Is It Meant To Be?

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Lilly, your average 18 year old, receives the best birthday present you could ask for; VIP tickets to see My Chemical Romance. Facing the chance to meet the man of her dreams, literally, will everything go to plan? Or will certain events send her dreams crashing and burning?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Is It Meant To Be?

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012




Holding her cheek in his hand, he ran the callused pad of his thumb over her turned up cheek. Just a hint of teeth shone through her closed-lip smile. Gerard smiled to himself at the pure look of joy on her features. Her arms were situated around his neck, with her fingers pulling and tugging at the hair there. Her eyes stayed closed, basking in the pure joy of the moment.  It had been so long since he had felt this happy, this complete.

Gerard changed the direction his thumb that swept across her face, brushing it across her soft and delicate lips. His smile grew wider, exposing his teeth, as her lips parted from the action. Her eyes opened from their slumber to look into his, the bright green meeting hazely-brown. She smiled, mirroring her face to his. As he looked, he swore he could have dived straight into her soul. Slowly, he lowered his face to hers, as her eye lids fluttered close, lips awaiting impact.


Lilly rolled over in her bed, groaning into her body pillow. Today was the same as any day; she woke up right before the good bit. She could hear her brother moving around in the room across the hall from her, telling her she must have slept in if he was up and moving before her. Sighing to herself she threw her arm out from under the covers and grabbed her iPhone. She typed in her password, MCR5, and started scrolling her news feed.

After five minutes of scrolling and finding absolutely nothing useful, Lilly tossed back the covers and slide from the comfort of her bed. She walked over to her dresser and riffled through her clothes. She pulled out her Three Cheers band shirt and a pair of black skinnies. She pulled her waist length ginger hair back into a braid and left her room.

She wandered down the long hall way and into the kitchen and collapsed into her chair at the table. “You know, Lil, I’ve bought you more clothes then those band shirts.” Lilly’s mother scoffed from behind the counter.

“I know that. But these are better.” Lilly’s voice was muffled by her arm which she was laying on.

“Well, do you want anything for breakfast at least?”

“Nah, Ali should be here soon.” She raised her head from her arm and walked off towards the bathroom that was adjacent to the kitchen.

“So, you’re going out with her today?”

“Yeah, it is Saturday isn’t it?” Again, her voice was muffled but this time by her tooth brush.

“Stupid question.” Leah said and went back to making herself breakfast.

Lilly rinsed her mouth and flashed herself a smile in the mirror. Her teeth were finally straight, after a year and a half of braces. Reaching into the first draw on the left of the sink, Lilly pulled out her make up bag and started to do her make-up, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. She left the bathroom and headed toward her room. She grabbed her bag and crouched down to slip her black converse on. Once they were half done up on both feet she heard the familiar beep of her best friend’s car. 

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” Ali yells as she winds the passenger window down. Lilly giggles to herself as she runs down her drive way and tumbles into the car with Ali. “I have a surprise for you!” Ali practically yells.

“It’s not another, come on, you’ll look great in pink surprise is it?” Lilly shuddered out.

“Nope, this is something you’ll love. And I mean love!”

“Well then continue keeping me in suspense. Not like I want to know. Great job.”

“Oh, shut it or you don’t get your surprise.”

“Fine, what is it?!”

“We’re going to the My Chem Concert!” The rest of what Ali had tried to say was drowned out by Lilly’s scream.

“What?! No! You couldn’t! I can’t even! But! Tickets!” Lilly practically screamed out at the speed of light. “They don’t come on sale for another month!”

“And this is why you love me, Uncle Joe is working the venue, he was able to get me the tickets pre released and it gets better! They’re VIP!”

Lilly fainted. 

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