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Chapter 1: Fateful Meeting

On a heavily storming night, in a large cavern on the plains, a young man at the age of nineteen was sitting down next to a measly fire cooking dried vegetables. He had short, curly, dark brown hair and some steel armor. "Ugh, I could really use some meat right now. Should've stocked up at that town I was just at."
Just then, he narrowed his eyes and grabbed onto the hilt of his sword. "Who's there?" He asked. He got no answer, so he turned around and held his sword out. "Show yourself!"
"Wait, wait! I mean no harm!" A young man with largely spiked, light brown hair stepped forward with his hands up.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the first man asked.
"My name is Damian Cruza, and I'm here because it's raining rather heavily. May I come in?" Damien explained.
"Fine by me. Just don't try anything and we won't have any problems." The first man put his sword down and sat facing his fire.
Damian sat down next to him and shrugged off his soaking pack. "What's your name, violent stranger?"
"Dean Vaiien, former lieutenant of the Rose Brigade of the Imperial army." Dean prodded his small cooking pot. "I smell wet bird. What do you have?"
"Oh, just a quail I caught. I was hoping to roast it, but I don't know the first thing about preparing raw meat."
"I'll cook it for you, but I get to eat some. Understood?"
"Fine by me." Damian pulled the fat bird from the side of his pack and handed it to Dean. "So, a Lieutenant, huh? Quite the job for someone your age, huh?"
Dean began removing the feathers from the bird. "Yes. I worked very hard to obtain that position."
"You said former, what happened?" Damian appealed another question. At this, Dean tensed.
"You'd do well to keep your nose out of others' business, Damian Cruza." Dean was gutting the quail as he said this.
"All right, all right! There's no need to get violent. But you know, I'm no pushover when it comes to fighting. I could take you."
"Your clothes and manner and even your accent suggest you're eastern royalty. Heh. A prissy nobleman. Don't talk to me about fighting. You probably just sit on your big, comfortable chair, while we REAL men are out fighting to keep you people fat and healthy! And what do we get? We get death!"
"Ghhh, shut up! You seem to know that I'm from the east, from Tenavai, but I left my family, I left the money and comfort because I felt sorry for people like you! For the soldiers that died to protect my fat father. I do know how to fight, and I'll show you!" Damian pulled a sharp blue staff with two spheres at the tip from a long piece of cloth.
"Heh. How long've you been away from home?" Dean asked.
"Two and a half years." Was Damian's answer.
"What have you managed to accomplish in that time?"
"I've been to the Elven city of Trelbedar and learned magic there. I've killed soldiers of my homeland's military. I've watched my sister and best friend die because of me. And, I found and stole this crystal staff from my family."
"Well, it seems you've been through alot, like me. Go ahead and put your weapon down. I don't need to fight you. Sorry for how I acted earlier. I didn't know your past. You seem all right." Dean was roasting the quail on a metal rod next to the vegetables.
Damian put his weapon back in its cloth casing. "It's quite all right. But would you mind telling me what happened?"
"Sure. But it might take a while."
"looks like we have a while."
"Well, I changed my mind. I'll tell you later." Dean chuckled.
"You're not a very fair man, are you?" Damian laughed, too.
"I guess not. BIrd's done." Dean cut the meat off of the quail's body and handed a chunk to Damian. "Eat up. The storm won't be over for a while."
"All right. Let's get your vegetables off the fire, too." After doing so, Damian immediately started wolfing down his bird.
After their meal, Dean stood up and stretched. "Grab your crystal weapon. I want to fight you." He drew his sword and picked up his shield.
"All right, but uh, I don't have a shield. To be fair, can I use my magic?"
"Well isn't that great." Damian looked around, not really expecting to find anything, when he spotted a smooth round thing covered in dirt. "Talk about convenience! I think that's a shield." He walked over to it and yanked it out of the ground. "Wow, it seems really old. I wonder where it's from." After brushing the dust and dirt off, he put it on. It was a large shield; it would do. "Ok, Dean, I'm ready to fight."
Dean leapt at Damian without allowing him to get ready. Damian panicked and put his shield up, blocking the blow. "Not fast enough!" Dean shouted.
"You didn't give me time to get ready, you dolt!"
"Will a monster give you time to get ready? No. You have to be ready at all times. Now get ready for battle."
Damian nodded, and assumed a battle position. Dean did the same. They stood there for a time, assessing each other. Then Damian attacked. Dean slammed his shield against Damian's crystal staff, stunning him. Then he rushed in and slashed, but Damian blocked that. The corner of Dean's mouth raised in a smile, and he charged at Damian, bringing down his sword. This move was a feint, however, and when Damian brought his staff up to parry it, Dean dodged around to his right side and slashed.
He stopped just short of Damian's neck. "I win, Damian. You're good, but you're not great with that staff of yours. Maybe you're more of a mage. Who knows?" Dean lowered his weapon and smirked.
"Wow, you're incredible! You move so fast, it's like you're not human. Magic?"
"No. Skill. I've trained for ten years with this exact sword. I know how to work with it, how to cooperate." Dean shook his head and yawned. "Let's go to sleep for now. Maybe the storm will be over by tomorrow."
"All right. I certainly hope it will be." Damian walked toward the back of the cave and pulled a sleeping bag from his pack and laid it out. He took his pack off and set it next to it and grabbed his staff and placed it next to the pack. "I'm ready for bed. What about you?"
Dean followed him to the back of he cave and sat down against the wall with his hunting cloak wrapped around him. "Yeah. I am too. Hey, make sure to keep your weapon close to you when you sleep. You never know what could happen."
"I suppose you're right. I'll do that." Damian put his staff in his sleeping bag and quickly drifted off. Dean stayed up to keep watch, but eventually fell asleep himself.
Less than an hour later, both young men woke up to realize that the ground was very slowly sinking. Dean yelled, "Stop!" when Damian leapt to his feet. This caused the ground to collapse, and the two went plummeting down into the darkness.

Submitted: October 27, 2009

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Hey this is good (:
Hopefully you will be realising anouther chapter?
and i really want to say this it doesn't mean you have to use it but i really despretly wanted you too use the word 'parry' in there for when they were fighting
^.- but then that could be me being strnage o:
Update me maybe when you release the new chapter i'd love to read it ~

Tue, October 27th, 2009 5:54pm


Parry, huh? That would add a little flavor to their fight. I'll do that, thanks. I'll let you know when I get more done.

Tue, October 27th, 2009 11:32am

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