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This is a preview chapter. It just basically explains a little about the 9 girls who's POVs the books are about. These girls are special. They have one of a kind abilities that no one else in the world has... or at least they thought. They have to go through a bunch of things that regular teens go through except they have to add the fact that they have a huge secret that they need to keep from everyone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Why Us...

Submitted: April 19, 2011

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Submitted: April 19, 2011



Normal? Thats deffinetly one word to describe how the Torres girls look. But they are really anything but normal. There are nine of them and they all live in the same house. There all juniors in high school and are all somewere inbetween the middle and the top of the social ladder. They can get any guy that they want but they decide not to hang out with the slutty cheerleaders and the school whores. Thats deffinetly not what makes them unnormal though. It could be the fact that they arnt really blood related but they still live togother. Or it could be that they all have powers. Yeah I think its mostly the fact that they have powers. Alison, Bella, Carla, Emily, Fernanda, Jade, Lindsey, Raina and Selina all have very diferent powers and also very different personalities. Theve lived togother since they were ten but they had four nannies that there parents left to take care of them. They never knew why there parents were almost never hom and why they had to live with each other, especially since they had never met before.That changed though when they one by one turned fourteen and one by one started having starnge things happen. It started with SELINA who is the oldest in the house. A couple days after her birthday she dicovered that by staring into the nannies eyes that she could read there minds. Then she accidently started to drift through walls and other solid objects. EMILY came next two months later. The girls were playing out side and she started to get mad and the wind outside started to blow five times harder. When she finaly calmed down the wind did the same. Then she found out that she could also travel through time when she was reading a history book and was thinking about the ancient city of Rome. RAINA and Carla both started having there powers on the same day. Carla started feeling wicked cold and when she started to breath on her hands ice appeared on them. She found out later that she had the power to contole ice and later found out that she had the power of electrokinesis when she got over frustrated that she couldnt find her phone charger and her phone was out of battery. CARLA found out that she could contole water when she was in the shower and thought that the water pressure was to low and suddenly the water was coming out of the nossle much faster and harder. She also found out that she could duplicate herself when she was wondering were her ipod was and needed to get to school because she was almost late. So she duplicated herself by mistake and each of her clones looked in a different place until she found her Ipod. BELLA came next three weeks later when she found out that she had super speed while running away from Fernanda who was chasing her because she spilled grape juice on her favorite white skinny jeans. She also found out when she was trying to pick up the desk in her room, that she could lift things with her mind. JADE found out next but it took her a week that she was controling the weather with her emotions. She also later found out while playing baseball and trying to jump up in the air to get the ball that was several feet above her head, that she could fly. ALISON found out that she could tell the future of other people just by holding there hand. THen two days later she found out that by staring at a plant and touching it that she can make it grow... and in any way, shape or form that she wanted it to. LINDSEY was suprised when she found oout that she could enter into others dreams and see exactly what they are dreaming of. She can also interact in there dreams. She also later found out that she never forgets a dream...Ever. She also found out when she was playing manhunt in the woods behind her house that she can teleport to any place that she wants, as long as shes been to that place before or knows someone that lives in the area. FERNANDA was the last to find out about her powers. She also has the most dificulty to contole her poewers. She started with a high fever and when she was trying to make tea for herself but couldnt starte the stove for some reason she sorta just blew. She later dicovered that she can contole fire and that when she gets mad she has a little problem with controling it. She also while someone in the house was making fun of her instead of blushing she just dissapeared. It was because she also had the power to turn invisible when ever she pleased. When the girls parents dicovered that they had powers because of a phone call that they recieved from a very confused Lindsey they fired one of the nannies for no real reason that the girls knew of. Then on Fernandas fifteenth birthday they fired another. Then on Jades sixteenth birthday they fired another. Then on Lindseys sixteenth birthday they fired the last nanny. The girls have been living alone for a little over a year now. They go through the regular drama teenage girls usualy have to go through but its twice as much drama since they have to keep the biggest secret that someone can have well secret. So these girls will have to learn who they can and cant trust with there secrets. Who they should and shouldnt love and especially who they should and shouldnt let into there lives. They girls will have to deal with the bitchy girls in there high school, the sneaky boy, OH yeah, and the each others constant bickering. Lets see if these nine girls will be able to keep there mouths shut or will they just blow under presure.

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