The Quest of Survival

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'It's kind of hard to explain..but, they only way I can put it is..I'm not exactly..human.'

Xria is a strange creature from a strange world who has been transported to the dark side of space. She tells her heartbreaking tale of survival, and also about loved ones she lost on this adventure. Join Xria, and listen to her tell about her thrilling and life-changing adventure.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Quest of Survival

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



It must be devistating watching a loved one die right infront of your eyes. Bleeding to death, right before your feet. The worst part is..sometimes, you can do nothing about it. Just, stand or sit there..watching them fade away from your life. I never really thought of that because I didn't think it would ever happen to me, but now I realise..that I should of thought about it.

It's rather upsetting and annoying that you and your kind are a target, just because you are somehow different. I mean, they know NOTHING about you yet, they think it's alright just to track you all down and kill you. Is that really how people intend to act these days? just..murdering? I don't imagine that they stop and think about the person they are attacking. That when their family or friends finds out, how devistated they will be, crying for months and months, thinking about that person, but yet they still go on and take the victim's life..and destroy them once and for all, even if they have done nothing wrong.

Before I go on, there's something I should tell you. It's kind of hard to explain..but, they only way I can put it is..I'm not exactly..human. I'm not from that planet earth that some of you may be from. I'm from a different world, named Xmirina. Our kind have pure black eyes, although we look like humans. We have lots of different powers consumed and usually hidden in our bodies, we only use them when we need them (Or, when we are training.) We treat each other like family and treat each day like it's our last. And one day for was.

I should probably tell you my name first. It's Xria. Not exactly a huminous name I suppose, but a quite beautiful name in our world. It means, 'Beauty inside and out, brave and kind hearted, protective and takes risks.' I have dark, brown hair, (Obviously completely black eyes,) and pale skin. I have ruby red lips as people say, a slim body and I'm tall for my age. I shouldn't explain too much though.. my story..

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was simply practicing my powers of 'Undiscovered Forces' basically just playing about with it in my hands. I was sitting in my favourite spot, a hill, were you could see mostly..well, everything! I was dressed casually like always, in a white T-shirt, black jeans, and my black leather jacket was opened, my shiny white shoes gleamed in the reflection of the sun, as it slowly setted. This night was special.

In Xmirina, we have a very special feast and celebration. It is called. 'The Rise of the Two Moons.' It means that Spring is coming, which is special in our planet. Spring means nature like, plants, trees, flowers, blossom and more naturistic beauty will return, not to mention some of our sweet and adorable creatures that roam wild about. (I would tell you, but they will be nothing like your planets, and you may get a headache from the very long names.) Our planet treat seasons like, well to you, months. We don't know what months are really, we use the seasons. Anyway, we have a huge feast and speeches and all that boring stuff, then after that, we celebrate until midnight. At midnight, we have a countdown until Spring will come, when it does, we all usually sing our special celebration song, celebrating the life of our  planet and ourselves, after that we all shake hands and leave. The two moons last until the last day of Autumn, when it does, we celebrate a celebration called, 'The Setting of the Two Moons,' but I will be forever telling you about that. That's it, it may sound boring is quite fun I guess.

I remember myself dashing home, my mother waiting angrily at the door, I was obviously late. She dragged me in and pulled me upstairs. It isn't MY fault that I get carried away by the beauty of my it? Anyway, I quickly shoved on my velvet, red dress and quickly tied the big pink bow around the waist area. I then put on my sparkling, ruby heels and ran downstairs as quickly as possible. (Although, I got in trouble because apparently my mother thinks it not lady-like to run..seriously?)

That reminds me, our houses are quite..futuristic. I'm not sitting explaining it so just picture it in your head, I'll once again be here forever yacking on about houses..not exactly thrilling or it?

Anyway, my mother and father were waiting downstairs. My father in his black suit and my mother in a lilac shaded ballgown, with velvet lilac heels. This 'The Rise of the Two Moons' celebration that year was special for me. It was my 16. Yes, I'm 16.

16 is a very special age in our world. It is when you finally become responsible and can do more things, like get a job, get more powers and go anywhere you desire. However, what I didn't know was..this 16th celebration wasn't going to be as good as I thought it would be..

We arrived 15 minutes late, which was a complete disaster, although we were greeted with clapping, wooping and cheering.

That night was magical. I danced all night long with my friends, but now midnight was coming.

We all stopped everything and slowly walked outside, and gazed up at the gigantic townhall clock. We all stood in a straight line and held each others hand. Although, I was off in one of my day dreams again, and when the person to my right took my hand, I gave a shriek. I turned my head and saw..the most beautiful creature alive..

A boy, who looked round about my age, was staring at me, a shocked expression on his face, but this didn't change anything about his beauty. He has shimmering, black as night, glossy hair, pinkish lips and a few freckles on his face. His expression calmed and he smiled warmingly at me. My heart pounded so hard, it felt like it was about to burst right out of my chest! I felt my cheeks turning pink, and me smiling quiverly back. I must of looked so stupid..

"Sorry I scared you.." He said.

"H-Hm? Oh!'s alright.." I replied.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am just translating this conversation to english, we would really sound like we were speaking gibberish..ironic, right?

He chuckled and let out his hand.

"Travanka, and you?"

Travanka..that means, 'Handsome, kind hearted, great personality, brave, protetcive and always up for a challenge.'

"X-Xr.." I gulped, "Xri-a.."

I-I had never felt like that before..I didn't know how to react, so bare with me!

He then smiled again and took my hand, and we all started to sing out song. The song is about how wonderful life is on this planet, and how lucky we are to have one another and how we shall respect one and other and worship the planet. (He must be 17, as he has the power of predictment.)

As soon as we happened.

The earth under out feet shaked, building rumbled and we stood there in shock. Children screaming in panic and even grown men shedded a few tears. We all ran for our lives as our planet crumbled before our eyes. Buildings fell and everything was a disaster!

I then realised..we were under attack..

But by who!? they were so quick, we didn't see them!

Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of who it was.

"GROBALLS!!!!" I yelled.

Groballs are creatures who invade planets and steal all the remaining goods on them, once they do, if the planet is strong enough or wealthy and in good order, they keep the planets and add them to their galaxy, but if not, they explode the planet and everyone on it. They look like goblins to be honest.

"Goodbye, sweetheart!"

Suddenly, a huge portal landed infront of me, It started sucking all the wealthy and goodies we had, but then..I guess they were looking for something or someone else as well..

My legs began to lift from the ground..I was being sucked in! I cried for help, but all I could do was grab a branch from a fallen tree and cry even louder. I curled my head into my chest and held on with all my might.

Suddenly, I felt warmth. I looked up, and there was Travanka, his eyes closed tightly shut and his body sheilding me. He yelled as his leg slipped into the mysterious portal. Suddenly, he was soon lifted into the air.

I tumbled down, but before he could get sucked in, I grabbed his hand.

"H-Hold on! y-you'll be fine!"

He groaned louder, and soon, we were both swept off out feet!

"XRIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed my father.

I turend my head and saw both my father and mother running towards me.


And suddenly, everything turned black.

The screaming and crys still rang through my ears, but yet I couldn't open my eyes.

I didn't know what happend, neither were I had ended up..

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