A Broken Soul

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 30 (v.1) - Preparations

Submitted: July 07, 2009

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Submitted: July 07, 2009




"You look gorgeous." Jane murmured, brushing away imaginary lint from the dress her and Olivia had picked out for me.

I couldn't even complain about it. I actually liked the dress. It was a soft yellow sundress and very light. Jane had said it was made with something lighter than even cotton, which was good because it was getting to be summer time and with last night's hot weather...any type of heavy material would've made me a sweaty mess. And that's really not something I wanted for my first real date with Dustin.

He was out hunting with his father and brother so his thirst would be completely under control while we were out together, and after his little hunting trip, Dustin was coming back to the house so he could get ready too. Then we were leaving the house so he could feed me as he had put it last night. On the car ride over to his house, the two of us had decided to stay in and watch a movie together in his room.

I definitely wasn't going into a public theater in a dress like this, I'd feel so out of place.

"Give us a spin." Olivia said with a smile.

I picked up the edges of the dress and twirled around in Jane's huge walk-in closet. But, being the ungraceful klutz that I was, I nearly fell into the mirror. Jane and Olivia both leapt forward and each grabbed one of my elbows.

"Honey, if I would've known this was going to happen, I wouldn't have said anything." Olivia laughed.

I smiled weakly. "Sorry, I'm not exactly a very balanced person. Literally. I fall down when I'm standing up all the time."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Come on, let's get your hair done."

There was never a really dull moment in the Shepard household. Something was always going on, and if by some chance there wasn't anything, they were still fun to hang out around.

Wouldn't mind spending the rest of eternity with them. I thought to myself, following the two female vampires into Jane and Lucas's bathroom.

Jane had her own closet because of all of her stuff, and Luke had his. But they shared everything else.

A chair was already set up in front of the bathroom counter and I was almost positive either Jane or Olivia had brought it up here before I had arrived earlier in the afternoon.

I felt a tiny bit overwhelmed by the amount of hair products that crowded the counter. Most of them I had never seen before in my entire sixteen--almost seventeen--years of life.

I only knew one of the many kinds of hair products, and that was the bottle of hairspray.

Jane sat me down in the chair and took a few steps back. "You have really pretty hair, Chasity." she complimented.

Olivia nodded enthusiastically, standing beside Jane. "You do Chasity. It's beautiful."

I blushed furiously and looked away. "Uh, thanks?" it came out as a question, but I didn't care.

"We don't really need to do a whole lot with it...unless you want it tied up." Jane said, running her pale fingers through my pitch black hair.

"No. I'd like it down." I replied quickly, remembering how Dustin had said he liked my hair down. I blushed an even deeper shade of red at the thought of bringing his opinion up in the conversation.

"So, do you want it straightened, or curled a little?" Olivia asked, staring at my reflection in the mirror as her hands skimmed over the tops of the many hair products.

"I guess straightened." I answered with a shrug.

Jane clapped excitedly and plugged in her flat iron. I didn't know if I could trust Jane with anything that could burn somebody, but I knew she'd probably never let me do my own hair. So I just sat back and let her and Olivia work their magic.


After a few agonizing hours of Jane pulling at my hair and Olivia putting eye make up on me, they were finally finished.

I was exhausted and I hadn't even done anything.

"Chasity, we're done." Jane half giggled, snapping her fingers in front of my dazed face.

I yawned and went to rub my eyes with my fists, but Olivia caught my hands. "Try to keep your hands away from your eyes, you'll smear the make up." she whispered softly.

I nodded and stood up to look at the reflection in the mirror. I knew the girl looking back at me was me, but it didn't look anything like my normal reflection...this girl was beautiful.

She had long, jet black hair with side swept bangs. Her icy blue eyes were outlined in dark eyeliner, making them stand out more than usual against her pale skin. The light yellow sundress hugged the curves of her waist and stopped just below mid-thigh and flowed at the edges as she neared the mirror. Her skin wasn't as pale as Jane's or Olivia's but it was just as smooth. A natural blush had crept over her cheeks, and a small hand reached up to touch her lips. They had a nude gloss on them. That's when I realized it was my hand, and I was the pretty girl in the mirror.

"How'd we do?" Jane asked, her reflection suddenly appearing next to mine.

"You made me beautiful..." was all I was able to choke out.

Olivia touched my shoulder as she came to stand on my other side. "No silly girl, you were always beautiful. All we did was do your hair and make up, and put you in a dress." she whispered, kissing my head. In a way, Olivia was more of a mom to me than my own mom. I knew I could talk to her about anything, and she wouldn't judge me.

"Olivia's right. All we did was enhance your beauty." Jane agreed, resting her head against mine and staring at the three of us together in the glass mirror. We must've stood there for like fifteen minutes before there was a loud knock on the bathroom door. Jane and Olivia both turned their heads and sighed.

Lucas stuck his head in through the doorway. "Well, if it isn't my three favorite women." he sang out as he crossed the room quickly and hugged Jane. His eyes raked over my form, and I immediately felt self-conscious. "You're looking hot today Chasity." Jane's eyes widened, as did mine and Olivia's. She growled at Lucas and slapped him in the back of his head. "Hey! Easy on the slapping." he yelped, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I agree with you one hundred percent, but you don't say that kind of stuff right in front of me." Jane told him, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

He smirked and grabbed Jane's wrists and pried her arms away from her body. "I'm sorry cupcake..." he said, his lower lip jutting out as he stared down at her with glowing gold puppy dog eyes.

Olivia and I exchanged a few confused glances. Neither of us had ever heard Lucas call Jane by a pet name, and apparently, Jane had never been called cupcake or any other name from the look on her face.

"Chasity may be hot, but she's just cute compared to you." he continued, leaning down further and planting a wet one of Jane's mouth. "No offense Chasity." Lucas said over his shoulder when he pulled away from Jane.

"None taken." I replied, a little startled.

"Lucas?" Jane asked sweetly, pulling at the zipper of Luke's jacket.


"What do you want?"

"Dustin's getting impatient. He hasn't seen Chasity all day and he wants her." he glanced back at me, and winked.

What the fuck?! Did Lucas seriously just do that?! I could feel my cheeks get hot under his gaze.

Jane nodded. "I knew you wanted something. Tell him she'll be down in about ten minutes. We still need to get her shoes."

"Okay." he replied, kissing each of our cheeks before running out of the bathroom.

"Um, Jane?" she looked up at me. "I can't wear heels..."

"That's okay." she said, taking my hand and leading me back into her enormous closet. "You can wear flats."

Olivia trailed behind us, glancing over all the clothes quickly.

"Here." Jane handed me a pair of white faux leather flats and I took them without question and put them on.

"How'd you know my shoe size?" I asked. The shoes had fit perfectly.

"I didn't." she replied honestly. "Those are mine. Guess we have the same size feet."

I smiled and followed her to her large display of jewelry. Jane held out a silver circle link necklace to me along with a few white bangles (bracelets).

I put each of them on carefully, then turned back to Jane. "Thanks."

She smiled. "Anytime. It's not everyday that Olivia and I get to play with a human Barbie doll."

I grimaced and Jane pulled me into a hug that was so tight it literally knocked the breath out of me. And as soon as I'd gotten enough oxygen into my system, Olivia had pulled me into her arms in an even tighter hug.

"I can't believe this is only your first date with Dustin." Jane said absentmindedly as she led us out into the hallway. "You'd think with everything you've been though, you two would've gone out before."

Olivia smiled down at me sympathetically. "At least you won't have to worry about if he likes you or not, and it shouldn't be to awkward since you two already love each other."

But she was wrong. It was going to be very awkward for us. Neither one of us had ever been in a relationship before. Sure, when I was five I kissed a boy behind a tree in the back yard, but never a real relationship that involved dating. And even though I knew Dustin loved me, I still couldn't get rid of the butterflies in my stomach.

The stairwell was in sight now, and I was having trouble breathing.

Olivia stopped me. "Sweetie, why are you so nervous? You're hands are shaking...I thought you wanted this?"

"I do." I said quietly, feeling those jumpy butterflies crawl up my throat. "I don't know why I'm so scared."

"Hey, what's going on?" Jane asked, coming back to us.

"D-do you think Dustin will like me? I know he loves me...but we barely even know each other really..."

"Yes." Olivia replied with a warm smile.

"No." Jane said at the same time. Olivia's jaw dropped and my eyes widened in horror. I could feel tears forming. "Oh relax. He can't like you because he loves you. And Dustin does know you. That's what happens when you're mates. You guys can like...see into each other's souls and stuff like that. Now let's go. There's nothing to worry about." Jane explained, taking me by the hand again and leading me towards the stairs again.

Although the butterflies were still there, they weren't quite as jumpy anymore. Jane and Olivia's words had calmed me and given me back my natural confidence.

I knew Dustin loved me, but it didn't stop me from feeling a little self-conscious around him.

I looked at the steps as I walked down them with Olivia and Jane so I wouldn't make a fool of myself by falling down.

"Told you she looked hot." Lucas said, and I looked up to see him elbowing Dustin who's mouth was handing wide open. I grinned down at him and continued to walk down the steps.

Jane released me and gave me a little nudge towards Dustin. As soon as I'd reached the bottom step, his arms were around me and his lips had glued themselves to mine.

"Lucas is wrong." he whispered into my jaw as he kissed his way up to my ear. "You look way better than just hot. His words don't cover how beautiful you look..."

I felt my cheeks begin to burn up again and my heart flutter at his words. The butterflies had disappeared for now, but I was sure they'd be back.

"Thanks..." I mumbled into the crook of his neck. "You too...not beautiful, but...you know what I mean." I didn't have to see what clothes he was wearing to know he'd be gorgeous. Dustin could make anything look good. But I still took the time to see what he was wearing. A dark gray fitted shirt covered by a leather jacket with a pair of designer jeans. I had to admit...with the leather jacket and the way his hair was untidy from his hunt...he looked like a total bad ass. I knew I'd be more dressed up than him, but it didn't matter to me. Dustin always looked dressed up in his expensive clothes.

"Okay, time for the two love birds to go on their date." Jane said excitedly, motioning to the door. "None of us will be here when you get back, so have fun and you can tell me all about it later Chasity."

I nodded and linked my arm through Dustin's as he led me towards the door.

"Be safe!" Olivia and Lucas called out together, and I couldn't help but sense a double meaning behind their statement.

I was about to say something but the door had already been slammed closed. I looked up at Dustin questioningly, but he said nothing. He just grinned and pretended he hadn't heard anything.

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