Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Today was Friday and today was the big performance.  Ariana, Michael and Rose would be performing with the choir and band today.  Other performances would be going to.  They were the finale and everyone was excited to see what happens and how everything goes. 

“Dane!” Mrs. Godey called my name.

“Yes ma’am?” I asked her.

“I need you to run these to Ms. Kendal” She told me and I followed her orders. 

I took the documents and I sprinted down to the library, that’s where Ree would be hanging out until the shows were going to start and that was in another hour.  If Ree was there Rose would be too and I wanted to ask her something important but I wanted to wait for Christmas eve which was next week Thursday but I honestly couldn’t wait.  I was going to ask her out hoping she would say yes, I’m actually hoping she feels the same way but with all that’s going on in her life I better wait.  I entered the library doors and papers were scattered everywhere and my jaw dropped because I saw Ms. Kendal sprawled on the floor with Rose and they were sorting some things out and screaming that it wasn’t in order.  I found Ree in a little corner sorting a whole bunch of papers out too and Mike was on the other end of the library I’m guessing he’s sorting things out too.

“Hey Ree, I’m guessing these are really for you knowing Mrs. Godey and Ms. Kendal has been talking about you for this whole week” I said to Ree and slid across from her into the booth.

“These are for me, thanks.  Talking about me? Like what?” She asked me.

“You know, leaving and all that and you always coming in here because of Mike.  Things spread pretty fast in this school” I told her.

“It wasn’t a secret but it does spread pretty fast.  Are you performing today?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I’m actually the opening act to the whole thing, I’m kind of nervous” I told her.

“To get rid of those nerves think of flying and soaring upwards making you feel like no one is up there watching you, I’m telling you it works” She said and she gave me the slightest smile I’ve seen from her all this week.

“I hope all is well with you Ree, you’re a really good friend even if I don’t much about you” I told her and she smiled at me.

“You too” She replied. 

“I gotta head back to Mrs. Godey before she starts regretting my performance” I told her and she laughed at me then I left her and walked out of the library.

I was almost out the door until Rose stopped me.

“Hey there stranger, how have you been?” She asked me.

“Fine and you?” I asked her.

“I’ve been pretty good with all that’s been happening actually” She replied.

“Break time already?” I asked her.

“You know it, Ms. Kendal works your brains until it’s fried” She said and we laughed.

“I can’t wait until you guys perform” I told her.

“Me neither and I can’t wait to see what you’re performing too” She replied and I laughed.

“Me neither” I replied.

“Well you better be off, I have to talk to Mike about some things. I’ll be in the front row” She told me then walked away and I smiled and went back to Mrs. Godey. 

“I need everyone to report to the auditorium now the shows will start in thirty minutes” the intercom went off and I ran to Mrs. Godey’s class and got myself changed out of my uniform and into the suit I’d be wearing for my performance.  I was really nervous but I was going to take Ree’s advice and pretend I’m flying above everyone else. 

“Hurry up!” Mrs. Godey yelled at me and I ran back stage getting my things set and ready for the curtains to open. 

“You have five minutes for last check” She announced and I shook myself once more and prayed that everything would go well. 

The time was moving quickly just standing behind the curtains.  I had two more minutes until the show started and I was getting really nervous again. 

“IN three, two, and one” Mrs. Godey announced and the lights went out and the curtains opened with the spot light on me. 

I closed my eyes and when I opened them more than a thousand people were cheering me on and I smiled.

“Hello everyone welcome to Penelope Preparatory and today we have made this a special day of performances to ease off the wait a little for Christmas time.  Today we have a total of six performances, I know that doesn’t seem like much but they’re great performances and we all can’t wait to show you what they are.  My name is Dane Wilsburry and I would be performing acapella with a few of my friends and the song we’d be doing is “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars and I hope you enjoy it.  Here we go” I yelled filled with excitement and the boys started singing. 

My performance was a hit and the next performers got on stage after my group got off and cheers were so loud I couldn’t hear myself think when we finished the song and I smiled, Ree’s advice really did work. 

“Good job hot shot” Ree said and smiled when I met up with her in the front row with Rose and Mike.

“Thanks” I said and returned her smile. 

We were all screaming and cheering the group on, they were dancing and they were really good.  We would sway and throw our hands up in the air and call out their names.  A thousand people and that were the whole Penelope school community and our families.  Mrs. Godey thanked them as they ended their performance and called the next group to the stage and more cheers and applauses were made as one group left and the next came on.  There was a break after this group.  It was to use the restroom, buy foods and snacks from our clubs like the photography club who was filming this whole production and from the sports club who needed some money for the Nation Trip to compete against the Nation.  The group was performing song and dance to the song “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child I think.  It was an all-girl group that’s why.  They sounded like the Destiny’s Child.  They were great.  When they finished Mrs. Godey released us all to the court yard outside to mingle until the other groups got ready.  The next performance was a boy named Alexander Hales and he would be performing solo song and dance to the song “Jingle Bell Rock” the next performances are all Christmas themed.

“So how do you like it all so far?” Mrs. Godey asked us when we passed her.

“It’s all wonderful, they’re all so talented.  The time is flying by so fast though” Rose said all jumpy and giddy I guess from excitement. 

“I know, it’s a wonderful production Ms. Kendal had made right?” She asked us.

“It’s beautiful” Ree said and Mrs. Godey smiled at her.

“I’m glad you agreed to perform, you have a very beautiful talent and it’s time to let Penelope Prep see what they’re going to miss out in for a whole month” Mrs. Godey told her and Ree smiled.

“Well, a hidden talent is not the only thing Ree has” Rose said and Ree laughed.

“What is this other thing?” Ms. Xandra came up to us.  That was Ree’s mom.

“She has a thing for cheering people up even when she’s not happy, I guess you can call that talent too” Rose said and we all agreed for her.

“Hello Mrs. Godey, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How’s Ree been doing in class?” Ms. Xandra asked Mrs. Godey.

“To be honest Ree hasn’t been attending my class only because she’s ahead in work five chapters now.  She’s ahead in every class in this school so she wouldn’t have much work when she leaves, she’s a very intelligent student and her favorite place to be at is in the Library and that’s probably where her exceeding knowledge comes from as well besides the family am I right?” Mrs. Godey asked Ms. Xandra then that’s when we all started walking away from the conversation leaving the adults to talk.

“Two more then it’s our turn” Rose said excitedly.  She was back up singer for Ree because she can do all the high parts as well and they make a good sync the two of them, I overheard them rehearse one day in the library.  It was quite tear bringing. 

*Skipping Ahead to the last performance* *Ms. Kendal POV*

“Hello everyone, I would like to say that our last performance is the reason we brought this whole day together….it is a performance that’ll bring tears in your eyes and that would be remembered forever because it is put together by our lovely librarian Ms. Kendal and are main performers are the three best friends we all know and love because of all the love and care they showed for us. One of them would be leaving our school for a while and she would be missed during her absence.  I now announce the last group to perform and they would be performing a beautiful song “The Prayer” and I hope you all enjoy it.” Mrs. Godey announced and the lights went off again then the spot lights turned on and Ree and Mike were front stage already looking terrific.  Ree was dressed in a beautiful long pure white gown with gold glitter sprinkled everywhere on her.  Mike was dressed in an all-white suit even his shoes and they made the cutest pair ever.  The curtains opened and the orchestra and the choir started playing in and Ree with Rose harmonizing her sang and the crowd completely hushed and silence was all you hear, you couldn’t even hear the crickets.  That’s how beautiful it all sounded.  Mike joined in with his parts and they sang and moved together so gracefully it looked rehearsed but it came naturally to them because I was there by their sides every time they rehearsed and they never rehearsed their movements.  I looked around the crowd and some were tearing at the beautiful sounds and some were smiling and it just looked beautiful.  My heart was filled with joy and sorrow because the couple who was singing this beautiful song had lost love between each other and they are slowly losing hope that all won’t be right again but I pray every day that they’d find out that destiny has given them the gift of each other and they need to realize it all.  Tears trailed down my cheek as the song was coming to an end and Ariana faced Michael.  They were standing face to face, Michael dropped the microphone and Ree had tears trailing down her cheeks and the song finally came to an end Ree looked away turning her back on Michael then everything went sort of in slow motion making every movement take forever.  Michael grabbed Ree by her hand and made her face him then he took her into his arms and whispered something in her ear and she smiled then all you could hear were loud applauses and the crowd screaming their names cheering them on it was a standing ovation and it’s definitely something I would remember forever.  It’s the beginning of a love story that everyone feels and see.Mrs. Godey ended our day with tears trailing down her face and everyone who performed including the choir and orchestra all came together on stage and took one last bow.

“Today is over, Merry Christmas to all and have a splendid Christmas Break!” Mrs. Godey said into the microphone and everyone went wild and started cheering and singing the song they just heard.  

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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