Dreamer: Book I: Character Introduction & Prologue

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King heart throb of the school, Alex Knight, becomes friends with shy little Maya Davis? What's the catch? Maya is the complete opposite of him...and not to mention they live in completely different worlds. Maya doesn't want to admit, but he was first and only friend.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dreamer: Book I: Character Introduction & Prologue

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013






Name: Maya Davis

Age: 17

DOB: 4/5/96

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Silverish blue

Nickname: May, Dreamer


Name: Alexander Knight

Age: 17

DOB: 9/6/96

Eye Color: Green

Nickname: Alex, Ryder




How we met is unexplainable…we were strangers. We were from different worlds. He was confident and stood up for what he believes in. I was the shy nerdy girl who always had her head in the clouds and just continued letting people push me around. How we met was a complete accident. I’m not entirely sure if was a mistake either…maybe somebody was looking out for me. I don’t know what it was that made me us click the way we did, but he became the first friend and only friend I had.

I was sitting on an empty bench in a lonely little park. Nobody really went there any more due to the fact all the play ground equipment was rusted and “dangerous” as some parents put it so the whole park was shut down. The city built a new park closer to civilization and this place became my new safe haven. Many people kept saying I wasn’t pretty and what kind of guy would ever fall in love with a freak like me. I told them dumbest thing and I still believe it to this day, “If they fall for looks alone then they are not really in love in the first place, but if they fall in love for a girl’s personality then you have them for a life time.” Let’s just say nobody liked me since and became a prime target for the rest of my high school days. I was the school laughing stock, someone they could push around, and step on because I was unable to look them in the eye to be confident like I once was. I was a coward I admit…I think that’s why they sent me Alex.

Alex Knight, the king heart throb of the school. The first thing I thought was that he was perfect, but getting to know him I knew he wasn’t. He was a beautiful, but broken angel. He tries to pretend that every thing is all right, but he’s hurt I know he is. His father is barely home and his mother doesn’t even know he exists when his father is home. At first I was surprised some one like him had problems…he’s just that type of person. He always had a smile on his face. Now looking back on all the times I saw him in the school hallways I realize how forced his smile really is.

That lonely little park…it made us human. It made us laugh, cry, and just be ourselves like we should have been. That lonely little park is what started me from the dreamer to the confident woman I am today. I thank the lucky stars for whoever sent me Alex because he made me who I am. He backed me up even when his own popularity was on the line. He was a true friend…and he was there when nobody else was. I still visit that park time to time…I even took my kids there and I put so much money to restore it to it’s former glory. That park became a home to me. It also became a final resting place for my dear friend. He was incredibly extraordinary and I do miss him dearly.



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