Chapter 5:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A few hours later I found myself Making some tea and toast. I hadn't thought much about my brother leaving but it seemed to be taking it's toll on dad, he's never been more than a few miles away from us. I knew his heart had broken as soon as he slumped against the fence. I distinctly remember a bee flew passed the window and as I watched it, it fell dead on the concrete slab outside the front door. I still have no idea why?

When the smell of warm bread filled my nostrils I pulled it out of the toaster. I didn't like my toast to be proper toast because the roughness hurts my throat. Even with two good sized dollops of nutella.

So I made my toast and went to sit down on the leather sofa in the front room on my own to watch TV. Since Violate went out with Auntie Jan and dad's outside sobbing I was the only one left in the house. Also I had no jobs to do because hunting season didn't start for another two weeks and no one had called about any sightings in the aria.

I sat on the sofa for an hour watching the news and hoping for a suspicious story to investigate but sadly nothing came up. Dad was still outside and I was starting to get worried about him so I went out to see if he was okay. No sooner had I got my coat on when the phone rang. Picking it up off the worktop in the kitchen I looked at dad. He had started to walk down the road towards the tree at the corner of our fence.

“Hello?” I said

“Darren?” A gruff male voice replied.

“That’s me” I was suspicious as I’d never heard the bloke's voice before.

“First day on the job and already you've got an assignment, get you old man and meet me at the Outskirts on the west side of town.”

“Okay?” I said. “but..” Before I could ask the question he hung up the phone. “rude” I murmured down the phone before quickly slamming it down in case he heard me. As I walked out the door I thought to myself “how stupid was that? Of course he couldn't hear me”

Dad had climbed the tree by this time and was balancing on the highest branch even with the wind pushing him side to side. This was the tree that dad had trained us to fall from. I sounds stupid I know but it was something that we had to learn or we'd get ourselves hurt. “the bird must fall from the nest before it can fly” He used to say.

Dad's leather duster flapped against the wind. It mad a slapping noise against the tree's stump. “Dad!” I yelled “we got to meet someone outside of town for a mission.” He looked at me in annoyance and fell out of the tree landing on his back with his head up against the tree stump. He was unharmed, he meant to do it, he did it all the time to us because he thinks it made him look cool. “all right boy, help me up and I'll take you out and show you the ropes.” He held out his had towards me. I took it and pulled him up brushing off the broken twigs and old dead leaves.

My half brother Jerry came barrelling out of the crack in the fence and charged over to where we were standing. That look of mischief all too bright in his eyes.

“what do you want” I said spitefully. Expecting an angry response from him.

“No-othing” His smirking was untrusted. “just want to come with ya”

“No jerry, stay here and play in the garden. Darren and I need to go on business” dad said while wearing a stern look on his wrinkled face.

“Oh but dad!” He whined

“Jerry!” dad shouted “you know I hate that now I'll take you an a case when you turn thirteen like I did with John and Darren!”

Jerry kicked some dirt and stomped off in a huff. I looked at dad and his eyes seemed different. Like he was trying to tell me something. Something bad if I remember properly. He then smiled and unlocked the ford escort's door to let me in. I sat in the front seat. The white custom leather squeaked when I put my weight on it. “No” dad said. I couldn't figure out what he meant. “you’re driving.” The words shook me. “what?” I asked. “I’m too young though” Dad shook his head “they said you're aloud as long as I'm with ya” He grinned through the window. I re-opened the passenger door to let him in and sat down at the wheel. Dad handed me the keys.


Submitted: April 24, 2012

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