The Happenings of a Tricky Past

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Hi I’m Summer Williams and I’m going to tell you my life story though it’s not perfect on the scale of fairy tale happily ever after’s but it’s perfect on a real life scale and well I just want to let normal everyday people know that though movie and book story lines never happen in real life you can still have a happily ever after of normal people standards where you end up with some that makes you happy, makes you laugh and treats you well.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Happenings of a Tricky Past

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It's quite ironic really that at this very moment I'm typing this story to you on a very highly modified computer, in its era of the early 2000's and at the same time I’m texting a friend on my iPhone. Now all I have to say is apparently my writing sucks so much that I can’t even afford to get a pay rise in my crappy cubical job, therefore I no longer have enough money to get my up to date laptop fixed. You see I currently got fired from my high paying job writing columns for fashion and style magazines because I decide I wasn’t going to let people bully me anymore, I Summer Williams was no longer going to be the shy quiet girl who let people use me as a door mat but a quick tip if you’re going to take a stand... Don’t do it to your boss. Especially when she's not in a good mood, like how the hell was I supposed to know that her husband and her boyfriend were both cheating on her? Now that what you call ironic. I think she deserves all she gets the cow. Any way so considering my new boss does not like any of my new work for this dumbass company I'm going to do a kind of life story for you guys and if you guys comment saying, 'Wow you’re an amazing writer" I'll shove this whole file in my current bosses face and scream 'I quit' and get a better job... So this is where it all starts back when I was seventeen, I know it’s pretty far back considering I’m twenty-five and it’s a pretty common place to start but it was the best year of my life if attracting argent self-loving assholes was a good thing...Well here goes.


At that age I wasn't much of an interactive person and I kind of just stayed with my own little group me, Summer Williams, my best friends the only ones I could ever truly be my complete self with. Kayley Lane childhood friend, and Emma Harris she used to think that a 'B' was a bad mark I mean really I was like a 'C' average student at that point and most probably every point after that. And then there was Rachel-lee Johnson the 'I'm better and prettier than everyone else in this group' person she was an alright friend, you know supportive and loving but it felt like she mainly hung out with us to make herself look... Even better than everyone else and herself already thought she was, because we were only average boyfriend-less people. I mean I never saw anything overly special about her and I always thought she was too skinny for a girl her age but I guess it doesn't really help that I knew what she was really like... It’s true you know about what people say you know, that what's on the inside counts, because if the person has an ugly personality then it takes over the outer layers but I guess there’s one in every group. Right…?


In high school at the age of seventeen you are pretty much expected as a social requirement to of had some form of sexual contact with either the opposite sex or the same sex if you sung that way. But there were some (myself, Kayley and Emma) who fell below social standards of that rule and accidentally groping your friend did not count. Now of course that bitchy friend also becomes the sluty friend  and everyone should know that, it's common knowledge that, that's what was going to happen in the near future of senior school and this my reader is where my phase of wanting to continually punch Rachel in face all started... When she was discussing her sexual encounters of the past weekend, she was talking to us like we don’t know what happens when two sexual attracted people are alone or how it happen to begin with. Like we thought that a man and a woman kissed and or hugged they were doing something naughty, like really… NO RACHLE we’re not in fourth grade we actually took the Sex Ed class in school ok...? Now of course when she was telling us her little highly detailed story about how she add sex behind a bush with some random in one of 'HER' friend yard during a sweet seventeenth party was going on we were all trying to hid the disgusted and disappointed looks on our faces, when pretending to supporting her with her teen pregnancy choices when we were all really  judging her in our heads thinking and asking ourselves ‘why does she think this is an accomplishment in life’ and waiting til she walked away to relive the event by explaining it to another group of people to actually started judging her out loud to each other. The poor girl did she’s actually think that at sixteen we would say 'yay for you. You had sex with a random, we're so proud' because come on really, can someone actually be so content to be that much of a slut? After that it was just naturally expected that Rachel would let some guy get into her pants anywhere at any time and we would naturally get a detailed description. Also at this point in time if you need advice on having unprotected sex with your boyfriend Rachel was the go to girl, of course she never discussed it near us because she soon discovered that were very outraged and surprised that she would actually say 'yeah go ahead and do it I did and it was wonderful' to someone, she might as well of said 'and lucky for me I’m not pregnant but there’s a fifty per cent chance that you may become a mother sooner than you think...' You know one day she'll end up with some type of herpes and she'll be stuck with a guy that will use and abuse her and never let her see anyone who can talk some sense into her and tell her to get the hell out of the firing line i.e. her friends if by that time she has any left. But at that moment we were stuck with the unfortunate title of Rachel-lee's closest friends... Yay!? Why did we have to adopt her as a friend I'm sure there was many better choices I mean it was the start of high school there would have been dozens of girls looking for friends and we picked her. You want to know why? Because we’re stupid that’s why.


Any way that’s all for tonight, please leave your comments below.

Love Summer Williams <3


So it seems that most of you guys really liked what I was writing so I guess I'll keep going. Here goes.


Now where was I yesterday, I was talking about my life at seventeen and a certain someone (Rachel-lee). I guess I should move on to a different friend shouldn't I? At the age of seventeen Kayley decide to start a huge life change, she decide to become a vegan which in a chain reaction made her lose weight and in turn made her look 'hot' to say least, I mean she already was but wow not eating meat can do a lot for your figure and skin oh and there’s no forgetting it adds six years to your life span, but any vegans reading this are probably saying 'oh yes it does' or something like that... So Kayley was defiantly my best friend I had known her since I had started at the school which ties us together for the last twenty-one years. She was one of those friends that always made you laugh and that you called when you need someone to talk when you were upset, but you always had to call twice because no one in the house could ever find the bloody phone... Until had rung for a good seven minutes but by that time they actually found it you had just hung up and were sitting next to the phone waiting at least two minutes before trying again, after that it took two rings before someone would answer the phone and then you had to wait a feather three minutes before actually getting to talk to Kayley on the phone because she was always doing something. So really you had to wait the first fifteen minutes of your planned phone call time pretty much on hold before spending the next two hours gossiping.

We were always a lot a like we both liked animals such as all of them, we both usually liked the same guys but we never had those awkward but I saw him first moments, because well neither of us ever got the guy in the end. It's quite tragic really, but any way we never cared, okay I might have secretly cared a bit but not the point. What actually made us care was when Rachel was the one that ended up with them and then of course we would hear about her sexual encounters with them, joy... Then she would say shit like 'why did you tell me you liked him?' when finding out a year later so then I'd say ' would you of still of done stuff with them?’ and Rachel would say yes and I would come back with 'then why the HELL does it matter...?' After that Rachel would predominantly shut up.


There was always that one boy in high school that pretty much your whole group likes at one point or another either. Ours was Andrew Right. He was of course foreign and brilliant, he was tall with brown eyes and brown hair and the best English accent and of course Rachel got him first I mean me and Kayley like him ever since he first came to the school. I recall Rachel saying he wasn’t attractive, he was stupid and that she didn't like him, but yet the stupid bitch dates him and makes impossible for me (the only person at that time who was still falling incredible hard for him) to ever date him and guess what he still like her, the girl that dumped him for no reason at all, but whatever personally at that point in time I realised I was attracted to any guy that had either blue eyes or an accent of any type or you know both. Though I never really like German accent’s no offence but all I can imagine is one of you guys turn all Hitler on the world... Sorry.

So if you ever meet me and you have either Blue eyes or an accent or both there a great chance I’m attracted to you but if your just really cute and sweet also attracted to you actually if you’re a just a guy full stop then I'm most probably attracted to you. One day I'll be somewhere absolutely wonderful and I'll meet someone absolutely wonderful and don’t worry guys I'll let you know, I'll be a serial bragger when it comes to those type of things...


Now who’s left? Oh yeah Emma Harris my smarty pants friend. I love her she's one of the best people to be around. She was now a vegetarian as well and we were and still are Bones lovers... You know the TV show it was and is the one of the greatest TV shows out you have to love Bones and Booth they are so cute. Em was a beautiful girl she was a natural Blondie with a wonderful sense of cute style, but it was always really hard to ever plan stuff with her because she was always studying... ‘Hey Em, do you want to hang out this weekend?’

‘I can’t sorry I have to study this weekend,’  

‘But Em it's only the second week back at school’

‘Yeah I know but I need to study...’ that’s just some of the things we had to deal with when planning things during a school weekend, her studying too much for her own good. One day she'll work herself so hard her brain will implode or explode that all depends on what she studding at the time... I love how much she'd not want to hurt peoples feeling but there were time where she was either just a bit rude with the way she talked to you or the facial expression she would have and then there was certain times where she would just go ahead and say out loud what she thought about the matter it probably didn’t help that Rachel was always winding her up about her vegetarian beliefs. Like really Rachel keep it to yourself. No one cares what you think about the matter it's not like they were telling her to never eat meat so she didn’t need to tell them (Kayley and Emma) that what they are doing is stupid because you like eating meat you stupid cow...! Woops that was an unintended pun sorry.


At least one and a half terms into year eleven I had decided that I wanted to no longer have brown hair I wanted red hair not a brown with red through it but actual bright red hair though it was not excepted at school, only natural hair colours - blonde but not platinum or white, brown with no red through oh and of course natural red slush ginger hair was permitted and you were allowed black if it wasn't too black also you weren't allowed far out coloured high lights. Such as black high lights in blonde or light brown hair and no blonde in black. Which throw all my hair styles out of whack, apparently my hair colour was never natural enough for school, but whatever as soon as the holidays came it went red not as red as I would of like but it was red enough.


That’s all I have to say I can't think of anything else to tell you guys right now so... I'm going to go for now and I'll get back to you.

Love Summer Williams <3



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