My Fateful Encounter

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - There is Still Hope

Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013




"What?" Still don't believe what I just heard. "Transfer to Class B? Why?"


"I told you." The principal replied. "Missing a presentation with high points to give means it's possible that you will be transferred to another classroom like Class B, unless..."


"Unless what?" I keep asking questions containing the "what" because I still don't want to accept the decision just yet. But he's saying that there must be a way to get me back to Class A.


"Unless you do the presentation again with another partner."


I widened my eyes in surprise. Do it again? With another partner? Well, it's a nice and a great way to get my grades back in order and I won't be transferred at all am I going to find another partner at this moment?


"S-sir," I began nervously. "When will that be?" I don't really have another choice but to accept his suggestion anyway. Besides, most of my friends are and from Class A. So I don't want to give up yet.


The principal stood up and went to his calendar, looking for the right date of when the other presentation will be held. My legs are shaking because I'm too nervous just by looking at him. He finally looked at me after a while and told me,


"I'll tell your music teacher to let you take it again on Monday. So you and your new partner will be able to practice in the weekend." 


I sighed in relief and stood up to shake his hand. "Thank you so much for giving me another chance."


"Well, I don't want to see a student feeling sad over some little problem. I'm always here to help, Ms. Willows. Come visit me if you ever need anything." The principal smiled and led me outside.


"I will." I replied and I left his office with a little bit of calmness and hope inside me.


As I was about to walk on my way back to class, I saw Rhea, Alex, Mark and Clare in front of me, staring. I don't know how they got here or how they know about it but they sure look like they want to hear everything.


"What did the principal say?" Rhea asked first.


"He said he will transfer me unless if I do the pair presentation again with another partner on Monday." I replied. But how am I going to find him or her now since Saturday is tomorrow?


"So, like you'll do it with another partner? Who?" Mark said.


I took a deep breath and replied to his question. "I...don't know who yet. But I think it would be better that I choose a person who has free time in the weekend."


"Um, sorry Haley." Clare apologized that made me look at her with a surprised expression. "You see, I got a homework that really annoyed me to death I never knew the answers. So I asked Rhea to help me with it tomorrow."


"That's okay." I smiled at her.


"How about Alex?" Mark said aloud and winked at me. I blushed a tiny shade of red and looked at Alex.


"Me?" Alex pointed at himself, surprised with Mark's new suggestion. "W-well, I do have some time so--"


"So it will be you then!" Mark laughed. He seems happy about this. I thought.


"Wait a minute." Alex interrupted him. "Since when are you so happy about this? This is about saving Haley from transferring. This has no time to laugh and be happy about."


"Yeah?" Mark smirked. "Well I just thought that you're the perfect partner for her."


I could see Alex blushing deep scarlet red and he's too embarrassed to fight back.


"All right." He gave up. "I'll do it. But not because you're saying that makes me so interested to be with her as a partner."


"That's the response I'm looking for!" Mark yelled. 


Rhea walked forward and said seriously "Don't you do anything weird and suspicious to Haley. If you do, I'll kill you." 


"Class Prez," Alex began, "you know I won't do that to girls like Haley. Besides, I'm a straight A student, not a delinquent." 


"What did Rhea mean about anything weird and suspicious, Clare?" I whispered to her because I don't know what it means.


Clare gasped in shock and whispered back with a shaky voice. "You don't know?! It's "that"! "


I blushed deeper than usual when I remembered "that". "H-he won't do that at all, right?"


"Ah, he might be." Rhea interrupted us. "He already looks suspicious to me. I don't really trust him as your partner."


"Why? He's good enough fit for a girl like Haley." Clare smiled.


Rhea looked at me and I just made a little grin and she sighed. "All right. I trust him..for now."


Clare hugged her tightly and said. "Alex isn't what you seem he is, Rhea. He's a good person and he never do things like "that"." 




The three of us looked at Alex, who was the one who yelled at us and beside him was Mark. 


"You coming or what? We're going to be late for class." he asks.


Rhea looked at me and I looked at Clare. We giggled and we walked on our way back to Class A.



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