The forest in the south

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Every year the teenagers in the village of deadtree are taken to the south, When Emerald and her friends get there they find a mysterious forest...Full of evil.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The forest in the south

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



The Forest In The


By Lozzy G


Chapter 1


The sun was beaming through my window when I woke up, I stared outside the window, then the alarm clock, it was 7 ‘o’ clock in the morning. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, I slipped out of bed and walked up to my closet; I got out my clothes and threw them on my bed, then sat down. I sighed, I wish I could remember what is happening today, I have a habit of forgetting things, anyway, I got dressed in my red and white chequered shirt and jogging bottoms and walked out my bedroom door. When I got to kitchen I saw my sister, Lavender.

“Hey” she said. She was eating waffles; she’s twelve and doesn’t get along with our mum, Izola. I don’t blame her, she tried to drown Lavvy’s cat, Maggie, a brown, fat cat, poor thing, had its tail amputated because a disease it had. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, once I finished I looked into the mirror, a dirty-blonde girl, with emerald eyes stared back. Emerald. My mother named me after the colour of my eyes since I’m the only person in the family that has green eyes, mother said it’s unusual to have green eyes when my she and my father both had blue. I sighed and walked back into the kitchen, Lavvy was gone, she’s probably milking the goats by now. I found my leather boots near the back door; I put them on and walked outside. We live on a farm in a little town called Deadtree, I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Though, it’s better than Pixieland or something stupid like that. I go onto the farm and harvest some potatoes, spring onions, garlic and Swede I take them into our little workhouse on the farm and wash them in the sink that we have in there, and then I put them in basket on the counter. I walk back onto the farm with the basket and walked to the other side of it. I opened the gate that leads to the road and walked down it into town, my mother has a shop down there where we sell the goods from our farm; she leaves me and Lavvy behind in the morning because most of the people in the village wake up at 5, she tries so hard to get enough money to feed us, but that won’t ever happen, the village is poor and everyone hates to spend it on things that won’t last them a week, so the prices are really cheap in the shop, and my mother comes home with only ten pound or less. The village is quite small and is filled with stalls and houses; I walked to the shop that said ‘Izola’s goods’ and opened the door. I walked up to the counter and wrung the bell; my mother came out the doorway behind the counter and saw what I had. “Thank you darling, could you buy some food with this ten pound note, and then go to the mayor with these pumpkins, Emma” said Izola “sure” I said as I took the basket with the pumpkins. “Thanks, here’s the ten pound” Izola said. I walked outside and carried on down the road.

Some rather strange looking plant bulbs on a market stall caught my attention. I walked over to investigate, “excuse me?” I said to the brown haired boy “What are those?” he smiled “they’re Octnato; you can eat them if you’re wondering” he said. I looked at them; they’re a dark shade Of blue and quite big “where did you get them?” I asked, “My dad goes hunting in the forest, for animals and plants” he said.

“How much do they cost?” I ask picking one up and looking at it more closely, “50p each” he said “you live on the farm, don’t you?” I picked up four Octnato and put it in the basket “yeah, I do” I replied as I gave him two pound. “Cool” he said “I’m castor” I looked at him “Emerald” I said. Castor gave me a confused face, “Emma, for short” I added. He nodded, “I’d better be going” I said, “yeah, don’t forget, all of the teenage workers are going to the south today” he said. I froze. Now I remember, all the teens who are working gets taken to the south, to live a better life for 2 weeks there; it has electricity, we don’t have it here, we only get it from the mayor, when we can though, he’s a right snob, he likes to watch us live without electricity for a week or two, then show off with his music on full blast and every single light on in the house, to show that he is much better than us. I walk up to his manor and ring the bell. He opens the door. “Ah, the pumpkins, thank you, sweetheart” he said “here’s the forty pound for them” he said taking out some notes; I’ve never seen that much money in my life.



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