I never meant to kill her

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



I stay completely still. After a few seconds i slowly move upwards, still shaking from what i heard. Once i get to the top i turn around and look down into the pit. Silence. I probably just imagined the scream i think to myself, i turned back around and started to walk away. I walk to Nathan's house and knock on the door. Carl, one of friends answers. That's Odd, what's he doing here?

"Hey Jaz, erm... you don't mind Mrs. Shroeder being 'round do ya?" Carl asks

Oh no, Mrs. Shroeders here. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Erm... act calm. Breathe in, breathe out.

"No, i don't mind" I say

Carl gestures for me to come in. I anxiously walk in. Carl shuts the door behind me and leads me into the living room. Surprisingly, my other friend is here. Tricia. Mrs. Shroeder only waves at me as she's to busy crying. I sit down on the sofa quietly and look down at my feet.

"Don't worry, Mrs. S hopefully we'll find her" Says Tricia, as she tries to calm Mrs. Shroeder down.

"Yeah, Tricia's right, we'll find her" i say reasurringly to Mrs. Shroeder

Mrs. Shroeder calms down and looks at all of us, she sighs. Then she smiles.

"I got to be going now anyway, see you soon" She says. She gets up and walks out the door, leaving us in the living room. We all sit silently looking at eachother with distressed faces. Mine is by far the worse distressed face. Tricia walks out the room to the bathroom leaving me, Nathan and Carl.

"I hope we find Kinny soon" Carl says running his fingers through his black, scruffy hair.

Me and Nathan nod. Suddenly, my phone rings. i answer it.

"Hello again Jaziana" Its the voice again. i freak out

"What do you want" I ask, trying to sound casual

"I want you to confess about what you did to Kinny or i'll tell everyone myself!" it replys

I turn off my phone and put it away. i wish i never answered it.

"Who was that, Jaz?" asks Nathan curiously

"Errr... no one, hey, i've got to be going now, so erm... bye!" i say and run out the front door. I run as far away as possible from Nathan's, i don't bother running home. I run straight past it and i don't stop. I need time to myself and think over what i've done. i get on a bus and sit at the back of it and relax. A boy sits infront of me who looks familiar. Brunette hair defiantly looks familiar. I realise it's one of the nerds in our class, Randy. I tap him on the shoulder. He jumps and turns around.

"Where are you going, Randy?" i ask.

"To a friends house, you?" He replys, still a bit shaken up.

"Anywhere, really" i say, moving me auburn hair out my face.

After a few minutes talking about favorite hobbies i said goodbye to Randy and got off the bus. Great, it's bloody cold and i'm to far from my house. I look around, well not that far, I'll see if Shani is in. I run to Shani's to house and ring the doorbell. Shani openns the door and looks at me surprised.

"Hey Shani erm, you don't mind me staying for the night, do you?" I ask looking hopeful

Shani smiles and gestures me in. Shani is the most amazing friend ever, i come here whenever i feel down, Anyways, i walk in and into the kitchen with Shani.

"Want a cuppa, Jaz?" She says in her lovely british accent. I nod and sit down on a chair.

"You 'av two sugars, don't ya?" She asks flicking her neon blue hair out her face.

"Yeah, i do" i reply. i look down at my hands. What if 'the voice' tell the police about who killed Kinny, which is obviously me.

My phone rings. i look down at it, it's the voice. again...


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