Death After Dawn

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A graveyard not far from the city: I run. I run fast. I run under. I run over. I run. And run. And run. I run until my chest burns. But it's not enough. He's to fast. He catches me. Because I fall. He catches me. He catches me. He catches me. And slowly I realize that he won't hurt me. He's one of them. One of them. Do you know who one of them is? Yea. Me neither...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Death After Dawn

Submitted: June 17, 2011

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Submitted: June 17, 2011



Chapter 1

I greet people as they walk in. I wonder why I ever agreed to this. Why did I let her pull me down to this?! If your wondering what Im talking about it's Monica. Monica Parsons. AKA my total and complete enemy. Hey don't think I started anything! She did. She uses people. Monica is one of those girls you love to hate. You can't stand her but your life would change alot with out her. No I don't love her. No I don't fully hate her. Our relationship is difficult. Not good but not bad. I may not be making any since right now but I can explain. I was Monica's friend. Believe it or not.

She used me. When she got mad at my friend that just happened to be her friend too she went to me. I was in the middle. Now Taylor's in the middle. Trying to make peace. But I know it will never happen. I know if we both tried sure it could but, she doesn't try hard enough. And I'll admit I dont either. Because I don't want to get used again. Now I don't want Taylor to be in the middle but thats her choice. She could be like me. Ignore her. Don't talk to her. Now don't be mean but don't be slurpy sweet.

Oh and about what she got me into. Let's just say I have a job at the diner now. Well the diner is pretty cool I mean it has the whole 50's thing going on but lets just say they could change a few things! The cracked floor tiles, the chipped paint, and the squeaky door. Other than that I'm pretty proud for getting this job!

As the cheerleading squad walks in Monica pushes anyone that gets in her way. When she gets to the counter she pastes on a disgusted look and asks for a glass of water. After a few minutes of preparing the glass of water I set out to Monica and her clones table.

"Heres your glass of water." I say almost shaking enough to spill water.

"UHH! I asked for WATER WITH LEMON!" Monica screams in my face.

"Im sorry but you didn't you said water so thats what I made" I say to her face in a nice tone.

"Well other NICER places I go to they already have the lemon on there even if you don't ask! Oh opps this isn't a nice place! Since you started working here it just just nerdery and nerdery a second!" Monica says centemeters away from my face.

"Ok well do you want me to go and get you a lemon?" I ask playing dumb.

"NOT NOW! You already wasted my time. Shoo shoo!" Monica says waving me away with her hands.

"IM NOT A DOG!" I scream at her as a bring up my fist to punch her. But as I bring my fist inches away from her face someone has a REALLY firm grip on my hand thats still curled into punching stance.

"That wouldn't be a very good idea now would it?" Says a voice I havn't heard yet.

"Uhh I was just uhh umm err getting her a lemon?" I question myself.

"Yea I would do that now instead of trying to punch my Girlfriend." The firm voice says.

"Yea but do I know you?" I ask dumbly.

"Everyone wishes they did!" Says Monica putting her hand on the dudes back.

"Yea sure but you just look familiar." I say sqinting at him.

"Uhh I don't think my BOYFRIEND hung out with losers like you." Monica says eyeing me up and down.

"Hey no need to swoop down to her level sweety." The guy says staring into Monica's eyes.

HER LEVEL?! HER LEVEL?! OH MY GOD! DOES HE NOT HAVE EYES?! But still he looks so real and not like a stranger.

"Anyway what's your name?" I ask eyeing the floor.

"Seth Mulo" The guy says still staring into Monica's eyes and pretending like I wasn't there. Or did he even have to pretend?

"Oh thats cool." I say feeling strangley like a third wheel.

"Well go get my lemon so I can leave!" Monica says to me like the diner was a prison.

"Monica another reason I didn't put a lemon in your water is because we're all out!" I say smiling.

"UHH! Why do I waste my time on you?!" Monica says before stomping out of the diner.

"Hey don't worry about her ok? It takes awhile for her to get use to you so don't feel sad or anything." Seth says playing with his hands.

"Uhh. Well I was her friend really but some BIG things happened so she doesn't remember anything about me." I say surprised that he didn't run off after Monica or call me a loser and then go find Monica.

"Oh that must suck you best friend not remembering you at all." Seth says looking at the floor.

"Well we weren't even BEST friends just you know friends." I say staring back at the floor.

"Oh who was your BEST friend then?" He says looking into my eyes for the first time.

"Taylor. You should know her as the pretty girl in the middle."

"Hmm I can already tell what that means."


"Yea so whats your name?"


"Thats cool."


"So uhh do you do anything out of school?"

"No not really. I heard your really hitting it off with Monica."

"Yea I guess we are just old friends that made that next little step."

"Really? Thats cool I don't have the guts to after the people I like." I say staring back into his eyes.

Those deep deep blue eyes that go great with his blonde hair and straight broad sholders. With his soft words that touch the air like little bubbles. And his lips. Those warm inviting lips that look so so soft. WAIT?! WHAT THE HECK?!

"Uhh are you ok Marrisa?!" Seth asks scared.

HE KNOWS MY NAME! OH MY GOD! Ok Marissa don't freak out now! Maybe he's going to ask you out! Oh wait. DARN! MONICA! WHY?!

"Marrisa?! Are you ok?!" Seth says shaking me a little looking into my eyes.

Shaking me with his beautiful hands and looking into my eyes like I was the only thing he can see sounds WAY better!

"ARE YOU OK?" Seth says a LOT louder.

"What? Oh sorry I kind of zone out sometimes."

"Yea because she's a freak like that!" Monica says arms across her chest and staring at Seth still holding me in shaking stance.

"OH! Honey hey!" Seth says jumping one foot away.

WAIT! Im not a freak! DUMP HER AND COME TO ME! OH STOP IT MARRISA! HE HATES YOU! So just shut up and go back to work!

"Okay well Im gonna get back to work uhh bye Seth, bye Monica." I say going back behind the counter.

"WAIT! WHY WAS MY BOYFRIEND HOLDING YOU?!" Monica screams walking toward me.

"Uhh well I-I don't know!" I say backing away.

"I WOULD RUN IF I WERE YOU!" Monica screams before running after me.

"MONICA!" I scream.

"KEEP RUNNING!" Monica screams back.

"STOP!" I scream going the other way.

"WHY SHOULD I YOU BOYFRIEND STEALER?!" Monica screams louder this time.

"I'M NOT A BOYFRIEND STEALER!" I scream before jumping over the counter past Seth around her table.


"What?" I say before bumping into someone REALLY tall and strong.

"Oh sorry are you ok?" Says the guy I bump into.

"Oh uhh yea hold on one second please." I say not out of breath yet.

"Sure." He says

I turn around jump over the clones table ignoring the snickering. I run Monica's way and skid to a stop.

"Monica can we just stop this child stuff?" I say out of breath.

"YOU TOUCHED MY BOYFRIEND!!!" Monica screams in my face.

"Ok no I didn't ok I zoned out and your 'boyfriend' was nice enough to check and see if I was ok!" I say making the little finger movement around the word boyfriend.

"Seth is that true?!" Monica asks Seth.

"Uhh well yes she wasn't breathing! She scared me to death!" Seth says pointing to me.

"THEN WHY AREN'T YOU DEAD!" Monica screams in Seth's face.

"Uhh I-I but baby." Seth stuters out a reply.

"Don't you 'baby' me Seth Mulo! WE ARE DONE!" Monica says before turning around and leaving.

Seth turns to me and just stares. Then before I knew what was happening he picked me up hugged me and spun me around!

"What?!" I say as he lets me down.

"THANK YOU! Im finally free!" Seth says hugging me again.


"I WANTED TO DUMP HER SO BADLY! But I knew all she would do was lie and say she broke up with me so I just went with the flow and you saved me!" Seth says way to fast.

"Oh well thats nice." I say looking at him like he was crazy.

"Uhh." Says the guy I bumbed into.

"Oh sorry uhh..." I say talking with me hands.

"Adam. Adam Smith." Adam says extending his hand.

"Marrisa. Marrisa Golden." I say shaking his hand.

"Ohh so YOUR Marrisa?" Said Adam shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Uhh what does that mean?" I said looking like a neon purple dot with a bunch of black ones.

"I'm sorry it's nothing." Adam says looking the same as me.

"Well uhh I have to get to work." I say staring at the floor.

"Don't go yet!" Adam says grabbing my arm.

"Uhhhhhhhhh." I stared at his hand holding my arm.

"Oh well I mean that you seem pretty nice so maybe we can uhh hang out sometime?" Adam asked jumping back.

"Yea sure." I say my heart racing.

"Umm Friday sound good?" Adam asked looking at me.

"Sure sounds good." I say when I look back at him.

"Ok cool." Adam says hands still shoved in his pockets.

"Yea." I say staring at the ceiling.

"Bye?" He said backing away.

"Bye." I say waving goodbye.

And before I knew it he was gone. Strangely the football players stayed though. That has never happened before. I mean the football players ALWAYS leave at the same time. Huh I wonder what that means....

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