Behind Cold Fire

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Liana- Joy transfers to a new school: Foxgrove Valley and befriends the school's "cool kids" but for acceptance she has to go through some painful consequences...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Behind Cold Fire

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013



I walk downstairs to the living room. Sitting on the couch was Melissa Hawthorne; a close friend of mine who i've known since i was five. I pick up my schoolbag and walk over to her.

"Shall we get going now?" I ask her, motioning towards the door.

"Yeah" She replies, also picking up her schoolbag. She gets up and looks at me.

"Mum! we're going now!" I shout into the kitchen. My mum walks out the kitchen and hugs me and Melissa.

"Have a good day at your new school you two" She says happily looking at both of us. "Oh and Melissa, your mother's coming back from Scotland today" She adds.

Melissa nods and walks over to the door. I follow her and together we walk to school. We look around the school grounds at everyone. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and having fun. I feel Melissa nudge my arm, I turn to her.

"What?" I say. She points infront of us. I look over to where she's pointing. The headteacher is making his way over to us, I freeze.

"You two must be Ms. Hawthorne and Ms. Khaos, if i'm not mistaken " He says with no emotion.

We nod silently. He looks down at us with subtle disgust, turns around and calls everyone into the school. We do as instructed and go into the school, we start to look for room three when we are stopped by a short red-headed girl.

"Hey there, you two are the new kids, aren't ya?" she says, smiling at us

"Yeah we are, do you know where room three is?" i ask.

"yeah, 'course i do, thats my class" The girl cheerfully says

"Could you take us there, that's the class we was put into" I ask calmly.

"Yeah, sure! I'm Echo by the way" She says extending her hand to me.

"I'm Liana, Liana Khaos and this is Melissa Hawthorne" I say as i shake Echo's hand. She smiles and extends a hand to Melissa. Melissa shrugs and looks out the window. Echo drops her hand to her side and sneers.

"Rude" I hear her mutter. Echo and I start to walk to room three, leaving Melissa to slowly follow behind us.

"So, what are you?" Echo asks.

"uh, what?" i say quietly, looking at her confused.

"You know, what are you?" Echo says looking back at me

"Oh! well... i don't know yet..."I say quietly, looking at the floor

"It's ok, sometimes it's hard to figure out what you are" Echo says

"So, what are you?" I say looking back up at her curiously

"I'm a demon, didn't notice the tail?" she says happily.

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