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Louise recently moved to Starsbuckle and meets a new friend, Rita and goes into the sunflower field. When she gets home, she finds a diary that shows a strange drawing of a burrow in the sunflowers. Can she find out what the mysterious burrow hides?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Stuvia

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012



Chapter 1


I looked around; no one was here except me and the river in the countryside. I looked down into the water, I moved here from the city, away from my friends and most of my family. I asked mum if I could live with dad, but she snapped back saying he shouldn’t deserve a child. They had an argument over dad not caring about the house and me and mum, so mum left dad and moved here. I looked back up; it’s amazing how different it is here, away from the city.

I hear a noise behind me and turn around, a girl who looks the same age as me stood in front of me. “Hello” I say to her, she waves. I turned back around and stared at the fields. The girl walks up beside me and joins in staring, “You’re new in Starsbuckle, aren’t you” she said also staring into the fields. I nodded. “What’s it like ‘ere?” I said “In Starsbuckle?” She looked at me, I looked back, “its ok” she said. “I’m Louise” I said, she smiled “Rita”. We both shook hands, “I need to get back to the village” said Rita “do you want to come with me?”. I smile and walk with her back to the village.

The village is quite small and smells of lemon. “Want to go to the sunflower fields?” asked Rita, I looked at her, “alright” I said and we both turned left down the road to the sunflower fields. We both walked into the fields by a path that leads into them. I looked around; the whole area was filled with bright, yellow sunflowers. “Shall we go into the fields off the path?” asked Rita, I stopped dead in my tracks, “what, no” I said, “oh, come on Louise” she begged, “no” I said firmly. Rita smiled, “you aren’t a chicken are you” she started to laugh. I didn’t. “I don’t want to risk getting lost, sorry Rita” I said. “We could go tomorrow” Rita smiled at me. We both walked out the sunflower fields back down into the village. “I got to be going now” said Rita. “Well see ya, then” I said, and she left. I sighed and walked the route back home; the only good thing about moving here was that we moved into a manor.

I opened the door and walked inside, “mum, I’m home!” I shout into the house, I shut the door behind me. I took off my blue hoodie and threw it on the floor and walked upstairs to the library, to explore. In the library, there were already tons of books there from the last owners, I went up to one of the bookcases and had a look at the books, nothing of my interest, I was just about to turn around, when an old looking book caught my eye. I walked over to it; I took it off the bookcase.

I looked at it. It was a mouldy, brown colour and smelt of a familiar flower I smelt before. I wondered what type of flower it is, but couldn’t think of any that smell like this. I tucked my blonde hair behind my ear and opened the book:

Staria Inada: 1817- 1828, Starsbuckle

I looked at it again; she died when she was eleven. I took the book to a nearby table and sat down; I placed the book on the table and opened it on the first page. It read:




“Hmm... she’s eight” I murmured


‘I just moved to a village called Starsbuckle, it’s alright here, but it’s a bit to quiet for my liking, everyone always is inside their home and all the children are quiet when they play. The house we moved in is massive, I think it’s a manor, I’m going exploring now.’


I got up and put the diary where I found it. I walked out the library and up a second flight of stairs and into my bedroom; I sat down on my bed and stared at the wall, I wonder how little Staria died. I wonder about things a lot. I got up and went over to my wardrobe, I got my pyjamas on and slipped into bed, I stared outside thinking of the sunflowers and how they’re the only flowers in the village. Sunflowers. Sunflowers! The diary smelt of sunflower, I got up, maybe Staria died in the sunflower fields, she probably had the diary with her when she died, and if she was found, the people who found her must of took the diary back here. I almost fell out of bed. I ran out my bedroom and down the second flight of stairs back into the library. I found the diary and took it of the bookcase. I went to the table and sat down; I flipped through the pages to 1828, one of the entries caught my eye. I stopped flipping the pages to read it:

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