Chapter 1: were born with it

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"dude im bored, what are we going to do today." Josh said jumping on the couch next to dylan and Rosalie.It was friday afternoon and we were all in the house doing nothing interesting at all.

"uuum I dont know.I heard Nate is throwing a party at his parents beach house" Dylan replied looking away from the magazine he was looking at.

"then lets go, what time does it start" Alyson asked from the table in the corner that she was sitting at.

Dylan thought about this for a while. "uuum i think he said it started at 9:30"

"ok so then were going, since theres nothing better to do in this house. Natalie,Chase,Kile,Jennifer and andrew were going to a party tonight so get ready, it starts at 9:30!" i yelled out to them who were mopping around there rooms doing nothing.


"no way am i letting her drive with me unless she admitts that im smarter then her"chase said while smirking at Jennifer.

Jennifer and chase were the smartest people in the house and they were always fighting about which of them two were the smartest

"no way. Just because you can speak any language and can controle electricity and electronics does not make you smarter.Im smarter because ive learned stuff from the greeks, egyptians, aztecs, you name them and i also know everything thats gonna happen in the futur. i even know what your gonna were to school on monday, which clearly makes me smarter!"Jennifer yelled back in his face. UGH this fight would last a while if i didnt finish it now

"shut up both of you. Chase your gonna drive Jennifer to the party with you. You are both some of the smartest people in the world ok."

Chase got up off the couch. "Fine. Lets go Jennifer" he mumbled walking out of the house and to his car"

"finaly their gone" Dylan said walking back into the room and sitting next to me at the table. We both laughed. when Jennifer and Chase fighted they were the biggest pain in the ass' ever.

"so how of the rest of us gonna get to the party" He asked once we both stopped laughing

" well im gonna teleport there with Alyson and Rosalie. Natalie is gonna fly there with andrew. Kile is gonna run there and your sapposed to make a portal for you and josh." I explained to him

"oooh ok. so should we go now or what" He asked me curiously

I thought about this for a minute

"um i guess so. Rosalie, Kile, Alyson,josh,natalie,andrew come down here" i yelled

they were all downstaires quickly.

"ok so kile you can start speed running and natalie and andrew you guys can go now to" I told them and then they all walked out the door and were gone.

Rosalie and Alyson took my hands as i closed my eyes and thought of the beach house that the party was at.

When i opened my eyes we were at the beach house.

I love my power

Submitted: January 20, 2011

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by the way, i love the name rosalie :)

Mon, May 2nd, 2011 10:14am


thanks...i sorta gave up though on the story

Fri, May 6th, 2011 2:47pm

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