Runaway (A novel)

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When you think of a runaway woman in a dress you think of a bride, right? This is not the case.

When Lacey's best friend gets engaged, she immediately asks for Lacey to be her maid of honor. All the planning and love gets Lacey thinking about how much she wants to find love and how much she doesn't want to watch her best friend marry such a jerk. Joshua, the best man finds himself in the middle of all this love, love a thing he really doesn't believe in after watching his parents and brother go through very nasty divorces. Joshua and Lacey find themselves hungover and in bed together without a memory of the night before, things couldn't get worse for the pair, or could they?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Runaway (A novel)

Submitted: January 12, 2014

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Submitted: January 12, 2014



The bartender placed two cocktails in front of two girls. The girl on the left was short, had blonde hair that was just past her shoulders, her name was Jamie London. The girl on the right was a bit taller and had long brown hair, she was Lacey James. Lacey and Jamie were both twenty-six years old, they were also best friends and have been since elementary school. 

"Lacey," Jamie placed her hand out in front of her in an elegant way, she had the biggest smirk on her face. On her ring finger was a diamond ring, nothing spectacular but Jamie appeared to love it, "I'm getting married!"

Lacey's jaw fell open, she couldn't believe what her friend was telling her. Jamie once was the type of girl who swore she'd never settle, she was wild and only wanted to break hearts, rather than get her heart broken. Lacey tried to be like Jamie, unfortunately she was better at being single than Jamie was, "Oh my god," Lacey stared at the ring then up at her best friend, jealousy rose inside her heart. She saved herself quickly, "Congratulations," She hugged her friend, rolling her eyes once Jamie could no longer see her face.

"You'll be my maid of honor, won't you?"

"Of course," Lacey smiled and raised her glass while Jamie did the same. Their glasses rang together and echoed through the local bar they had shared a lot of memories in.

As the sun begin to set, Joshua and his best friend Alex were walking towards Alex's apartment which he shared with his newly made fiance, Jamie. Just moments before they had been laughing and joking around about drugs, drinking and women when Alex blurted out he was getting married, pretending it was no big deal.

"What? What did you just say to me," Joshua stopped in his tracks, scowling at his friend with a confusion in his head. Alex and Jamie had only known each other for a couple of months and now they were engaged. Not to mention Joshua knew Alex wasn't one to stay faithful.

"I know it's a bit of a shock, man. But I love this girl, I've never felt like this before. She's an amazing girl," Joshua looked at Alex stupidly as he rambled on about love and feelings until he finally asked his best friend the question, "You'll be my best man, right? Throw me a bitchin' bachelor party?" 

Joshua slapped his hand on his forehead and shook it, "My god, you are stupid. But yeah, I'll be your best man."

They walked up to Alex and Jamie's apartment, she and Lacey were already there in the kitchen making drinks and little appetizers when the boys walked in. Alex walked right over to Jamie and kissed her lips tenderly. Lacey looked at them uncomfortably for a second before walking around and sitting on a bar stool on the island in the kitchen. Soon she was accompanied by Joshua, someone Lacey wasn't all that fond of.

"You remember Joshua," Jamie looked at Lacey, holding onto Alex like her life depended on it. Lacey nodded, not even giving Joshua a glance. Although she wished she wouldn't have remembered meeting him, he was rude and annoying, just like Alex in Lacey's opinion but she wasn't about to blurt that out.

"Nice to see you again, sugar," Joshua grinned at Lacey, biting his tongue between his front teeth. Lacey wasn't going to lie, he was pretty cute but his attitude ruined that quite quickly for Lacey, "Why the long face? Our friends are getting married," He placed his arm around Lacey's shoulder, she cringed at his touch but forced a smile.

It didn't take long for Jamie and Alex to disappear, leaving Lacey alone with Joshua who was already getting tipsy, "So, what'da think of this, this here marriage thing. Personally I think it's stupid and ridiculous," Joshua's eye white's weren't all that white anymore, but actually a faint pink color, "Would you ever do something like this, get married without even knowing the person?"

"Well, Josh, I think we're actually agreeing on something. I think it's crazy for one and no, I wouldn't do something like this. Ever," She felt Joshua's index finger trace the outline of her neck and shoulder, she shivered at his touch then pushed away and sat down on the chair opposite the couch.

"What," Joshua smirked, holding a beer in his hand while his arms stretched out on the back of the sofa, he was watching Lacey's movements in a way she wasn't comfortable with. 

Lacey stood from the chair, "I think I better go," She picked up her purse and pulled the strap around her shoulder, "Tell Jamie I said goodnight and congrats."

"Wait," Lacey turned and looked at Joshua who was now also standing, wobbling in a drunken motion, "Could you drive me home? I obviously can't myself." 

With the roll of her eyes, she agreed and they walked towards Lacey's vintage Volkswagen beetle which was painted baby blue. Joshua let out a chuckle as they approached the car, "Nice car," He mocked.

"Just shut up and get in," She got in and rolled down her window quickly, the smell of beer coming off of Joshua gave her a headache in such a small area.

The ride from one apartment to Joshua's seemed to take longer than it should have. With the drunken flirting from Joshua, the alcohol smell and of course her own sad thoughts of never finding love, it was a miracle she didn't crash the car. She smiled at the thought of driving it off a bridge, that thought being interrupted by Joshua yelping it was his stop.

"See ya around, miss honor," Joshua tapped the top of her hood, grinned and shut the door. Lacey watched him stumble towards the door and surprisingly make his way inside without dropping his keys.


Jamie nodded in excitement, "Yep! We decided that we wanted to get married in the city of love," It took all of Lacey not to roll her eyes at her friend. She couldn't believe she'd have to pack up and leave for Paris in just a week, this engagement had flown by and in just one month she'd watch her friend walk down the aisle. Lacey was getting cold feet for Jamie at that moment.

The windows of Lacey's apartment were pulled open, she had a very simple studio apartment, nothing to brag about. Lacey was sitting up on the window sill, holding a light pink throw pillow closely to her body, her knees up and against the backside of the pillow. The sun was just coming up, Lacey hadn't been able to sleep. Three suitcases, half filled lay out on the floor around her, most of what should be in the suitcases lay on the floor and furniture. Lacey wasn't excited for this three week vacation in Paris.

Three loud knocks came at her door, the thuds making Lacey jump out of her skin and before she even knew it she was on the floor. She groaned and made her way towards the door, trying to fix her mangled hair and straighten out her nightgown. Lacey flung open the door.

Joshua stood in the doorway, his fist up as if he was about to knock once more, "Oh, hey," He rose his eyebrow at Lacey, glancing behind her and seeing the mess, "We have to leave for the airport, girl."

With a groan she left the door open and walked away from Joshua, picking up a pair of washed out jeans and a black tank top. She quickly pulled the jeans up her legs, pulling the nightgown over her head, not caring Joshua was now seeing her in a bra. Lacey could feel his wild eyes on her just before she pulled the tank top over her head. 

"Just help me and then we can go," She started to throw the stuff on the ground into the suitcases, the night before she was all neatly packed, but in a sudden rage she had thrown everything out. Joshua bent down near her and picked everything up and placed it in the suitcases.

"Not even going to hold," He chuckled as he zipped the last suitcase closed, "And I thought I was bad at packing."

"Why are you even here?"

"Miss Jamie couldn't get her car to start so she asked me to pick you up, she's taking a cab to the airport. And with how slow you are, she's probably already there," He bit his bottom lip and grabbed the handle of two suitcases, "Let's go," Lacey stuck her tongue out at him as he turned his back, she grabbed the last suitcase and followed Joshua out to his car. 

The ride to the airport was quiet, except for a few little snide remarks from Joshua about Lacey's packing skills, he appeared he wasn't going to let it ever go. A sigh of relief escaped from Lacey's lips as she saw Jamie standing there waving at her from in front of the airport, Lacey waved back. Alex was standing beside her, his arm around Jamie's waist, his dark sunglasses made him look like he was her bodyguard. 

Lacey exited the vehicle and hugged her friend tightly, if her friend wasn't so high on cloud nine, she could have felt that Lacey was very nervous, "Oh god, Lacey! I was worried you were going to miss your flight! Did you oversleep?"

Lacey glanced to her side and saw Joshua make a face, she scowled at him before letting go of Jamie, "Yeah, sorry about that! I was up all night packing," Lacey smiled weakly and shrugged her shoulders, "I knew I should have packed earlier."

"Oh that doesn't matter now, all that matters is that you are here and now we need to," Jamie pulled at Alex's arm and looked at his watch, "Run! So we don't miss our flight!" Jamie giggled and all four of them took off through the airport.

"Jamie," Lacey pulled at her friend's shirt, "I'm sitting next to him, are you kidding?"

Lacey wasn't all to happy about having to sit next to Joshua for the next seven hours. Jamie raised her eyebrows and pierced her lips together, "Sorry, Lace. Don't worry, he'll probably sleep the entire time," She smiled.

"Or drink the entire time," Lacey whispered under her breath as Jamie sat next to Alex and she made her way to the seat next to Joshua, she of course was to be on the inside so she'd have no easy escape if he got too annoying.

"Hey miss Lacey Lace," Joshua stood so Lacey could slid over to her seat.

Lacey wrinkled her face and sat down, Joshua actually smelled good, some kind of expensive cologne that was only faint in the air, nothing to extreme. It was nice to smell something other than beer coming off of him, all hope was lost though when she watched him order something with alcohol in it.

Leaning over, Lacey rested her chin on Joshua's shoulder. Joshua glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes and raised his eyebrow, "See something you like?" He teased.

Lacey smirked and began to whisper in his ear, "Do everyone a favor and watch how much alcohol you devour this flight," She pulled back and relaxed in her seat, smiling, knowing Joshua had a stupid look on his face right at that moment.

Night had fallen, most everyone was asleep except for Lacey who despite not sleeping in over twenty-four hours, was wide awake looking out at the dark sky and the side of the airplane. It startled her when she heard a male's voice whisper in her ear, "You awake?"

"Obviously," She replied in a unamused tone when she realized it was Joshua talking in her ear.

"Damn girl, why you always giving me such a cold shoulder? What have I ever done to you," He continued whispering, leaning his chin on her shoulder just like she had done earlier. Lacey glanced over, meeting his brown eyes that looked black in the dark.

"I don't like you," She bluntly said, moving her shoulder away from him. It was true, she didn't like him at all, but she could sense she had hurt him with her words which made her feel awful, "Look, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to sugarcoat it. You just are rude, loud and seem to make it your mission in life to annoy me this entire wedding."

Joshua chuckled softly and leaned his chin on her shoulder once again, "Maybe it is my mission," He licked his lips in a taunting matter, "And maybe you should just learn to enjoy it. Cause, baby, I got nothing better to do."

Joshua's breath tickled at Lacey's neck, she didn't say anything else to him and ignored his eyes scanning her. Lacey moved as far away from Joshua as she could in the small corner, it wasn't all that much but she dealt with it and soon, finally fell asleep.

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