The Final Echo

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this story will have 4 main characters, and will swap between each of these. it can get very gory, and very detailed in the gore but i will try my best and hope it pleases u.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Final Echo

Submitted: November 02, 2013

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Submitted: November 02, 2013



Chapter I - Leon


Running through the empty corridoors of an abandoned warehouse being chased by demonic wolves is not a good field trip, trust me. I dont know what other people see, but in my eyes, these are definitely not wolves. Dark crimson colour with jagged limbs and pulsating viens lashing onto you from the sides of a mouldy carcass is not part of my daily life, and im sure a wolf doesnt do that. In Thailand, maybe. But not in New Jersey. I dont think they even have wolves in New Jersey.

I jump over a fallen column and continue my escape, to come to a locked door. “Shit!” I turn and run to my right, and appear in an empty hallway. Looking left and right, I realise there is no way out except back the way I came. I consider trying to run back through and find another route before the creatures find me, but luck isn't on my side as hordes of the mangled beasts swarm throught the doorway and surround me, circling me like im their meal.


I pull out a sliver of metal from the inside of my left sleeve, and as I whisper the ancient words of Skeleptos, it extends outwards until I am holding 2 deadly Stygion iron daggers, and hold them outwards towards the beasts. Realising that given there are at least 30 or more of the demons, and only one of me, I know going close combat on them will just get me killed. Hell, im probably gonna die anyway, but that is just being too cocky, even for me. I push them together and they fuse, forming a wicked double ended blade, and it makes me feel a bit more comfortable for the extra distance. As the first beast strikes, the others follow and I scream, “Senatos!” and charge into the fray.

Slicing through the beast guts and hacking at their faces has never felt so enduring, and I can tell it works much better than yoga; trust me, this is experience talking. Covered in blood, guts and various body parts, I walk away from the massacre and am about to leave when I hear a growl from behind. I turn around only to be ripped off the floorboards and slammed into the ceiling. Collapsed onto the floor, I stagger to my feet and face the beast, only to find it twice the size than the rest and even more greusome, as if someone zoomed in on high definition.

I swear I could even see the different individual strands of flesh between it's teeth as it bared its fangs and crouched, facing me. Now this is enough to make anyone puke, but the smell just topped it. Rotton flesh and dried blood filled my nostrils as I hurled all across the floor, and the demon just looked at me, and I could swear it was saying 'Dude, really?' it crouched down low and prepared to strike, and I got a dumbass idea; now everyone hates sick, but ive learnt not to underestimate the power of puke.

As the demon ran towards me I placed a finger on the edge of my sick,  I simply wispered “zemphro” and watched as the pile of puke became a blob of acid, and the demon landed right in the middle. It started to shrill out in pain as I watched its legs and bones dissolve in front of me, and i swear that if it wanted to deafen me, it was doing a bloody good job. as it collapsed in the puddle and its body began to dissolve, blood spilled onto the floor and sizzled, evaporating as veins and arteries melted into the pool. After two minutes of pain and torment (for the beast;i was wiping the blood of of my blades and storing them up my sleeve) I turned on my heel and walked away, leaving a still functioning eyeball, and half chewed lungs on the decking. Worst. Spoils. Ever.

Chapter II – Sam


“We cant allow you to stay here Sam; youve destroyed five tanks, decapitated 16 training dummies and teared 9 off your team mates limbs in half during sparring; youre just too dangerous!” as I packed my gear and left the army bunker, those thoughts just couldnt escape my mind. Everywhere I go ive been kicked out; rejected, just because even though im only 19 I could knock out a heavywieght champion with one jab. Been there, done that, said I cheated with steroids. Jealous F*ckers. I got into my mustang and left the base, driving the 12 miles it takes to reach my home. I turn on the radio for some tunes to calm the nerves, but all I get is news. I turn it up out of boredom, and all I can hear is apocyalypse, end of the world; the usual crap. When will they stop this bullsh*t, its never gonna be believed. The day I believe that crap will be they day the heavens crash upon the mountains. Not gonna happen, dipsh*ts!




I pull into my avenue, and the first thing I notice is theres smoke. Dont they know its not bonfire night till next week? As I approach my house I get the feeling that they are not doing a bonfire; and I was right. My house is on fire. F*ck.charging into my house through the front door, i feel hell. Flames consume me. smoke fills my lungs and tears at my throat. I clamber up the burning stairs to my room. I jump into my door, shredding it in the process. I gather up my prized posessions; my colt.911, my armour, my army knife. my picture of Claire. I Run downstairs, jumping the last three flights and fall straight throught the floor into the basement. I grap all the equipment I can and clamber out of the basement window. I reach my car and pile it all on the back seat, and pull out of the drive. As I pull out I see something reflect in the sunlight. I stop the car and get out. I pick up the object and find its a lighter; Rage starts boiling through my body as I toss it away from me. I get back in the car and start the ignition, pulling out for the drive and onto the highway. I think of all the possible names of who would want to kill me, and why. Dr. Minton. Got to be. He's been after my head ever since he heard of my strength, and he's finally found me . Well guess what, Doc. You found me. Now im gonna find you.

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