My Daddy's a physcopath

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Exciting story with lots of twists and turns.
"keep your eyes open and your guard up"- that's what my mother always told me. Her favorite saying is 'Things aren't always what they seem'. She's right of course, she always is. 98% of the time anyway. However she was definitely right when i found the man I'd been looking for for years, things were defiantly not as they seemed...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Daddy's a physcopath

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013




We were happy. Then I woke up one morning and BAM! He was gone. I don’t quite remember properly, I was four and a half when he left. A four year old cannot be expected to remember much. At four years old I barely understood why it was important that I stay away from the hot cooker, or not to speak to strangers; let alone why his clothes are gone and there’s smashed glass and blood all over the house.

Of course children have their theories; the aliens attacked, he had duty’s to do as a prince, the monster came out from under my bed and ate him. I liked to make myself believe that’s what happened. But we all know what children are like with their imaginations. That’s fine. Sooner or later we all grow up and wake up to reality. I, never did

“Lauren? Lauren Hun wake up!” I felt someone shaking me as I groaned and slapped them away with my hand.
“Hun, you’ve been here for hours, your mum will be worried!”
“Screw her” I moaned, causing them to chuckle.
“I’d rather not, thank you” I laughed along with that. I then forced myself to open my eyes and sit up.
“Dude, you were totally out of it then, what’s wrong with you?” his voice soft and laced with concern.
“Just, just tired” he narrowed his eyes.
“You sure?”
“I’m sure” I said laughing. He assessed me for a long time before seeming happy that my face held no lies and looked away.
I kept my eyes on him and concentrated on the sound of the raindrops thudding against the window as they fell continuously from the grey sky.
He sighed deeply; looking back into my eyes.
“Lauren” he said sternly. “It’s been years, I think we both know we cannot find him, either that or he doesn’t want to be found”
“Liam, he’s my dad I want to find him, I will find him”
“Maybe he left for a reason Lauren. That’s why you can’t find him; he doesn’t want to come back!”
“I’m curious” I said softly “so many questions spinning in my head, I need to find the answers”
“We’ve been on the case for years”
“I won’t stop until I have the answers I want”
He stared into my eyes intently before sighing. “Ok. What shall I do?”
I smirked.

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My Daddy's a physcopath

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