My Fateful Encounter

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Decision

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




I walked my way to school and saw Alex alone at the gate. He looks a little impatient and....embarrased. He turned to look at me and sighed,


"Finally! I wasted ten minutes because of you."


"I'm sorry. Well, sometimes when I walk, sometimes I arrive late." I replied.


"Fine. I came to tell you something." he added.


"What?" I asked, confused. He never tells me about something important before. Even because we just met.


"Well, will you--" he stuttered.


"Hey Alex, Haley!"


Clare came running with Rhea. I can see that Rhea wasn't happy to see all.


"What brings you here, Class Prez?" Alex smirked.


"I told her to stay inside for homeroom period and then suddenly she dragged me here without hesitation." Rhea scoffed.


This feels awkward. I wonder why Rhea hates him. I think she and Clare are total opposites when it's about Alex, I thought.


"Um, how long is this talk gonna take? I just wanted to find Alex so we better go." Clare interrupted them.


"Oh, sorry. Let's go back and or we'll get in trouble." Rhea said and went on ahead.


Alex started moving but when he saw me and Clare not yet moving, "Clare, you coming or what?"


"Go ahead. I wanted to talk to Haley for a while." Clare's reply left me speechless but Alex was convinced then left, leaving me and Clare, alone.


"So...Clare," I began, "what do you want to talk about?" Then I noticed Clare was smiling. Widely if you ask me.


"Let's play a game." That was all she said.


"What game?" I asked, her sudden reply giving me the chills a little.


"How about if you don't talk to Alex for a week, I will mention few of his secrets to you, if that's what you want."


I widened my eyes in suprise. Yeah, I was a little curious about his past and why does he have to hide his true self. But if it's a week, it's a little hard.


"When will it begin?" Surely, I wanted to play this game since Alex doesn't talk to me always.


"Now, of course." Clare grinned.


"But it's Tuesday. We have four school days left."


"I don't care. If it's four days of school, then it's four days not talking to him, okay?" she lowered her voice.


"Okay. I'll do it. But first we have to go back to class." I replied and we took a run back to Class A. When we opened the door, there revealed a serious Alex blocking the entrance.


"Took you a while. What was your discussion with Clare, anyway?"


I opened my mouth and I suddenly remembered what Clare said. I can't talk to him. I have to think of another way.


"Hey, Alex. You're blocking Haley and Clare's way. Aren't you gonna let them in?" Rhea arrived just in time.


Alex scoffed and went back to his seat and then we began class.


Then three days passed by....


When I always get to see his face, I just turn my back and talk to another person like Rhea or Clare. But somehow I feel unsatisfied and lonely. But I calmed down by going inside the library. But it didn't when I saw Alex inside!! I looked around quickly and hid myself behind the tall bookshelves.


He can't find me here, I thought.


I took a peek and saw him reading a book alone. He doesn't seem to be happy though.


Then I looked at my watch. 4:30. Perfect. It's the fourth day and I just have to wait until 5.


"How long are you going to stop talking to me?"


I gasped and I saw Alex in front of me. He's s close I cannot escape. So I tried not talking to him until he leaves.


"I won't leave until you talk." he replied. Is he a mind reader or something?


I closed my eyes, afraid that he will do something. I don't think I enjoyed this game at---




Alex pinched my cheek, which made me scream that the librarian came to se what's going on. Alex said it's fine and she left. Then Alex suddenly bursted laughing.


"I can't believe that you screamed after just one little pinch, hahah." he laughed.


"You..." I began, totally annoyed. "Idiot!"


But he just continued to laugh. "Okay, no more laughing. I just wanted to tell you something but Clare interrupted us the other day."


Heh, that girl just comes at the right time, I thought.


"You owe me twice you know."


"Wait, what? saved me once and you cheered me up when I was alone So, what will the payback be?" I asked in confidence.


"A date." he answered, blushing very deeply.


A d-d-date?! Is he kidding me? I started to panic but Alex calmed me down.


"I meant for a day maybe you could hang out with me, that's all." 


"Fine." I finally caught my breath. "Sunday would be great then?"


"Okay. That way we'll be even." Alex smiled and left.


I sighed heavily. I lost the game. Now I will not know his secret anymore. I left also, carrying depression with me and walked on my way to home.




Clare was behind the bookshelf Alex and I talked earlier. She made a wide grin and said,


"Game Over, Haley. Now I'll have to take Alex by force."

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