Chapter 1: My life story, Rocqel Rame part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It all started...

Omg sorry I haven't introduced myself.

My name is Rocqel Rame.

Don't laugh please i've been through a lot of people laugh at me because of my name, it doesn't make you feel good about yourself trust me i should know. If your laughing you betta watch out cause im not afraid to beat you up. Yes I'm talking to you, the person who is reading MY story.

That's all im telling you about myself. You will figure out the rest later in this story. Maybe.

Anyway back to the story, so it all started when my parents wanted to move house.

Just saying i hate it when you have just settled somewhere and people want you to move, for example somethimes when im in class  im can't be bothered to remember where im sitting so i just sit where there is a free space...

Oh my gosh this reminds me of yesterday.

Ok so what happened was yesterday i was in a good mood ( i rarely get these ) so i thought why don't i sit in the front today so that's what i did, but a girl from my class, ugh i hate her so much and she hates me so i don't mind. Her name is Misty, so when i was happily sitting down talking to some people she came in acting as if she was a model trying to strut across the room. She failed trribly it was so funny. To be honest i was the one who tripped her up but she didn't know that, she still doesn't know!

Trust me i know when a strut is perfect or when it's a BIG fail, well i have to cause my mum is a model which is so annoying, u would think it's amazing but it NOT. It doesn't really suit my sort of person but it might for you.

Then i started laughing at Misty, and you will not  believe what she did to me. i almost hit her but i didn't cause im a descent person not like her who wants to have plastic surgery when she is older and she only likes fluffy stuff, make-up and pink stuff she LOVES and ADORES pink stuff i mean it she was wearing.




Ok today wasn't bad but the other outfits she wore made me wanna scream.

Anyway so she came to my group of people who i was hanging out with then stood in front of me and pulled my nose.

By the way just letting you  know it was in the morning when we were in our classes form we had 30 minutes until our form tutor came in and did registration.

I was so angry at Misty i got up and pulld her hair until she cried.

Here is a tip if you ever meet me NEVER ruin my happiness or there will be MAJOR consequences for you!!!

Back to my story after i pulled her hair i srcibled all over her coat with black pen and her bag.

However she couldn't stick up for herself instead she got to of her friends (her only friends)  to do her dirty work for her but they are  scared of me so they couldn't do it.

'Ugh you guys. Oh my gosh look at my outfit' screamed Misty. 'You shouldn't be smiling Rocqel at least i look better than you even if i have scribles all over my coat and bag'.

'Who do you think you are talking to? Iook way better than you' .




This is what i was wearing that day.

Who do you think looks better?



Submitted: April 20, 2012

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hey guys
please remeberr to add a comment you can even give me a few thing you want to edit or add to the story and i will see what i can do

Sat, April 21st, 2012 9:45am

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