The Time I Spent With Jackson Bridge

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Sometimes in life people just need an escape, a place or a person that can take you alway from everything that causes you to shut down. Jackson Bridge, the schools bad boy, jerk and player, he was my escape...
My name in Scarlet Holiday and for the last seventeen years my father has blamed me for my mothers death.
little did I know that with Jack's Insults and my witty comebacks would my fake smile become a real one.
This is the story of the time I spent with Jackson Bridge.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Time I Spent With Jackson Bridge

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



I had never felt as spontaneous in my life as I did at this very moment, sitting in the passenger sit of Jackson Bridge’s car with the wind blowing through my mass amount of messy sun kissed brown hair. With my hands in the air feeling the wind escape through my fingers, my already huge smile spreads even wider across my face as I hear Jake’s deep chuckle. Looking towards him I can’t help but think of all the love joy and trouble this boy had brought into me hellish life. With his devilish grin and who-cares-what-everybody-else-thinks attitude. Jackson Bridge had walked into my life or my class rather and caused my life to change all in the last month of senior year.

I readjust myself in my seat, turn to watch Jack as he drives. Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in tune with the beat of the music making me remember the first time he had walked in to me English class...

‘Now class can anybody give an example of coincidence?’ Mr Stevens asked from the front of the room.

‘Well this I just ridiculous.’ Zoe mumbled beside me. She had been my best friend for the twelve years of my life. She was gorgeous of course, with her sandy blonde hair and vibrant greens I hadn’t yet seen a guy that hadn’t fallen to their knees under gaze. ‘We’re grade twelve student in our final month and a half of school and our English teacher wants us to tell him was a coincidence is. We’re not in grade eight, you’d think they would have raised the smarts bar by now don’t you think?’

‘Either that or Mr Stevens is just finding an excuse to get Joe to say something so stupidly coincidental.’ I say Zoe letting out a small chuckle before we both turn to watch Joe as he raises his hand.

‘Sir, my Mother and Father got married on the same day and at the same time.’ Joe said making the class erupt in laughter as for me and Zoe we just shook our heads. Joe was the class clown and lucky for Zoe and I we had the pleasure of spending the four classes a year with him and it had been that way for the last eleven years. It was to be expected that he’d have some smartass remark to every incredibly useless question a teacher would ask.

‘Well I would hope—‘ Mr Stevens was cut off by a loud knock on the class room door. And that was a sign of trouble, a knock on the door meant two things either someone was being called to the head office to talk to principal or someone was late to a class which in turn ended you up detention. With a quick scan of the room I took in everybody’s faces;

Joe, Ben, Luke, Kate, Maya, Harry, Jazz, Logan, Jay, Tyler, Willow, Danni, Cole, Zoe and me.

We were all here which left us with opinion number one. I thought back to yesterday and earlier this morning to make sure I hadn’t done anything out of line, that was the last thing I need for the principal of the school calling my father to tell him I had miss behaved. Oh god how would he react how--

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices.

‘You’re late Mr Bridge, if you’re moving into my class your tardiness will have to end here, I don’t stand for it.’

I turned in time to see a smug smile spread across Jackson Bridge’s face. Well this ought to be good.

‘Then maybe you should sit.’ And there it was the one liner that would start Mr Stevens rant for the hour we still had left of this class. What a great way to start a Monday morning.

‘Well I never.’ Mr Steven said in shock. I watch as student’s heads moved watching both Mr Stevens and Jackson reactions. ‘See me after class Mr Bridge, now take a seat.’ He yelled readjusting his suit. It was a gesture he used regularly, a sign of stress, awkwardness and anger. I was going to go out on a limb here and saying that this time it was definitely anger.

‘Please, call me Jack.’ Jackson said as he made his way to an empty seat, which was unfortunately directly next to me. I sighed in annoyance as the school bad boy dumped his bag on the floor before making as much noise as possible pulling out his chair and sitting in. Realising that both the teacher and all the students in our class staring at him, he gave an encouraging look to Mr Stevens and said, ‘carry on.’ Causing Mr Stevens face to turn bright red in anger and my jaw to drop open in surprise of how rude Jackson could actually be.

I had dealt with bad boy ways several time since he moved to the school four years ago and everything he did still seem to shock me.

As the class moved on with the lesson I spent the next hour trying to ignore Jack’s attempts to annoy me and Mr Stevens attempts to teach the class about coincident. As soon as the bell rang for lunch and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

‘Well that was fun.’ Zoe said in a drawl voice as she trailed after me in the halls

‘No kidding.’ I said with a sigh. We finally made it to our lockers, only being pushed out of the way by some ones shoulder once.

‘Oh look at him,’ Zoe said as we shut our lockers. ‘Do you think he ever stops?’ I turn to see Jack leaning on the lockers across the hall looking down at a girl how looked terrified.

‘He’s not that scary.’ I say making my way over to them.

That’s when I hear Jack insult loud and clear. Was it really possible to even more of a jerk then he already was, I thought to myself.

‘Why do you wear a bra, there’s nothing there.’ He said.

Me as girl with what I classified as an average boob size - though by male standard they were probably a lot small then I thought – I hated it when a guy or another girl made stupid comments such as what Jack just said to the poor girl infront of him, it always made me mad. So I thought might as well tell him what I think. Mistake number one.

‘Why do you wear pants?’ I said butting into their conversation.Just keep eye contact and he’ll feel intimidated. Mistake number two.

‘Because if I didn’t, there would be a big problem at this school.’ Third mistake looking down at his pants. That there was a face palm moment without a doubt. ‘See something you like?’ he asked with a Smirk.

‘No, because I don’t see anything there at all.’ I said smugly, giving him a smirk matching his own when I hear the girl standing next to me let out a chuckle.

‘You’re funny Leah, I’ll see you ladies later.’ He said with a wink before making his way down the hall to the cafeteria. All I could do was stand there with a frown plaster to my face.

‘I thought your name was Scarlet.’ The girl beside said turn to face me with a confused looked on her face.

‘It is.’

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