Chapter 8:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I was on the plane already and we were in the sky.  I looked down on Haven and a tear escaped my eye again.  This is what I wanted; I needed to leave Haven for a while because when you stay in a place like that you end up losing your mind in all the right places but you get hurt more then in all the wrong places.  I wanted this……

“Um excuse me, when do we land in California?” I asked one of the flight attendants.

“We land tomorrow night” She replied.

“Thanks” I replied.

It took a day to get from Haven to California.  It was pretty long and it seemed like the day was starting slow.  I took out my iPod and I listened to music until I fell asleep.



*Michael’s POV*

“Mike are you okay?” Rose asked me when she got into the car.

“I’m fine, why?” I asked her.

“You look kind of lost, is it because she left?” She asked me.

“Rose, you know I truly do love her right? And the only reason I hurt her was because I felt I didn’t deserve her and that I was scared to fall completely in love with her right?” I asked her.

“Yes I know all that, come on dude I read your journal like every night” She told me and I looked at her and shot her a glare.

“You do what?” I asked feeling angry a little but it’s not like I never read her diary, that’s how I found out about the brother and transcripts things.

“I caught you reading my diary so don’t even start this episode” she told me and I laughed.

“Episode?” I asked her.

“Yeah, you have these episodes and it’s not fair to watch them when I don’t make episodes of my own” She said and I cracked up with laughter.

“You’re the weirdest person in the world” I replied and she made a bowing motion.

“Yes I know you love her more then you can handle but when you hurt her Mike, it breaks her heart and you don’t know how hard it is for her.  Have you ever tried talking to her about you? It makes you cry, all the pain that she felt…I swear it was the saddest thing ever.  I’m glad you two are a thing now, I was getting tired of watching the two of you tango.  It was getting ridiculous” She told me and I smiled.

“Is she ever coming back?” I asked Rose serious this time.

“She wouldn’t leave us forever Michael, I mean did you hear what she told us when we weren’t friends, I mean that girl was hurt like hell and then here we are the closes best friends ever again” Rose told me. 

I finally started my car and drove out of the airport parking lot and headed towards my house. 

“That hoe didn’t give me my present” Rose complained in the passenger’s seat.

“She had better things to worry about” I told her and she me a sarcastic laugh.

“She said she’ll give it to me before she left” she complained again. 

I looked into the mirror and to my surprise I saw gifts on my back seat.

“Look, Santa came through after all” I told Rose and she looked into the back seat and screamed loudly in happiness. 

“I knew that girl had tricks up her sleeves” Rose said to herself and she smiled.

We went home and opened our gifts from Ariana.

“What’d she get you?” I asked Rose.

“The most beautiful gift ever, she gave me Heart locket with all three of us inside, it’s so beautiful” Rose said and tears started filling her eyes. 

I ran to her side and hugged my sister, Ariana was her best friend and they were so close they knew every single detail about each other and the fact that Rose had hurt her so badly just broke both their hearts and it’s going to be long until the pieces come together perfectly again.  Ariana was making forgiving us so easily but I bet in her heart it’s the hardest things she has ever done. 

“She gave me her journal and a letter that goes with it, telling me to read every detail in it.  She also gave me a necklace of three people in it and the words engraved in it are ‘You were there for me’” I told Rose and she smiled. 

“This girl never lets anyone touch her journal; I didn’t have to because everything she told me came out of that, I’m sure.  You better take care of that journal Mike, it was her life line” Rose told me and I promised her that I would. 

I placed the necklace around my neck then I went to my room to go to sleep.  I was exhausted with the night I had. 

“I love you” I thought about Ree and I smiled and closed my eyes and went to bed. 


Submitted: January 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Lovely Ree. All rights reserved.


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