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MY BREATHING HITCHED AS I scanned the note down over and over. What in the world was happening to Aaron right now?! I just wanted to scream, and maybe punch something. I just wanted to run around and flail my arms while throwing things up in the air and breaking a chandelier that’ll break the whole room. I just wanted to wreck the whole classroom with a wrecking ball; not unclothed, of course. No one better bother me today.

I feel like one of those overprotective mothers. I’m not sure if I was handling the situation any better or any worse, but like I said before, I just wanted to scream right there in that classroom. I just wanted to bolt right out that door and find whoever is sending me this riddle-rhyme-thing. My mind was going crazy.

Why did Aaron have to just disappear?! If he never disappeared, this would’ve never happened. Matter of fact, if she didn’t give in to him, she wouldn’t have to be worrying so much about him.

Well, if that was how Fate wanted it to be, so be it. Fate would plan everyone’s lives ever since they started to exist. Fate would choose whether to make a mother get miscarriage or to let them live. Fate would choose when one would die. Fate would choose who would encounter who. Fate did all of that, on the day you were born. They were pretty much writing my life as a novel.

Everyone had a purpose in life, whether it was a small one which portrayed how to make better decisions and how to look at life better, verse a purpose that was like saving people’s lives or being on the run. And, my purpose in life? Well, I never knew what it was until Aaron disappeared. My purpose in life is to find him, no matter what. And that’s that.

I didn’t really favor my purpose in life though. I would rather have a simple life, where I would realize that my purpose in life was that some people can just get on your nerves. Or maybe something like some people can be very persistent and stubborn. Okay, I just turned this from a very educational lesson about purposes in life to me ranting about how persistent and stubborn Aaron was when he tried to be my friend.

I sighed as the bell finally rang throughout the school, signaling the end of the school day. I darted out of the school grounds, making my way back home. I did not want some more creepy papers flying in my way.


Great, someone just wanted to get in my way. I was already in a cranky mood.

I spun on my heels and found myself face to face with one of the very known people at my school. In other words, the people that I despised the most. I wasn’t jealous about how many friends they had, I would never be. I just hated their want for attention and more friends.

“Go away or I will scar that perfect face of yours,” I spat in her face.

“Hey,” she frowned, “you have a pretty face too.”

I rolled my eyes, noticing that she didn’t know I was trying to insult her and not compliment her. I growled at her with a venomous glare, “What do you want?”

She cleared her throat. “I don’t know if you properly know my name, but I’m Emma Venn.”

I rolled my eyes again. “That’s great. And I am not paying any more attention.”

“Please, I just want to become friend with you!” Emma pleaded.

“Any, why would you want to do that?” I continued glaring at her. “That would probably be the last thing you would want to do.”

“Not it’s not!” Emma protested. She held up my hands, but I shook her off.

“I am not looking forward to being friends with anyone, got it?” I snapped. I whipped back around and began walking in the direction of my home.

“But, wait!” Emma came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder, but I violently shook it off.

“What am I waiting for?” I growled, not turning around to look Emma in her eyes. I sighed and continued on my route home. If she’d not going to say anything to me, then so be it. I’ve got much better things to worry about.

“You became friends with the famous Aaron Salvon!” Emma yelled behind me as I walked away. “Why can’t you become friends with me?!”

I steps faltered until I was at a complete stop. I whipped back around and stomped towards the girl. How did she know that?! The only people that knew that was her family, Ty, and—of course—Aaron. And, Ty does not go to my school, I know that for sure.

Ty, Aaron, my family, and I all planned to keep it a secret. Ty had already been friends with Aaron before he was friends with me, so I’ve known him for awhile, and he wouldn’t spoil a secret like being friends with Aaron. And I did not want to draw attention to myself; it was my least favorite thing to do. My family kept it secret so that they wouldn’t have reporters all on our front lawn every morning, despite my mom wishing to be famous or something.

Aaron didn’t want to draw attention to either of his two friends. He knew that the paparazzi would be brewing up some sort of juicy news about it if they found out anyway. And, he didn’t want to involve the public with his friendships that he’s had since he was young. He wanted to keep them simple, like normal friendships. I had always rejected Ty though.

And, here I was facing Emma about the whole ordeal. How did she find out about it anyway? We all promised a long time ago to not tell anyone when Aaron became an actor at twelve years old.

I sighed, trying to control my anger. I decided to play innocent about the situation. “What . . . are you talking about?”

“You haven’t heard?” Emma tilted her head.

“Heard what?” I snarled.

“There’s been a rumor going on.”

“Of course you’d know that!” I waved my arms frantically in the air. “You are the center of attention. And, what is this rumor about anyway?”

“The rumor’s about you being friends with the actor Aaron Salvon.”

“Well, yeah. I’ve already realized that now,” I impatiently commented. “I meant for you to tell me more.”

“One of my friends, Anna Centre, claimed that she found you and Aaron sitting on the grass under a bridge near a river talking and laughing.” Emma gasped for breath like it was hard to breathe. I shouldn’t blame her, from the way I was glaring at her. “She was really excited to see Aaron Salvon in the flesh though. But, she was really surprised when she found you being so friendly towards him. I was pretty surprised myself when I heard her tell me.”

I rolled my eyes, keeping my venomous glare upon her. “It’s only a rumor. You can’t expect to believe anything about it. And anyway, why would someone like me be friends with a guy like him?”

She shrugged. “I believe everything my friends say to me.”

“So you believe everything the whole school says to you?”

“I’m not friends with the whole school!”

“Fine, fine,” I replied. “Being honest though, it’d be three fourths of the whole school.”

Emma smiled and I raised an eyebrow, staring confusingly at the pleased girl.

“What are you smiling at? Is one of your believable friends behind me?”

“No, it’s just that, you’re opening up to me a little,” Emma said.

“It’s just that my venomous glare and retorts are faltering the more I talk to you. So you better keep this simple.” I glared daggers at her.

She chuckled. “And, when you said that how could someone like him be friend with you? I just don’t know how you really act when you’re actually being friendly. So, I can’t really say for now. But, by judging what my friend, Anna, said about how you guys acted together, I could tell that you could be a really nice friend.

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, yeah whatever. If you don’t mind, I’ll be taking my leave now. And just to let you know, I would never involve myself with someone that so many people know, like for instance, a really famous actor named Aaron Salvon.”

Emma continued to smile. “But, you never answered if you wanted to become my friend or not.

“Isn’t that obvious from the way that I’ve been acting?” I shot back at her.

“I just wanted to ask again. You know, you could really use a friend, and I wanted to be that friend, since your only other friend, Aaron is gone. Though, I’m not sure if he’s your only friend, but I’ll be glad to be a friend of yours. It’d be fun, you know?”

“I’ve already told you once, I’ve already told you twice. I am not friends with Aaron Salvon!” I nearly screamed in her face. “So stop bickering me so much. And, I have no need for a friend. I’ve already got one up my sleeve that I’m trying to ignore who wants to be my friend too.”

“You sure?” She cocked her head sideways.

“Oh, I’m absolutely positive. So you better remember that.” I glared one more time at her, before turning my back and trudging away.

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