A Not So Normal Life

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Im Emmaline Covington and today I turned eighteen in less then a month I will become leader of the Covington clan something i not looking forward to.

Im Zackary Devenport Im to soon become leader of the ruthless Devenport, I will lead my people to victory against the Covington clan.

What's to happen when on Emma's eighteen birthday she meets the mystious Zack who just seems to be following her everywhere she goes with she fall for the enemy or will she toughen up and join the war to stay on top
Both clans must fight for the right to rule or risk being wiped out completely.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Not So Normal Life

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




A Fathem = A mythical creature that resembles a human. Fathem’s have heightened senses such as; sight, sound, smell and strength some have been known to have the ability to read minds and speak telekinetically and/or control item using their minds, other more powerful Fathem’s can mimic animal features. They are also known for the ability to wield any weaponry and on some occasion witchery. They were thought to be wiped out in the mid-18th century all but two major clans still living the way they once did.  


\"\"verything in the war ground paused, no one moved as if waiting to see what would happen before they carried on with their killing. Zack stood in front of me blood and dirt covered him from head to toe, he stared at me with his sad green eyes.

‘Stand down.’ He growled his own sword still held in place.

‘I will not, you should know me better by now.’ I stared back. ‘I never back down from a fight.’

‘Stand down princess, or you’ll die.’ He stepped closer.

‘Then so be it, it will be at your command,’ it was my turn to step closer. ‘Is this not what you wanted prince Zackary,’ I raised my sword ready to fight, ‘a war?’

‘I cannot and will not harm you.’ He stepped back lowering his sword.

‘You already have.’ His expression saddened, he was not ready to face defeat, but he knew I would not back down and I knew he would never harm me, not even if I begged him to. Zack waved is hand, a gesture telling his man to lower their weapons, he was backing down. My troops looked towards me a waiting my command, my stance relax and with that came the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of troops armour clanged as they all relaxed and lowered their weapons.

‘Are you done here your grace?’ Donavan asked from behind me I was surprised to see him still standing and unscathed.

‘If he so wishes it, this war is done,’ I turned back towards Zack.

‘I surrender,’ he paused bowing his head. ‘The war is finished.’

‘So be it, you may all stand down.’ I scanned the field. ‘Retrieve the dead and return home to families.’

I turned to leave, dropping my sword to the ground and in a single movement I snatched my dagger from my belt hilt, I turned back to Zack throwing it straight into the chest of the soldier about to strike him. After watching the man fall to the ground I nodded to Donavan signalling to him that I was now ready to leave. I walked away not even daring to look back at the now so familiar face of the man I once had the pressure of loving.

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