My Random Book of Hetalia Fanfictions

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Rated R for language ^^ I take requests, but I'm SUPER bad with straight up sex junk, so please don't ask... >///> I'll do crack pairings, any pairing actually~ I've got a lot of free time now. haha

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Random Book of Hetalia Fanfictions

Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



Ciao people! ^^ Lemmie make a list, since lists are SO much easier to deal with...


  • your mom. (haha just kidding)
  • Fem!/Nyotalia characters
  • OC's or fanmade characters (send me character info or post it in a comment!)
  • Crack/Random Pairings
  • Yaoi/Yuri (though Yuri isn't very popular....>.>)
  • Fluff/Sweet innocnt junk that makes you say  "d'awwww!"
  • Song-Fics (fanfictions based on songs)
  • "In the past" related. (WW2, HRE, ect.)

Stories with other random characters (I was asked to write one with a Witch from L4D, Mario, Princess Peach, and a Dinosaur.....?)


As long as it's mainly APH/Hetalia related, I'm okay writing it. ^^ 

Don't shoot me, but I haven't read Homestuck yet. So it'll be weird if you ask me for one of the "candy-corn-horn" people

I've been mildly obsessed with CreepyPasta recently, so if you want Slendy or whatever in it? Why not. XD Like I said, I've been asked some of the most random questions...


"Could you make a fanfic about LovinoxWitch?"

"Uhm...what kind of witch? .-."

"The Left 4 Dead witch?"

"...Sure. ^^" 

>.> As you could imagine, this has led to a ton of video game OC's I've made. lol

ask away! I'll write random ones at time just for fun. 



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