Behind Her Hazel Eyes

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Nova is a young 17 year old girl who had been raped by her stepdad in the past,she claims to say she'd gotten over it but has she really?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Behind Her Hazel Eyes

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



His hands grab me so tightly it makes it impossible to loose his grasp,I try to yell but he quickly backhands me and I start to whimper as tears stroll down my face.This man touches me everywhere it makes me want to throw up at the thought what he's about to do next.What he does next is the worst thing any person could go through,his thing pokes inside of me and we become as one and pain strucks me,he warns me not to yell or else he'd hit me once more,not wanting to get hit I whimper in pain as he pleasures himself with me.After a good 30 minutes he seemed satisfied and lets go of me,my body feeling achy and weak drops to the ground unable to stand up anymore.He starts to put his pants back on as he orders me to get dressed,I slowly managed to get up and do as told,the entire time tears stroll down my face,How could someone just do this to another person? He finishes dressing himself and starts to head back upstairs to his room with my mom,I felt so guilty because how could he come do this to me when he had my mom upstairs.Once he was gone it was my turn to go upstairs,as quiet as possible I start creeping and when I get to the second floor of the house my twin brother spots me and asks "Are you okay?",it takes me awhile to answer and nodd "what were you doing downstairs?" "I-uhh..Kevin what are you doing up?""I has to use the bathroom".We stood there in awkward silence until finally I just walked away towards my room,I shut my door and landed on my bed faced down,all I heard was silence and nothing else.I dared not sleep because if I did he would hunt me down in my dreams and I would relive everything I just went through but sleep caught up to me and slowly drifted into this non stop nightmare.

That what I had went though when I was a child up till last year when he and my mom had moved away and my brother and I moved in with our dad,I am now 17 years old and because of that man I hadn't been able to be normal again,he has scarred me mentally and physically.Till this day not one living soul knows about my stepdad and I secret,I'm just so scared that if I tell someone noone would be able to stop him.I learned how to deal with this situation myself,I learned how to get over this little incident,and so this is what my life is now.I got to Licoln High,it's a pretty nice school,there's a lot of many clubs,extracurricular activities and programs one could join.Right about now I'm in this boring Algebra 2 class that I really dispise,Kevin was in this same class to,I barely talk to him and I feel bad but honestly but I can't force myself to talk to someone I don't want to.The bell rung and I raced out of there and walked down the hallway as the same guys whistled after me and tried to get my attention,I tried to make my lips stay in a normal position but they failed me and made a smile,the girls stared at me with envy.I turned right at the corner and stopped midway down the hall to get to my locker.I turned the lock and put in my combo,as I was doing all of that I heard a boy call my name,I tuned and saw andrew,he had on his football shirt and had number 11 printed on it with his last name as well.He was one of Kevin's friends as well,as andrew got closer a faint smell of ciggarets struck me and that's when everything went downhill.I stood there unable to move,andrew hadn't noticed and he pulled me close to him and all of a sudden I wasn't at Licoln High anymore,I was standing in my basement with Chad my stepdad,he held me close to him as I struggled to get away,his grasp was just too strong for me,I begged him to please let go of me but he said I've been behaving bad and I had to be taught a lesson,as he spoke a faint smell of ciggarets slapped me on my face and then his lips touched mine,I whimpered with tears strolling down my eyes,he kissed me everywhere.

"Nova..Nova..Hey are you okay?"My brother shook me and all of a sudded I was back at the High school,I was stitting on my legs with my hands tightly clentched,tears strolled down quickly.It took me a moment to regain my posture,I stood up with the help of Kevin as everyone in the hallway passed by us and stared."W-what happened"I asked,Kevin looked into my eyes that reflected his own pair of hazel eyes,"You tell me,andrew was talking to you and the next thing we know was that you fell on the and started begging to 'stop'"Kevin explained,my stomach felt ill and my body wouldn't stop shaking,"Where's andrew?""he went to go get a teacher",andrew came back with Mr.Alloway and Ms.Shay,my principal and Guidance counselor"What happened here?"Mr.Alloway asked,before Kevin could explain I said "Nothing,my stomach started to hurt that's all" "Are you sure?"Ms.Shay examined my entire body and reactions,I nodded and held on to my stomach,"Lets get you to a nurse then"Mr.Alloway ordered and I followed them both."wait can I come along?I just want to make sure she's okay"Kevin asked,Mr.Alloway waited for Ms.Shay's answer "I think that would be great"She smiled.They dropped us at the nurse's office and Ms.Shay told me "if you need anything you can come see me",I told her I was fine,that I was just had a really bad stomach ache,after they left Kevin sat next to me in the waiting area."What happened?"he asked,"I already told you,I have a bad-""Stop with the bullshit,I've lived with you for 17 years,you don't think I know when you're lying?"I had no response for that and so I said "Since when do you worry?I thought you were always busy with your damn football carrer""I am but I also know when my sister is having problems""Problems?who said I had any?"he stayed quiet for a second and pulled my arm so he could whisper "I know what you've been doing,the rumors going on about you have caught up to me"I pulled away and snapped "you're telling me you believe some damn rumors" Kevin took a deep breath and said "Look at me straight in the eye and tell me that you haven't slept with anyone in this damn school".who the hell does he think he is making me do all this dumb shit.I looked straight at his hazel eyes and said "I have not slept with anyone"Kevin stood and shook his head "I just want to be there for you Nova"I started to laugh and said "There's nothing you can do"Kevin seemed hurt and just walked away.I took a deepbreath and reassured myself that I could handle this situation on my own. 

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