Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I packed my school bag and headed down stairs to wait in the car for my mom to drop me off at school.  It would be the last week that I’ll be attending school until I come back from California at least. 

“I’m coming sweetie” She called out to me from the front door. 

She got into the car and started it up then she backed out of the drive way and drove out to the main street heading towards the school.  I got a call from Rose.

“Hey Rose, I’m coming already” I told her.

“Okay cool, I’ll meet you in the library?” She asked me.

“That’s the first I’ve heard out of your mouth” I teased her.

“I read too you know, not as much as you but I read” She said and I laughed.

“That’s fine with me” I told her.

“Mike came to school today” She told me.

“We talked remember? I’ll be fine Rose don’t worry so much” I told her.

“Every time you tell me that something wrong happens and I hate seeing your face filled with tear streaks okay?” She asked me.

“I know Rose” I said and sighed feeling guilty.

“I love you Ree” She told me and I smiled.

“Back to you Rose” I told her and we hung up. 

I was dropped in front of the school and I waved good bye to my mom and she drove off.  I walked into the school doors and I made my way towards the library. 

“Hey Ariana, I heard you were taking an early vacation” Dane found me and walked by my side.

“Yeah, I’m going to visit my dad” I replied.

“Oh, divorce?” He asked me.

“More like just complicated but yeah” I told him.

“I know how that feels” He replied.

“Parents?” I asked him.

“Yeah, that’s why I moved here, my mom decided to come back home” He told me.

“Who’s your mom?” I asked him.

“Heather Wilsburry” He told me.

“Just great, I know her.  She’s my mom’s sister-in-law” I told him.

“So that makes us related too?” He asked me and I laughed.

“Barely but I guess so” I replied. 

The walk to the library was pretty far so I was thankful to have his company. 

“Library again?” He asked me.

“You already know me so well” I told him and he laughed.

“Where’s the gang?” He asked me.

“Rose is waiting for me and Mike and I are quite complicated right now” I told him.

“Okay I won’t get into your business, here we are.  I hope your day goes fine” He bid me good bye as he held the library door open for me.

“Thanks and same goes to you” I replied and found Rose sitting in an empty booth next to a window that showed the beautiful garden scenery of Penelope Prep. 

It didn’t snow here but it did get really cold and right now a slight rain fall was making its way down. 

“Hey” I greeted her as I took a seat in front of her in the booth.

“I remember when we used to hang out all-together during summer at the valley.  It was the best time of my life” She told me.

“Mine too” I replied.

“What happened to our times like that?” She asked more to herself.

“I fell in love and ruined everything” I replied to myself but she looked up to me and smiled at me.

“No, it’s just that times change and so do we” she replied.

“I guess so” I said and sighed.

“Cheer up kill joy, you’ll be fine” She told me.

“I hope so” I replied.

“I’ll miss you very much, a month is way too long for me” she told me.

“Me too Rose, I’ll call everyday even on the plane” I reminded her.

“I’ll be waiting” She told me.

We looked out the window again lost in our own thoughts.  I was thinking back when it was summer when everything was easy until Michael kissed me and everything after that got more complicated and frustrating.  We were always happy and joyful and no matter what went wrong we were always there for each other.  What did happen to all of that?  It’s like we aren’t friends or happy anymore, sometimes at least. 

“Girls, that’s the bell” Ms. Kendal told us.

We grabbed our bags and Rose dropped me off to class because her class was two doors down from mine.

“See you later Rose” I told her.

“Count on it” She replied and she walked to her class. 

I walked up to my teacher and he looked up to me with sad eyes. 

“I have all your lessons for the month and I already sent it to your mom so you’ll have it when you get home today.  It’s due when you get back and if you don’t plan on coming back then just send it to the school and we’ll grade it and send your transcripts to the new school” He told me.

“Don’t worry Mr. Davidson; I don’t plan on living for good.  I plan to graduate from here like my father and mothers” I told him.

“That’s good to hear” He replied.

“Thanks, what are we doing today?” I asked him.

“Last week’s lesson because they weren’t finished, you can go to the library or read, or sleep because you already done all this.  I don’t think it’s fair to give you lessons ahead of time but you always finish your work before everyone else and I have no extra credit to give you” He told me.

“I don’t think it’s fair either but thank you” I replied then I left to go and take my seat.

I sat down next to Dane, it was the only class I had him and he was placed next to me. 

“Hey can you help me?” He asked me.

“Sure on what?” I asked him.

The class was AP History.  Right now we’re studying Christmas and religions.  It just fit the season. 

“What was the Dutch name for Santa Claus?” He asked me.

“Sinter Claus” I replied.

“I knew it, it’s so easy to remember but so hard to refresh” He told me and I smiled. 

He needed no more help so I excused myself and went to the library to see if Ms. Kendal needed any help.

“How are you always in here every day?” She asked me when I walked into the library.

“A lot of extra time, I finish first out of every body in every class.  Need any help?” I asked her.

“Actually you should have a lot of extra time because you’re in here half the time reading huge books on your lessons and the other half is crying.  How’s all that going?” she asked me.

“It’s not settled but I’ll live and hopefully stop crying” I replied and she smiled. 

I followed her into her office where she hands me a list of all the books she needs out from the storage.  I followed her to the back room which was bigger than the library itself, it was shelves and shelves of other books that had no place out in the Study.  I climbed up the ladder to get the first five books and I slid it down the book slide handing it over to Ms. Kendal. 

“I really love this place.  It’s like my second home in the library” I told Ms. Kendal.

“It’ll miss you when you leave” She told me.

“I’ll miss it too and I’ll miss you as well Ms. Kendal” I told her and she laughed.

“Dear, you shouldn’t miss a hold hag like me” She replied and I laughed.

“You’re fifty one, you don’t even look your age” I replied.

“Thanks for the compliment but I’ve been in this school long enough to know kiss ups” She told me and I laughed.

“I don’t kiss up, I work hard to get where I am today” I told her and she smiled at me and pushed me down towards the other shelves for the rest of the books. 

“I know, you are a very beautiful and smart girl.  Your parents must be proud” She told me.

“I hope they are” I said. 

I sent the rest of the books down the slide and I climbed down the ladder and helped Ms. Kendal carry the books back out.  When we got to the front desk Mrs. Godey walked into the library.

“I thought I’d fine you here dear” She told me and I smiled.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

“Mrs. Rodgers needs your help in her class” She told me.

“Ms. Kendal do you need any more help?” I asked the librarian.

“No dear go on, I need to speak with Mrs. Godey” She told me and I smiled and walked out the library doors and headed to Mrs. Rodgers class. 

“Here she is class, welcome Ariana” Mrs. Rodgers greeted me when I walked into the class. 

“Hi, Mrs. Godey sent me?” I asked her.

“Yes, the class has decided to make a concert for Friday and they want you to sing lead while Oliver Winslow duets with you.  Is that fine?” She asked me.

“Friday is tomorrow” I told her freaking out a little.

“You know the song already, you actually know it by heart” She hinted me on the song.

“The Prayer?” I asked her.

“Bingo! Will you do it? Besides we won’t see you for a while” She told me.

“Okay, I’ll do it” I told her. 

“We actually have the choir rehearsing the background, the orchestra has the tune and they’re rehearsing too in the band room and we have Rose coming in as your background singer” Mrs. Rodger told me.  If you haven’t already guessed she’s our choir/band teacher.

“I’m here lovelies” Rose said making a dramatic entrance into the class. 

“Her?” Michael’s voice startled me.  I forgot he was in this class for first period.

“Yes me now shut your trap and get to your place before you get REPLACED” Rose dissed him and I laughed.

“Play nice thorn” Mrs. Rodgers teased Rose.

“Every Rose has its thorns right?” I teased Rose too and she smiled at me. 

For the next two periods I stayed with Mrs. Rodgers and the choir and orchestra in the band room rehearsing and making outfit plans.  We got everything set in the auditorium and then we did one last stage rehearsal then we were released for lunch.  I made my way down to the pond and I found Rose and Michael arguing like always.

“I’m here” I announced my present and they both looked up at me.

“Hey” They greeted. 

“Why so quiet all of a sudden?” I asked them.

“How’s rehearsal going?” They asked me.

“We’re done and ready for tomorrow. You two?” I asked them.

“Excited for tomorrow, I can’t wait, the photography class will be videoing the performance and your newspaper pals are doing a whole school paper on the performance.  We have no classes tomorrow due to other performances, you’re our finale” Rose said all in one breath and I smiled.

“That does sound exciting, has Mrs. Godey been planning this?” I asked Rose.

“I think it was Ms. Kendal’s idea, I overheard Mrs. Godey talking to Ms. Kendal and Ms. Kendal overheard you singing the song and she ran the idea passed Mrs. Godey and they made it golden” Rose told me.

“Oh and I’ll be taking over Oliver’s position, if that’s okay with you? He asked me too because he couldn’t make it tomorrow” Mike told me.

“That’s fine with me” I replied and smiled. 

We finished our day with Mrs. Godey’s class then we went our separate ways to go home. 


Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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