The Unexpected Life of a Rebellious Teen

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What happens when everything you’re used to and know gets broken, your family falls apart, your memories fade and your life gets turned upside down?

For Regan Kennedy it’s normal to get in trouble these days but I bet she never expected her trouble would cause this… her father has just moved in with Meredith a Barbie twelve years his junior and her carbon copies hell child Rachel. After getting herself expelled from her normal everyday school for rebelling against the principal Regan is forced to in roll to Rachel’s snob feast of a school, Regan will never expect the outcome of her new unwanted life

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Unexpected Life of a Rebellious Teen

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I am Regan Kennedy – no way related to the 35th president of the United States, me and my family (well me and my dad) we’re lone Kennedy’s. I am a normal teen of average height, shoe size and boob size however I would like to lose the kilo’s building up on my hips. I am new to life of being seventeen this only being the second week after my birthday in early January and I can tell you now, that this is going to be a bad year for both me and my dad. Ever since dad’s been dating his new barbie that’s twelve years his junior I’ve been for lack of a better word, rebelling. My Father Tom Kennedy is in his mid-forties and is going through what people would call a midlife crisis…

Most men his age when entering this stage of their life would buy a flashy car or a yacht but no, my dad gets a new girlfriend. My dad is the type of father that you’re always really close to. You know the type that everybody loves, like a best friend, someone you can tell anything to but backs off when you ask him to explain every last detail of dating in high school. However he can resite plumbing for dummies from cover to cover if need be. But since mum went five years ago he’s been lost, and doesn’t know how to deal with me or what I do.


I guess I don’t like that fact that he’s moving one to another woman after being so madly in love with mum, so to show how much I dislike Meredith and her devil spawn Rachel I rebel. I stayed out past curfew, I sometime drink alcohol; sneak into clubs and gate crash parties, I distract myself from my real life. The one I go home to every night, the life I used to love  when mum was there to tell me everything was going to turn around and get better no matter how bad or big the problem and I use to believe that once upon a time…


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