Only Your Safety Matters

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Seems The Alpha's Lost His Touch

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Submitted: April 30, 2013




It had been 3 day since we had brought my mate back to my pack house. In those 3 days I had been locked out of the room my mate was being kept it and forced to listen to her whimpers of pain as Josie our pack doctor and my aunt tried as much as she could to heal her, 3 days of me excessively pacing back and forth in my office trying to keep my anxious wolf under control. All he wanted to do was protect his mate from the pain she was in and the further pain she was going through as my aunt drained the silver for her blood stream.

'Why are we wasting our time pacing do something?' My wolf growled.

Neither him or I was going to be able to take this much longer.

'Calm my friend,' I soothed. 'She'll be alright this is for the sake of her-'

'Hush!' He cut me off with a snarl. 'Her wolf will heal faster in the presents of her mate, we must go to her.'

'We can't! She--' I was cut off again. Only this time by a scream a pain, she had shifted back. But the sound of her human form only terrified me more. Ignore my earlier argument to stay put, I ran upstairs using my wolf speed to advantage taking two steps at a time. As her screams got louder the control I had on my wolf lessened.

'Mine!' I growled before kicking the door open only to drop to my knees as the scent of honey, lavender and blood hit me like a brick wall.

'Hunter! I told you not to come in here!' My aunt yelled. 'She not in a condition your wolf can handle.'

'I-I can't... I can't not, be here... My wolf... H-he's taking control.' I choked out while trying my hardest not to shift. At that moment my aunt's eyes turned as black as night with anger.

'Out!' She snarled.

My wolf and I was a taken back that my aunt had used an alpha command on the alpha himself and to my surprise my wolf listened. He had calmed enough for me to take control of my own body. Glancing sideway to look at my mate, before turning and running to the wood to release my anger.




I had been running for hours checking the borders of the Ravenwood pack territory, the images of my mate flashing in my mind. She was pure perfection even in her current state; I could only imagine how beautiful she would be with my make laying on her skin. I still didn't even know her name and I was sure I was deeply in love with her. It confused me how a few simple seconds could make you realise that. I was sure that this woman was going to be the death on me.

'Hunter.' James greeted as I approached the pack house. 'I was about to come find you. You've been block us all out of your link, Josie--' before James could even finish his sentence I shifted back to human form and ran inside putting a pair of short that we're left on the front balcony. 'Hunter!' James called out.

'What?' I growled out. He was wasting my time; I should be with my mate.

'I-I just wanted to say good luck you know? I hope she's well.'

'Thank you my friend.' I said with a nod, now feeling guilty for snapping at him. I finished my way up the stairs before coming to a halt at my mate’s current room.

'You can come in now Hunter, she’s stable.' My aunt says as she takes my mates temperature. 'You're lucky to have this one, she's a fighter and from what I can tell probably related closely to an alpha. You'll have you hand full that for sure, she's hard headed and I can't wait to watch her put you in line.' I give out a low growl only to be met by my aunt’s chuckle and amused smile. 'You know why I kept you out don't you?' She asked taking the seat by the bed.

'I know you had to, but my wolf-‘

‘Doesn’t control you Hunt, I understand that he was probably frantic and that all he wanted to do was protect his mate, but him being here only would have made it worst when it came to me hurting her to make her better.’ She said in a stern voice.

‘I know I tried to keep him under control a best I could but when he heard her scream in human form it just pushed him over the edge Jose.’

‘Hunter that is why I told you to keep yourself out of the house and busy so you wouldn’t have to spend all day listening to her, the longer you wolf stays close to her the stronger your mating bond gets, I’m still wondering why it is that you’re not feeling any of her pain yet. But that’s probably something for you mother.’ I only nodded agreeing with her, but now that Josie had brought it up it was strange that I wasn’t yet feeling even the slightest bit of her pain. ‘It’s best you call your mother over I need rest and your mother will know what she’s doing if anything happens from here till she regains consciousness.’ She sent me a hopefully yet tired smile as she made her way towards me.

‘You can move closer to her you know she won’t bite,’ Josie said with a sly smile. I hadn’t even notice that I was still practically standing in the door way or the room. As I moved closer my mates scent grow stronger and more intoxicating, it had a calming affect now that there was no longer the smell of blood and silver mix with it. ‘Go sit with her, I’ll call your mother.’ Josie said as she left the room, leaving me alone for the first time with my mate.

She was beautiful, actually beautiful wasn’t even the right word to describe her. She was gorgeous, stunning, dazzling and utterly magnificent. I had never seen a creature that was just pure perfection before. I hadn’t realised how long I had been sitting there staring at her until I heard a chair being pulled up beside me.

‘Ah you can hear me now.’ My mother said with an amused look on her face. ‘You looked like you were away in your own world.’

‘Yeah sorry, I was just…’ I didn’t even know what I was doing I was just lost in my thought.

‘Don’t worry son I know.’ She smiled. ‘She’s beautiful Hunter.’

‘I know.’ I said with a slight chuckle. ‘I’ve been trying to guess what her name could be or where she could be from.’

‘Well she certainly has power radiating for her not as much as you or your father but if I were to guess I’d say her father was an alpha. The question is what alpha.’

‘I haven’t heard anything from any of the other packs we’re in allegiance with, so either no one else knows or she’s ran for quite some time before she finally gave out.’ Just the thought of anything happening to her made me want to go rabid and kill everyone that had anything to do with what happened to her.

‘Calm down Hunter.’ My mum said in a soothing voice. ‘We’ll find them don’t worry and she’ll be fine.’ I only hoped that what mum said was true.

‘Hunter,’ James called through our pack mind link. ‘We’ve caught sent of rouges near the territory boundary line.’

I looked towards my mother silently asking permission to leave. Before looking at my mate with regret I didn’t want to leave her even though duty called.

‘Go they might just be the rouges that attacked your mate.’ With those words I was out of my chair and placing a soft kiss of my mate’s forehead before hesitantly leaving the room.

I made my way down the stairs and out the door with unhuman speed before shifting mid-air into my large black and grey wolf and making my way towards my packman. With each step I took I could feel my wolves need to get revenge grow stronger. Whether or not these rouges were the ones that attacked my mate they were going to the victims that my wolf with going to inflict my anger onto. For their sake they better hope they don’t push me or wolf over the edge because my patience was running thin.




 ‘Where are they?’ I ask though mind link as soon as I join James, Will and Patrick- my best fighter.

‘They didn’t cross over to our territory they caught scent of us and ran off the other way, but we believe they were following the scent of your mate.’ James said shaking the head of his red wolf. I let out a low growl knowing that our closes lead had just got away. ‘Sorry man.’

‘It’s okay Jay, if they didn’t cross over we couldn’t have done anything any way.’ I said gesturing for us to head back to the pack house. To say the least, my wolf was not happy.

Hunter,’ my mother’s worried voice cam though mind link. ‘She awake and she’s the complete opposite of calm. You better get there and quick.’ I took off before she could say more.

She was awake, and I was ready to show her who she belonged to.

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