I never meant to kill her

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



Next morning.....


I wake up to find my phone buzzing. I pick it up and answer it.

"Hello, Jaziana Bowdian here, who is this?" I ask the caller

"Hello Jaz, feel guilty yet?" Answers the voice

I sit up straight so fast i tumble forwards and falls off the bed, what do they mean by 'feel guilty yet'.

"What do you mean?" i start to worry

"Oh, lets see..... will the name Kinny ring a bell in the stupid little brain of yours?" the voice sneers

"How do you....." the voice hangs up. I slowly bring the phone down and put it onto the carpet. I should check on Kinny.

I get dressed into blue track pants, hoodie and vest top and start to run to where i last saw Kinny. I slowed down when i got near and cautiously walked forward. My phone started to ring again, i answered it.

"Hey Jaz, its Nathan, haven't seen Kinny have you? The police are out looking for her, Mr. Shroeder is going mental"

"No....no i haven't, sorry" i say calmly

"Oh...well ok then, see ya soon" He says and hangs up the phone.

I put my phone away and continue walking to the pit. I crouch down and look over the edge, a horrible feeling suddenly appears. Its deep another for her to break her neck or die from impact. I get up and look for an entrance in the pit. I see a ladder. I walk over to it and slowly grab onto it, then, i start to move cautiously down the ladder.

When i get to the bottom, i almost puke. A horrible stench fills my nose and choke on it. I look around, its too dark to see anything but i have a feeling something is down here. i sigh and wish i never came down here. i turn to the ladder and start to climb it.

"JAZZZZ!" somethin screams beneath me, i immediately freeze to the spot....

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