Apples and Oranges

Book by: Lucifer Sterling


A story about a boy with an annoying voice in his head that helps him get through the problems of school, making friends and the difficulties at finding true love.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Apples and Oranges

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A story about a boy with an annoying voice in his head that helps him get through the problems of school, making friends and the difficulties at finding true love.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 29, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 29, 2014



Chapter 1

The Battlefeild

This is it
Just take a deep breath, you'll be fine.
They most likely won't pose you any threat.
Just because you are a foreigner doesn't mean that they will treat you badly right?
'..I suppose...'
Good. Now get your self out there and face the world. It's an adventure, just like you've always wanted.

I took a deep breath. The unfamiliarity of cold air piercing my lungs. Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale... 'Ok, I can do this'. Psyching myself up was the only way to ease the thoughts of the upcoming challenge that awaited me. I stepped out of the archway of the front door of my house and carefully made my way past the swimming pool in the front garden. 'The worst thing that could possibly happen right now is if I tripped and fell in there', I muttered to myself as I spied a dead dragonfly floating on the surface of the pool. I approached the gate and took hold of the handle, it was freezing! This cold was such a new experience for me that I couldn't help but smile as I shivered from the touch.'All right', I whispered,'stage one complete. Now for the long walk to to the battlefront'
'You do realize that whispering to yourself only makes yourself look like a delusional idiot right?', a voice exclaimed.
'Well I need to voice my opinion somehow, considering your all bottled up in my head'
'I'm meant to be there remember, considering I am you...get used to it'
'I am used to it, so I'd kindly ask you to stop complaining about it then!', I exclaimed in a raised voice.
'If you keep this up you'll be locked up in solitary confinement for another 7 years', she said with a hint of snark in her tone.
'Well you aren't making it any easier for me! Besides, you'd be locked up in there with me'
'Oh but you do know how much I love annoying you', she laughed.
'Don't I know it', I grumbled,' But please Kira could you tone it down a notch, you do realize how crucial this day is right?'
'Obviously, that's why I'm trying to distract you...see?'
I realized that Kira was helping for once, she made that walk relatively short, thanks to her usual needless remarks. I now stood in front of a building surrounded by a green fence with the gate standing ajar. I could vaguely hear screams coming from inside the building. I swallowed...
'This is going to be fun', chuckled Kira,'Let's see how you will last today'
'Great', I mumbled,'unhelpful Kira is back...'

I took a deep breath and marched with my head held high towards the entrance of the building. The front wall was covered with fliers of parties, donations, fundraisers and lost items. They littered almost every inch of it besides the front door and windows that were coated in a thin layer of ice thus making it hard to see inside. The blurry outlines of people could be faintly seen scurrying around inside, running in circles. I checked my watch, it's said 06:58.'On time as usual, your such a prompt person...the girls must be flocking towards you from all directions', said Kira, sarcasm dripping off everyone of her words.
'Shut it', I hissed.
I took a deep breath and pulled open the door. The sudden burst of heat and light covered my body in a sense of comfort and familiarity, but it was short lived as a around fifty pairs of eyes stared at me questioningly. Dread and fear began to encompass my body once more. Unable to move from the sudden shock and fear, I stood there awkwardly. I could barely hear Kira's voice, she was either offering me help, or laughing at my misfortune, most likely the latter. I clenched my eyes together unable to figure out what I should do. Then seemingly out of nowhere a mans voice said,'Ah Lucifer there you are! I was eagerly waiting for you today. welcome, welcome.'
I opened my eyes and saw there, looming before me a man in what appeared to be a very expensive, very fashionable dark navy blue suit. He wore a pair of square glasses with a gold rimmed frame and was grinning at me with all of his white teeth showing. He grabbed me by the shoulder, and forced my to walk towards the center of the room. He positioned my by his side and addressed all the people that were currently present,'May I have your attention everyone!', the room went silent and the faces that weren't already staring at us turned. The man continued,'This young man here is one of our new students who will be attending our school this year, please make him feel very welcome'. He turned his gaze to me and asked,'Now then, would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to the class?.
I edged forward and stared back at all of the faces of the children and and adults alike, taking in every detail of the room, anxiously trying to ignore the cold sweat that was dripping down my back. 'Say something you numbskull!', insisted Kira.
I gathered up my courage and exclaimed a tad to loudly,'Hello! is..Lucifer..Seraf..and I'm 16 years...old'.
'Tell them something about yourself! Something interesting!', laughed Kira slightly hysterically.
'...My goal is to...kill off everyone on this planet...why? You may ask...the answer is simple...why not?'

At that moment the only thought both Kira and I had was.....'Shit'

This was going to be one interesting year.

© Copyright 2017 Lucifer Sterling. All rights reserved.

Apples and Oranges Apples and Oranges

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



A story about a boy with an annoying voice in his head that helps him get through the problems of school, making friends and the difficulties at finding true love.
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