Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It was Ten already and I was already at the Valley waiting for Michael to come and when I saw him my heart sank.  He glowed under the moon light and his eyes were wet from crying.  You could see his bright blue eyes from a mile away. 

“You don’t know how hard I took what you told me at your house and when you texted me to meet you hear my heart stopped for five seconds and I thought you were going to murder me until Rose came home with tears in her eyes but a smile on her face.  I am so sorry and I know you’re probably tired of hearing me say those words but it’s all true” He said and I smiled.

I stood up and grabbed him by the waist and kissed him deeply, so intense and fierce the kiss hurt. 

“That was a good way to shut you up” I said and he laughed.

“Aren’t we going to talk?” He asked me.

“Yes we are” I told him and I sat up but he pulled me back down and rolling over so he was on top of me.Our lips met and he held me so firmly there was no way I could get out of his hold.I bit his lip and he groaned wanting more.  We pulled away once to grasp for air but then we were back to making out the next second.  He kissed my cheeks then my jaw line, then my neck and then the top of my chest then he was slowly lifting my sweater up and taking it off and I paused not knowing if I was doing this because I wanted him so badly or because I was too hurt to care anymore but I went with it.  I slid his shirt off and he finally took that as a yes and he ripped my blouse underneath my sweater and started kissing my shoulder, my breast, down my stomach then he found his way back to my lips.  I wrapped my legs around his waist pulled him closer to me making his bare chest touch my body.  I can feel our sweat and all the emotions being thrown out into the air and making our moods that much intimate.  He started unbuckling his belt and pulling his jeans off so he was only in his underwear and I pulled him closer to me wanting him so much more.  I don’t know how much closer we could get but we would manage getting as close as possible.  Our bodies moved in sync together like we were meant to be and I knew in my heart we were. 

“Wait, I don’t think I can do this” I said when we parted lips to get air again. 

“What do mean?” He asked me.

“I don’t know if I’m ready” I told him. 

“Okay I’ll wait then” He told me and started climbing off of me but I grabbed him and rolled on top of him making him hard beneath me and I laughed.

“Slow down tiger” I bent down and whispered into his ear in a seductive voice and he gave up and lost control on me.

He undressed the rest of me and started caressing and kissing me everywhere making me moan and want some more.  He spread my legs opened with his knees and he finally entered me.  His thrust was slow moving and rhythmic and I grabbed his back and threw my head back every time he re-entered.  He moaned and my feelings got all crazy making him thrust faster and I moaned in pleasure. 

I thought oh my- gosh this is it.  I have totally lost my mind and did the stupidest thing ever in my life.  I lost my train of thought when Michael rolled onto his back and I was on top of him.I didn’t know what I was supposed to do but I caught enough guys watching these things and I did what came to my mind first.  He sat up with me still in his lap and he still inside me and he got deeper and deeper inside me and a moan escaped my lips and I kissed him licking him while he goes in and out and I smile feeling the pleasure and everything else just melt away.  He brought his lips down to my breast and started biting and sucking on it and I moaned again then he was coming to a slow and then we both collapsed onto our back feeling happy and wanting more.  I leaned on my elbow facing him and I traced his outlines and he tingled in pleasure.  I scooted closer to him and kiss him all the way down and he grabbed me but I stopped him.

“I’m still leaving and you know that” I told him and he complained.

“Then let’s do this again for the air this time” He said and I laughed. 

“But I’ll be tired tomorrow and I would miss my plane” I complained. 

He took his hand and he traced my face outline, then my body and I tingled with pleasure and I sat on top of him and I bent down and started teasing him until he held me still on top and started entering again.  I laughed with pleasure then lifted him up and made him enter me deeper and deeper.  He rolled on top of me and held me up with one hand then held himself up with the other and made it faster and harder and I clutched at him scratching him from pleasure and wanting more and he bit his lip hard making it bleed a little so I kissed him and sucked on his lip and he got faster and I was breathing hard and following every thrust making me feel more tingly.  I gripped at his hair and I followed in rhythm.We were finally coming to an end and he collapsed to the ground and I fell on top of him, our bodies touching every part and I smiled and kissed him again.  His tongue played around in my mouth and separated our faces but only to kiss his lip and then kiss him everywhere else.  He grabbed my butt and I laughed.  I looked at my cell phone that fell out of my shorts pocket and saw the time.  It was three in the morning already. 

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” I asked him and I hopped off of him and I put on all my clothes again. 

“What time is it?” He asked me doing the same thing.

“Three” I told him.

“The time flew by fast, I can’t believe we just did what we did” He spoke the words right out of my head.

“I know” I told him but I didn’t regret it. 

“I love you and you know I’m not lying when I say that right? I’m not saying it because we just did it I’m saying it because it’s been true even if I was scared to love you” He told me and I smiled. 

I slipped on my bra then my sweater because I had no shirt anymore because he had ripped it.  He slipped on his underwear and his whole body shined under the moonlight and I stopped him and pressed my body against him and I kissed him then pulled away.

“What was that for?” He asked me and smiled.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you looked?” I asked him.

“Have I ever told you how you beautiful you looked?” He asked me.

“You’re beautiful” We said at the same time and we laughed at the same time as well.  I slipped on my boots and grabbed my cell phone and shoved it in my back pocket of my shirts.  Michael slipped on his tank top but he put his black t-shirt over me and then bent down and kissed me.

“I wish you didn’t go but since you already made up your mind I want you to wear this shirt every night that you go to sleep okay?” He asked me.

“What am I going to give you to wear every night you sleep?” I asked him.

“You can give me your bra” He said and I laughed.

“You’d have to wear it though” I teased him.

“Deals off then, I’ll take the shirt I had torn off you’re sexy body” he said.

“Oh, how lovely, maybe we can do this again?” I asked him and he licked his lips then grabbed me and kissed me. 

“I have to get home” I told him.

“I’ll drop you, who dropped you here?” He asked me.

“My mom and I have a feeling she knew I’d take this long but let’s not give her any ideas even though I know she knows” I told him. 

“I got it” He said.

We made sure we had everything then we walked back up the hill hand in hand and he opened the passenger door for me and closed it when I got into the car.  He got in the driver’s side and started the car then we were on the road heading towards my house.He pulled into the drive way and he shut the car off.

“When exactly will I see you again?” He asked me with sadness in his voice.

“I don’t know yet but I’m pretty sure you will see me again, are you coming to the airport?” I asked him.

“What time?” He asked me.

“I’m going inside to wake my mom then we’re heading to the airport” I told him.

“I’ll meet you there, I’d have to drag Rose out of bed” He replied.

“Okay, it’s a date” I told him and gave him a kiss then I exited the car and he waited for me to enter the house before he pulled out of the driveway to go to his house. 

I ran up into my bedroom and made sure I had packed all my bags then I ran into the shower and took a nice cold shower and slipped into my summer dress and pulled on my sandals then I combed out my hair and then went outside and grabbed my purse and I dragged my two suitcases out of my room and out into the hallway.  I walked into my mom’s room and gently shook her to wake up.

“Momma it’s time to go” I told her.

“Oh sweetie, it’s so soon” She said but she got up.

“My flights in an hour” I told her.

“Okay, let’s go” She said and got up and grabbed her car keys.

“Let me drive and you can sleep until we get to the airport” I told her and she tossed me the keys. 

I went out of her room and I grabbed my suitcases and dragged it down the stairs then into the back of my mom’s SUV.  I closed the back and I hopped into the driver’s side waiting for my mom to lock the door and hop into the car. 

“Are you sure you got all your bags?” She asked me when she seat belted herself in.

“I got everything mom, I just need to get on my plane and leave now” I told her and she sighed.

“A whole month without you and you aren’t even sure you’re coming back” She told me and I smiled.

“Mom I’ll come back relax” I told her and started the car and pulled out of the drive way and headed to the airport.

“So how did it go with Rose and Michael?” she asked me.

“It went fine, we all settled things down and we started over again.  A fresh new start” I told her.

“That’s good, see I told you, you could make things better” She told me.

“Thank you mom” I told her.

“For what my dear?” she asked me.

“For everything” I replied and my mom laughed and I glanced towards her and I saw a tear roll down her cheek.

“No tears, I’m in a good mood because it’s finally time to go and I am sad that I’m leaving but I need new air mom, I’m coming back.” I told my mom and I reached out and took one of her hands into my mind.

“Your hands are so cold, you should have brought gloves” My mom told me and I laughed.

“It’s in my purse mom” I told her and she smiled at me.

I pulled into a parking slot at the airport and I got down and grabbed my bags out from the back and I followed my mom into the airport. 

“HI, when is the California flight leave?” She asked the bag check man.

“It leaves around 4:25” He replies. 

I nodded my head then we walked away finished with the bag check then I gave it to a lady who puts it on this machine and I guess it goes to the plane’s cargo or whatever, I’m not familiar with the airport because I left Haven once and that was years ago.  I slipped on my sweater over my sundress then I slipped on a trench coat over my sweater and dress because it was really cold.  I took my gloves out of my purse and I slipped it on too.  I was wearing closed toe sandals and I had on boot leggings to keep my legs and feet warm.I was ready for the coldness and the rain in California.  I checked my time and it was already three forty five.  When I looked up Rose came running towards me with a big smile on her face and tears trailing down her cheek.

“First of all why are you smiling so hugely and second of all why are you crying?” I asked her when she made impacted in a hug.

“I’m smiling because Mike told me things went well without fighting and I’m crying because you’re leaving me alone with him by myself” she said.

“I’ll be back, don’t worry” I reassured her and she smiled. 

We waited for the time to go by and during the wait I went to the restroom and told Rose all about my time with Mike.  I had to I wasn’t keeping it a secret from her and she smiled and laughed and said gross all together when I told her.  She washed her face and tried her best not to cry then we walked out of the bathroom holding hands and swinging our arms like we used to do when we were five. 

“I’m going to miss you so much” I told Rose. 

“I’ll miss you more” She replied. 

The time was near and the security guy called out that California’s boarding plane now and I got up and hugged everyone good bye and I grabbed my bags and waited in the departure line to California.

“Ree wait” Mike said and ran up to me.He took me into his arms and kissed me and told me he loves me and he’ll miss me. 

“Remember sleep with it all the time” I told him.

“You do the same” He replied then he went back to stand with his sister and my mom. 

I waved goodbye and tears were filling my eyes and Rose and my mom was crying and waving good bye and so was Mike but we were all smiling because I left them with peace and comfort and not in hurt like I would have before making things right.  

Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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