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Mayne wakes up from a fog while driving. The road is dark, quiet, and he is alone. His mind has been wiped clean leaving him only with questions. Who was he? Where is he going? What has he done? Are the questions driving him to answers. As Mayne uncovers the answers one at a time, he finds himself in the middle of something big. From learning his past, to starting new, Mayne just wants to find peace. However, Mayne may have a dark past that still holds on to his ankles dragging behind him.
Please if you even read half of one chapter, please say something, good? bad? errors? questions? any feedback I would greatly appreciate. Thank you.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Drive.

Submitted: October 16, 2010

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Submitted: October 16, 2010



The moonlight above Mayne rained over him highlighting his skin and reflecting the blood. The dirt and small amount of blades of grass were turning red at his feet along with the rocks that surrounded the area. All having at least one small speck of blood.

Roughly two hours earlier…

This wasn’t rush hour, there weren’t cars all over the road. People weren’t screaming at each other or playing the music from their car loud enough to hear it a few blocks away. No, this was not like that at all. This was something else, something not everyone comes by in their life. This was silence, not a car in sight and dark enough that the next five feet was a mystery.

Driving down the long winding road nothing was in his head. He was empty, driving with not a car insight nor streetlight. He wasn’t driving fast nor slow, it was just right. He wasn’t in a hurry. He didn’t know where he was heading nor where he came from, he just knew now that he was on an empty street in his car, this is all he knew.

Driving, he looks around to see nothing but trees aside of him. It was a road, with no lights, and no public at all, Late at night. He looks at the dash, thirty miles per hour, RPM at about 1500, temperature a little hotter than usual. After seeing that the thought entered, how long have I been driving for? He looks at the gas gauge, a tad above the red he says. Not the slightest bit of emotion changed within him, he just kept driving.

He notices a stop sign up ahead, The average man on a deserted road late at night with not a car in sight would pay no attention to this stop sign. Especially when it was not an intersection, it was a stop sign on the same road he has been on for as long as he could remember, and this sign did not divide the road, it was useless. Approaching this sign closer and closer he begins to slow down to a complete stop at the stop sign.

He looks to the left to see trees and again to the right to see the same thing. In front of him he could only see about 10 feet with his headlights, but he was sure the road kept going. He checks his mirrors to see nothing behind him, it was so dark he couldn’t even see the road behind him. Looking forward again he see’s nothing, his head hits the steering wheel as he closes his eyes. The car still running, he picks his head back up after long minute of silence to try to gather his thoughts and realize what he is doing

But just as he started he stopped, he had this feeling since he can remember, he doesn’t care. Nothing matters, he doesn’t care about what has happened or why he is here, he just wants to keep going. However he is still at the sign gazing into the ten feet of light ahead of him, with not a thought in his head. He then gets the idea of checking his pockets, slowly doing so he finds his drivers license and another set of keys. However these keys were different, they weren’t car nor house keys, he put them back in his pocket and began to press the pedal.

-Mac T. Love

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