Everything I Have Ever Wanted

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - What Do I Expect?

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



Chapter One:

It was almost time. Just one more minute, and I'd finally get to meet my idols I've loved for four years. My heart pounding in my chest, I walk up to the line, the drummer of the band, Ellington Ratliff, starting me off. I don't hesitate speaking to him. I give him the picture of R5, and the picture of him to sign. I smile to him. "You did great tonight Ell!" I exclaim happily. He smiles, and high-fives me.
"Thanks! I try my best."
"You don't even have to try Ell. You were just born funny."I tell him, making him laugh. I reach out for a hug across the table, and he accepts. Moving us along, I run into the guitarist, Ross Shor, next. He signs his picture and the R5 picture, and we hug, exchanging a few words. "You're amazing Ross. I love you as Austin. You're just so great."
"Thanks so much," he smiles. "It really means alot to me. Thank you." he says. We hug, and I move to Rocky Mark next, the lead guitarist, and he signs his picture and the R5 picture too."Rocky, you're a genius songwriter! Please, never stop writing great songs!"
"Don't you worry, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon." he laughs, as I hug him, and then move onto the only girl in the band, Rydel Mary, who plays keyboards. "Rydel, this is for you." I say, giving her the Hello Kitty bracelet that says 'BESTIES', with Hello Kitty on it. I was wearing a matching one. She giggles, and puts it on immediately. "This is so perfect! Thank you so much!" she giggles, hugging me for a few seconds longer than everyone else. I giggle, and hug back. "I love you so much Rydel. #R5Family for life!"
"Yea! #R5Family rocks!" she says back, high-fiving me, before I end my meet-and-greet, moving onto my favorite band member. The bassist, Riker Anthony. He smiles at me, making my face blush. "Hi Riker." I say shyly, wiping my bangs back, but failing as they fall back into place.
"Hi!" he exclaims, signing his picture and the R5 picture.
"Riker, I just have to say, you are the best thing in my life right now. And the rest of your family. I love you all so much." I confess, blushing wildly. If only he knew how much I was in love with him. "Thank you so much, I'd do anything to put a smile on my fans faces!" he exclaims, with a small, comfortable laugh. I laugh quietly along. I give him a hug, and to my dissapointment, my sleeve rolls upaccidentally when my sleeve gets stuck on one of his fan braceletes, exposing him to my arm.Which was completely covered in new, and old scars.

He told me not to leave, and gave me a quick, secure kiss on my cheek before I was pushed away from another fan. We still had photos to take anyway. So, to occupy my time, I head over to the merchandise table. Picking up an R5 shirt, and a few 'R5rocks.com' bracelets, I check out. Waiting for a little while longer, about half-an-hour,Ryland announces photos next. Everyone gets in a line again, and about twenty minutes later, I'm with R5 again. I give Ryland my camera, and stand next to Riker. His arm wraps around my waist, and I wrap my arm around the front of his stomach. Taking another silly one where we're all making hearts with our fingers, I turn to Riker. He hands me a small slip off paper, and smiles warmly. I slide it into my pocket, and he kisses my cheek softly again."I'm here for you. Just smile." he whispers, before I'm pushed along. Giving Ryland a quick hug, and a thanks, I take my camera, and start back for my car.Once arriving back to my car, I unlock the doors, and sit down, starting up the engine. Slowly, I take out the slip of paper, take a deep breath, and unfold it. Tears srping in my eyes as I read his cell phone number, and the note underneath. 'I love you <3' I let a tear fall, and drive home. I'd call him later tonight when he would be on his tour bus.

Nervously, I unfold Riker's note again, take my cell phone, and dial in his number. My heart beating so fast, I press 'Call', and put it to my ear. Almost ending the call, he answers. "Hello?"
"Riker? Hi, it's me Emily... The girl you met at the meet-and-greet today."
"Emily! Hi! I was umm, thinking about you today... Why'd you leave, we would've let you stay...?"
"I just wasn't sure what your note said, and didn't want to make things more awkward."
"Things were never awkward Em. I know it's eleven o'clock at night, but are you feeling okay?"
"Umm... Yea, momentarily. Now that I'm talking to my idol... I'm sorry, I... I should've hid those better."
"Don't be ridiculous Emily! We really want to help you... I haven't told the others, but I'm sure they'd love to help too! We're staying in Cleveland for awhile, for like a few months actually... Andre had some things to do with his family, and the tour has been delayed. We wouldn't mind having you stay with us to be sure you're safe."
"No, Riker, that's not neccessary! I.... I'm... fine."
"No you aren't. I'll come pick you up. Mind telling me where you're staying?" he asks. I sigh, knowing he'd win the battle, and gave him my address. I brushed my hair through, and packed two suitcases full of clothes and neccessities I would need. About an hour later, there was a knock on my door. Opening it, I was very happy, and relieved to see the love of my life (He would nver know that), Riker Lynch. "Riker... Hey." I greet, sleepily. I really was sleepy. It was a tough day. "Hey Emily. C'mon, I'll take your bags. Go get in." he tells me. Nodding, I walk out, and am greeted with warmth, walking into the best tour bus of all time that belonged to the awesomest people in the world.

The Lynch family.

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