” He asked me.

“For finally showing your true feeling around me, you know we can’t be together anymore or at least not yet, but I will think of keeping you as my key holder to my heart because truly no matter how torn my heart is only you know what goes on in there” I replied.

“Let’s get you home then you can tell Rose everything like she asks” He told me and I laughed.

“Please” I replied. 

I walked beside him towards his car and I ducked into the front seat then he drove me home and I said my good bye to him because in one week I’ll be leaving to California for at least a month.  

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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