The End of You (Complete)

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 27, 2013



Chapter 8

Adam knew it was him. The news said other wise, but it was him alright. Weeks went by, and soon, it was mid-April. Easter time. In the weeks leading up to now, more deaths had been enacted. Not just in the city, but around the world. Hundreds of people all dying. All murdered. What the media didn’t realize was that the killers were all the same guy. And here we are, powerless to do anything.

“Why the long face, Adam?”

Keith had “invited” the two players to the local Easter Town Festival. To celebrate them obtaining the knife, he had said. Right.

 Keith looked at his sullen friend. “You’re not still upset about my early April Fool’s prank, are you? You gotta admit that eye trick was hilarious!”

“You know that’s not the case.” Ellen crossed her arms in annoyance.

“You mean the deaths? I already told you that the Knife of Babylon consumes souls to get power. Souls equal death. I’m just helping you two along. For your sakes. Duh.”

“Whatever,” Adam muttered. Keith looked at Ellen.

“You still have it, right? Didn’t lose it in the trash or something?” Ellen glanced around. Satisfied that no one else was near, she took the knife out of her pocket and showed it to Keith’s crimson eyes.

Earlier, she had asked how it was able to fit in her pocket. Considering, it was a century old knife. “Don’t worry about it,” he had said then. Not like they could understand anyway. Grinning, Keith nodded for her to conceal the relic once more; the group of three remained silent the rest of the way, Keith in the lead. Hand in pocket and smiling.

“Here we are! The Easter Town Festival!” The city spared no money when it came to celebrations. Indeed, massive roller coasters, various food booths, and a variety of carnival attractions labeled the area designated for the festival. “Well come on then!” Keith proclaimed. “What do you wanna do first?”


For the last couple of weeks, Keith had been popping into their lives more frequently. Their parents saw no fault with him. A perfect influence they said. Keith called them swine for believing his lies. “But I guess that’s to be expected,” he would always say. “Humans do lack a sense of context after all.” Whatever that meant.

With that said, both Ellen and Adam’s parents were ecstatic when Keith offered to take them to the festival. Like he was their babysitter. Regardless, Adam and Ellen had to admit one thing. No matter how powerful and alien he was…the creator sure knew how to have fun. The whole day was spent on the numerous attractions. Adam and Keith went head to head in the bumper cars. Ellen preferred the slow pace of the ferris wheel, and so Keith was more than happy to accommodate her.

By the end of the day, the sun was setting, producing brilliant orange rays that illuminated the festival. Adam and Ellen could care less. They were too exhausted to notice. “Hey there!” Keith arrived with three buckets of cotton candy, offering one to each of them.

Adam sat up. “Well…I hate to admit, but today was fun.”

“Really? I’m glad you think so!” Keith sat between the two, as if they were his best friends in the world. Given the context, they kind of were.

“I’ll be honest, despite the disgusting practices of your mortal nature, you people sure know how to make good carnival cuisine.” Keith said this through a mouthful of cotton candy.

“Um, thanks?”

Ellen looked at Keith. “Friends with a psycho killer. I guess it can’t be all bad, if you overlook the first part.” Keith grinned, his teeth layered with sugar. “You forgot the part about me creating this world. And psycho sounds too harsh, don’t you think?”

Ellen sighed, and despite herself, she smiled at his view of things. Even Adam, although he would never admit it, found the red-eyed boy nice to hang out with. Kind of makes me wish these times would stay forever, he thought. If only. We’ve got to remember, Keith is also responsible for the widespread murders. Not to mention, causing all sorts of mayhem.

A childish scream interrupted the blonde’s thoughts, and he looked up. “Over there!” Ellen pointed. A rollercoaster, one of the larger ones, had completely stopped moving. Everyone was still strapped in…except for one child who looked no older than 8. For some reason, he was hanging onto the exterior of the vehicle, out of his seat. How and why he got there was beyond anyone’s guess.

Keith smirked. “Guess its time then.” He got up, beckoning for his two friends to follow. “Adam. Ellen. Welcome to the boss level.”

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